Nokia Lumia Windows Phones getting new apps and updates

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone's new apps on the way

Nokia joined Microsoft today at the Windows Phone 8 Summit to announce a handful of new apps and a few updates to existing apps. The new apps and updates are scheduled to hit the Lumia line of Windows Phones next week.

  • PlayTo is a DLNA app that will let you share music, videos, and photos wirelessly with other DLNA compatible devices.
  • Nokia Counter is an app that will let you monitor data and voice usage.

Updates will also be pushed through to Nokia Maps, Drive, Transport and the camera app.  Here's what we know about the updates.

  • Nokia Transport will have the capability to pin a location to your Start Screen for quick reference and when tapped, will pull up all the transportation services within that area.
  • Nokia Drive will add a feature called My Commute that has your Windows Phone monitor your commuting patterns and map out the best route possible.
  • The camera app will get a few new extensions that will give the camera a self-timer, a burst mode, a panorama mode and Smart Group Shot. Smart Group Shot will take several pictures of the same group and select the most suitable facial expressions (avoiding subjects with their eyes closed, mouth open, looking away, etc.)and combine it all into one shot.  You can also choose which facial expression to use as well.

Details on when these new apps and updates will become available was left at "starting next week".  We aren't sure if we'll see all hit at once or a few at a time over the next few weeks.  As details come into better focus, we'll pass it on.


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia Windows Phones getting new apps and updates


Happy to be a Lumia owner but word is that apps run on native code for WP8 won't run on WP7.  If that's the case why will developers continue to make apps for WP7.5(8)?  More likely they won't in the next few months.  I'm cool with the not having NFC and some of the hardware limitiations.  I even understand a new Kernel not being updated.  However the idea of not having access to native new apps doesn't sound good for a Lumia owner or Titan for that matter.  

The initial userbase of WP8 will be relatively small. So while you can expect that  some developers will be going for native code apps straight away (especially in cases where there is no alternative), a lot of devs, especially smaller developers, will obviously try to target the bigger user base of existing WP7 owners. With time, obviously, the amount of native code apps will rise, but I am fairly confident that it will probably take at least half a year to a whole year post WP8 launch before users of legacy devices really start to "miss out". Just in time for that upgrade when those 18 month contracts run out. 

I think the only thing that saves us WP7 users in regards to apps is WP8 can run WP7 apps, so if a developer wants to design an app to appeal to the masses, they would be smart to design for the WP7, then they can get revenue from both generations. That's the only fact that is keeping me from jumping ship.

I am still overall happy with the 7.8 update and the new apps that Nokia is throwing at us Lumia 900 owners. Hardware restrictions are a gurantee in the ever changing software world.
not much you can do about it..

Yeah but what about new apps that are written in native code?  I am cool with everything in the announcement but the idea of apps not being available, or developers not making apps for us soon to be 7.8 owners, is concerning.  

im pretty positive there won't be that many apps written in native code, and especially not over night, the sdk isn't even out for devs to start doing that
i think we will see that near mid and end of next year where many of us would be up for upgrade anyways

I don't really think you have much to worry about.  The native code is more about adding cross platform support, which will entice some of the bigger dev companies to make apps for the Win8 / WP8 environment.  Currently, these companies aren't making WP7 apps as they probably percieve the market being too small, and they will continue to think like that for a while - Native code just makes it more appealing for them, in the long run this is a great thing, in the short term, WP8 only apps will just be some of the flagship apps that also have WP7 versions available.

I've been wondering about IE10 too... IE9 is one of the uglier warts on WP7's otherwise pretty face. 
Alas, I'm not hopeful.   For whatever reason, the temptation to the developers is strong to bake browser support into the OS... I've seen a couple of references to this with IE10/WP8 already today. 
It has certainly happened before, back in the IE/Netscape browser war days, and it does look like we might be headed into another era of OS vendors trying to lock their platforms down to just their own browser.
So, if IE10 makes it to WP7.8 platforms... I'll be pleasantly, but more than a little, surprised.

Its strange microsoft stratagy to give for each windows version new diferent os core platform. By that strategy win 9 again will new core system

Actually not. The windows NT kernel in Windows 8 is the same core for windows as in Windows NT that launched 1992! It has been upgraded a lot but still the same core. So I don't understand what you are pointing to.

hi myjota,
i think u misunderstood why this was done for this generation, the problem is the fact that winCE has alot of issue and is really quiet old, so it was bound to be dumped sooner or later, but when wp7 came out winRT had not be fully developed yet (even though it's base on NT) so had they gone and thrown Win7 core they have to upgrade yet again for this generation which would be worse
i personally don't see the core being upgraded again within the next 4~5 years, these things are hard to update and even harded to create from scratch, so i wouldn't be worried about wp9 or 10 or etc, they are too far away to think about right now

I wish Verizon would get a Nokia windows phone so I can upgrade from my trophy and enjoy these sweet apps :)

Vz has pretty much said they are waiting for Win8. MS is going to give the love to Att though so I would be prepared to wait a few months after the W8 launch to see a high end phone on Vz

I've had the Nokia Lumia do only a few months and it feels fresh. I do like the 7.8 update. However, the only thing that is likely to happen is that developers will switch all the attention over to wp8 and leave wp7+ owners in the dark. All I know is that If this happens, i will not go back to iOS or Android! I will sale my Lumia and get a wp8 device.

I agree. I'm loving WP right now and am happy about the limited update. WP is the freshest OS of them all IMHO.

I disagree, I'm a developer and there is no way we are just switching over our app to only be WP8.  If we did it would be the most stupid thing we have ever done, WP7 devices will be supported by our app.  We might do a seperate version for WP8 to start taking advantage of some additional features / hardware not available in WP7 - but that decision won't be made until the SDKs are released and more is known about them.

This is why I took the chance on wp7 with Nokia. I knew they had an "all in" mentality and we, the current customers, are going to reap the benefits.

Network Settings app??? Nokia... Come on now. New features are great but MMS baby steps are necessary for us Straight Talk people.. :)

Now that second generation bootloaders are unlocked,is there any chance of getting a custom rom based on win 7.8 offering much more than that?? Would be good for us "legacy" users..

This is possibly random--because it is unrelated to this Nokia awesomeness--but I've been searching through all of the WP8 news and I don't think anybody's mentioned anything about a screen capture function? I have several friends who joined the WP train because of me, but they keep asking about screen capture; has anyone seen anything about a possible inclusion in WP8 (or WP 7.8)?

The ONLY update that I would be impressed with right now is FULL backup of the phone.  My daughter had a failure with her iphone 4S - goes into store and walks out with a new phone EXACTLY like what she had.  All SMS was there, all apps, everything...even her icons were in the same place.   It is a mirror backup of the entire phone.
It is horrible that Microsoft and Nokia think what we keep on our phones isn't worth a backup.  I guess they think they're toys. 
People use SMS for business communication and it is pathetic that we can't have a backup of anykind. 
I hesitate to fully use my Lumia 900 because I can't risk losing information and communications if something happens to it. 
Does anyone know if 7.8 will fix this?

I am so glad to own a Lumia 900!! My Commute and smart group shot are some awesome sounding features! I was jealous of Blackberry 10's camera app...not anymore...

I just read through all of these comments and, this may sound Linda stupid, but all of them mention the Nokia Lumia 900. I have the 710 from T-Mobile (lloovvee this phone!) so I was wondering, because it is part of the Nokia Lumia family would my phone, 710, and the lower end phone, 610, be getting this update as well?

Also I think the 7.8 is a good place holder until we can all upgrade. Love WP too much to switch to iPhone or Android.