Nokia Maps coming to all Windows Phone devices in coming weeks

According to ZDNet's Matthew Miller, who we had the pleasure of paling around with last week, Nokia is planning on releasing Nokia Maps for free to all Windows Phone devices "in the next couple of weeks". That's some pretty exciting news and answers the question about what it means for Nokia and Microsoft to exchange services and how it affects us, the consumer.

Now, before you get too excited, we need to clarify that this is not Nokia Drive. Drive is their full-GPS turn-by-turn navigation app that includes voice-guidance and offline maps (see above pic). That bad boy is only reserved for Nokia Windows Phones and and is a completely free service. Nokia Maps, on the other hands, is more like Bing. That's not to say it's useless as our friends in Europe and non-Bing friendly regions will be able to attest. This app should go a long way in making looking for points of interest and local directions a lot easier. Other features in Nokia Maps that we can expect:

  • Local POI details (provides you location, phone number, reviews, and photos of up to 25 locations in your vicinity)
  • Deep link support (you can pin destinations to the Start screen)
  • Detailed maps in satellite, 2D, and 3D views

Sounds good. No word on Nokia Music making the same jump, however. But between Drive and Music, Nokia is launching with some fairly solid services out the gate.

Source: ZDNet


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Nokia Maps coming to all Windows Phone devices in coming weeks


Why show a picture of Nokia Drive when even in your article you said "Now, before you get too excited, we need to clarify that this is not Nokia Drive."Good news though for non Nokia owners!

@Daniel...And thanks for that - it is important that people are aware of the differences. No doubt, there will still be some people who will download the Nokia Maps app thinking that they are going to get free turn by turn and offline navigation services being offered to Nokia customers only :)But I am really glad that Nokia is keeping the crown jewel (Nokia Drive) for their Nokia devices. The interface is even better than Ovi Maps, so I am really looking forward to Nokia Drive on WP.

Can you at least see why Nokia not sharing Drive with the other Windows Phones is going to hurt the entire platform? Right now you can get "good enough" voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation on Android and iPhone for FREE (if you don't care about offline maps).MS's native navigation is borked because as I found out constantly tapping while driving is not optimal.The marketplace alternatives for navigation, that are less than $30+, are all feature-incomplete. Where is the app that does voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation (with street names), and can access addresses from the people hub for free or at least under $10?

@Odog4ever...Do you really think that this one feature is going hurt the *entire* platform? Please.If Nokia offers Nokia Drive as a paid app for all of those that choose not to support Nokia, in the form of purchasing a Nokia device, that's perfectly fine. I think that's a great idea - Nokia could undercut, just a tiny bit, the current offerings, and it will probably do pretty well. Or perhaps HTC/Samsung will license the tech, and pass the cost on to their customers. Who knows?For now, Nokia Maps it is.

Navigon, TomTom and Garmon for other platforms are $30 and up also. I suppose if you need a forum to complain, you got it but, come on now, you're not going to find $10 nav programs. Last thing, as much as people talk about Google Nav, it isn't all that great. I've experienced the "moonwalk" problem on North-South highways for months now on my sister's Droid X.

I see Nokia adding no value to the US market at all for Microsoft. It sounds like they are really for the non-US market. Bing maps does everything I need it to do except for good turn by turn.I'm just having a hard time staying excited about this platform from a user's standpoint. As a developer, it is the bomb. So easy to code for.

For the advertising alone it's worth it. They're on all the channels in the UK right now, running commercials all the time. They've taken over malls, buildings, billboards, newspapers, etc.Plus, we haven't seen the US devices yet. There's a reason why Nokia isn't launching Lumia 800 on a US Carrier--our hardware is suppose to be more original/high end.

Well there's a big area that Nokia Maps could help out with in the US, Public Transportation. Maps.Nokia.com actually includes commuter rail, bus and subway information. Big difference considering Bing doesn't include all of that for all major cities. Quick example, Use Bing Maps on a computer to see if there is a train from Penn Station, NY to Ronkonkoma, NY. There are LIRR (aka the largest commuter rail system in the US) trains that will take you there but Bing won't show it. Nokia Maps will. If they can incorporate that public transit information in there, I'm all in. Until then, I'll settle for using CooCoo for LIRR and Mango Transit (Free) for the subway.

That is the number one thing I liked about both OVI(Nokia) Maps and Google Maps. The public transit info. As a person who takes buses and subways often I loved being able to open one of those and see when the next bus is coming to my location or being able to plot out getting from A to B right from my phone. Really miss not having that feature on my Windows Phone.

The thing is that there are other countries, not just US. It's quite hard to believe that people are saying that Bing is good and it is working actually, maybe in UK,US,FR,DE and CA, but Microsoft literally pi****g on other counties.

Bing has real problems showing street names. I dont know why but it hiddens lots of street names, specially the short ones and you have to guess where you are or whre you need to go. Thats the main problem with bing and it always have been. When you zoom out to the same level and compare it with google, you will see all the names of the street around you while on bing just a few. Thats terrible when you are driving and need directions. I thought they hide it because of a long name of the street or something like this but no even zooming in or out, enough space, or even long roads, it just dont show the **** name on it.

Thanks for the information. I wasn't aware that it hid some street names (I guess I never really noticed it). I just loaded the Maps and you're right - it does hide some street names. I agree, this would be an issue if you are traveling through unknown areas. Hopefully we'll get to play with Nokia Maps soon to see how it does!

Would be cool if it has some sorta navigation functionality. Wonder if some app devs will take advantage of the Ovi Maps API for Navigation though...I find it a lot better than Bing, at least in my country.

Its better than nothing.. Especially In my country Bing map is not fully accurate compare on google and ovi maps.

Looking like Nokia is delivering on the virual marketing that they promised. Getting excited to see the U.S. launch. I have shown the Nokia "Amazing Everyday" ad to several people of different ages, and everyone has liked the ad. I asked them, if you were in the market for a phone, would this ad prompt you investigate it further? Again, everyone has said yes. One person, that is in the age group that this is targeted at, wanted to know where she could get one. (Android user that is really not happy with her phone) She asked about the OS, and after directing her to some videos, she is VERY interested now. (I could not demo mine for her, she is 2000 miles away, :) )

This is great. I'm excited to finally have a complete alternative to Bing Maps. I look forward to comparing Nokia Maps to Google Maps for Android, a comparison that Bing Maps always lost.

Btw the offline Maps isn't Nokia Drive feature, it's featured in Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive. Nokia Maps has always been famous about having offline maps globally.So they have ripped that off from Nokia Maps.

For non Nokia users Navigon is a good alternative ONLY IF they allow you to download individual European maps separately

It seems like Microsoft is falling further behind..apple just bought this cool 3d military satellite mapping company ,where does this leave windows phone users .with many different companies for maps......windows phone got 1

Windows phone got 1 year to wow me before I look else where.they need to go buy some company's to make them stronger