Nokia Maps spotted in Marketplace

A placeholder application for Nokia Maps has been spotted on the Marketplace and was discussed over at the XDA Developers forum. The service, which is expected to be shipped with Nokia Windows Phone handsets, remains to have a question mark stamped with regards to availability for users on devices from other manufacturers.

The listing shows screenshots that paint a fairly accurate picture as to what's going to be included. User reviews, the ability to submit photos and directions which inform the user which public transport stop they should board and deboard. The app description reads as follows:

Nokia Maps helps you to be a local anywhere you go. See where you are and discover places nearby in a snap. Get reviews, uncover new destinations and reach them with smart routing for public transport, walking and driving.

It's worth noting that it looks like the app supports all 22 locales now present in Mango. More Nokia news has been popping up with Nokia World drawing near so it looks like we could be in for some hardware as a near certainty by the end of the month.

Source: XDA Developer forum, via: iStarted Something


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Nokia Maps spotted in Marketplace


I remember a news item regarding Nokia apps for Windows Phone. Someone said they would be available for other WP7 handsets too. I hope so. I've been using a Nokia N97 for the past 2 years now. I really want Nokia Maps when I switch over. But I can't wait to get my hands on the HTC Titan though. It looks so amazing. By coincidence I found out I don't have to work on the launch day. Gonna take a sneak peak. I'll keep you posted though.

nokia is going to have some really nice windows phones and i liek their build quality alot more then the ones on HTC hold your judgement till you Nokia World

I think the app will be free to all Nokia phone (probs pre-installed) and will cost for others. Also I think they will wait till they release their first handset before putting the app on sale, maybe even have it exclusive to start with to get people to by Nokias

As a Samsung Omnia 7 owner it would great if they made it available to others, even at a price, but if I was Nokia I would keep it as an exclusive product, otherwise lets be honest so far there's not a huge difference between the devices from the various manufacturers.

Bing Maps is still pretty disappointing to me, even on 7.5. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Nokia Maps will be like on Windows Phone, primarily the cost, availability, and quality of voice-guided directions. There's always another big hope in NAVIGON.

I remember in that presentation where they first displayed the nokia windows phone, they said all nokia apps would be available to all other phones, but I just clearly remember the presenter saying "except ovi maps of course". It's just too much of a selling point to be available on other phones I guess...