Watch out for Nokia's Martini, another Windows Phone 8.1 device

Nokia Martini

Leakster extraordinaire, @evleaks, doesn’t need more than 140 characters to get people excited. In a recent tweet, he claims to watch out for a device codenamed Martini from Nokia. Apparently, it is another Windows Phone 8.1 device. No images have been shared and no other information has been provided.

We don’t know much about the device, but we do know some of the new features that Windows Phone 8.1 (codename Blue), may bring. Thanks to the leaked Windows Phone 8.1 SDK, we are able to get a preview. Some of the highlights include:

  • Notification center – Alerts, non-Toast notifications, update history
  • Quick-access to customized actions, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Plane mode, etc.
  • Start screen backgrounds
  • Swipe keyboard
  • Swipe down to close apps in multitasking view
  • Search button will be the new way to open Speech (aka ‘Cortana’)

Check out the full list of what we know so far about potential new features in Windows Phone 8.1.

Martini. What tech specs come to mind when you say that out loud?

Source: @evleaks; Thanks for the tip, Kyle M.!


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Watch out for Nokia's Martini, another Windows Phone 8.1 device



Its going to be neat, tidy, high end and about 4.3" screen with virtually no bezel. Probably a vapourmag housing. Bring it!

The vapor coating part of VaporMg won't hold up to the abuse a phone gets. You'd be seeing shiny metal (the Mg part) on the corners and edges. Watched it happen to a friend's Surface.

Your request is great but i don't understand "no skinned tiles", i like the idea and it will be just an option.

The ne WPCentral meme: Hijacking every article with screen suggestions. At least it seems faster.

Seriously, go to the forums or something. Stop posting these things in random comment threads.

My wishes would be 4,5'' screen, Glance Screen and Wireless-Charging, 1GB RAM. So no High-End but a good 720 sucessor.

Now Lumia is short of a good mid range phone. The 720 proved to be one of the best midrange smart phone.

I used to think a 4.5" screen was the perfect size, until I saw the Lumia Icon in person in all it's 5" glory with the device being only a smidgen taller than the 928 with it's 4.5" screen. I want an Icon...

I have a Nexus 5 cause I switched carriers and it was cheap, but LG made a wonderful 4.95" phone that's about the same size as the 920 I used to have. I'd say if Nokia can make this phone in 5" and keep it the size of the N5, I'd preorder one today. As long as they put it on T-Mobile.

925 ? Not really, is had only 16 gb of storage and that not enough. Looking forward to 930 that come with 32 gb plus sd card supported.

I'd argue that storage doesn't have much to do with whether a phone is high-end or not. It's definitely an important factor, but there are plenty of very high-end devices with 16GB of storage. I'd consider the 925 to be in the upper tier of handsets.

aside from the storage factor, and lack of the additional column of tiles, the 925 is probably the best phone ever! Nice design, light weight, good screen. I might get it as a weekend phone...so, it fits neatly in my pants.. I already have too much junk over there :P

Man... I need that... I'm in need of something like 720+... I'm still using my 720 with a broken glass... I was waiting for 72x and now I'm waiting for 730...

This phone will release on 2 or 4 april. Btw mark any word or leaks from warner bros making games for Windows phone?

It would be great if they embedded the original surface screen technology in a phone to read credit cards and finger prints, I don't know if its possible but it would be awesome

Probably not, that was achieved by the screen being recessed below the bezel and having an array of cameras around the edge.

I'll wager that this device will be included in the second wave of 8.1 devices in the fall since it's so close to BUILD, because aren't evleaks's tweets usually a lot closer to the actual device launch date and we've heard no info about this device until now so it seems as if it would be a device due much later than sooner. 

Lol yea :)

About the background, I would rather choose real background over the tile background. I've seen concepts for it and they look neat unlike tile bgs. Let's see when they're here.

Sounds good to me. And hopefully 64GB storage with microSD slot, wireless charging, 3D touch, and 20MP camera. And excellent battery life. None of that seems like too much to want in an 8.1 phone...

We really need a mid range Lumia with 8.1 out soon by may-June, would garner a lot of support and attention. Maybe a high end could come out side by side, but mid range is really required, now that the 720 is antique.

Aye! My 1020 just needs a wireless charging upgrade. The wireless cover doesn't work very well...
Not sure I need anything else. Perhaps a 5" screen...
Oh and waterproof, for perfect underwater photography!

The pins sometimes don't make contact. If you take a little screwdriver and prop them up a bit that fixes the issue. There was a forum thread with pictures when the device was launched.

Love the names, martini is trademark of a drink and moneypenny and goldfinger are names in Bond film and title of another, think the martini name may get them litigation lol

I'm still trying to determine what Windows Phone will replace my Lumia 920. No rush but I'll retire or rehome at some point this year.

I agree, Nokia quality control is without much control. It took several attempts to get the phone I have now from Nokia. This is why I hope someone seriously challenges Nokia's handsets. They won't get better without it.

I'd love a 4.7" Lumia with a 2GB/801 configuration. And glance of course. Couldn't care less about microsd and removable presence/not.

+925, After Icon, now the first thing to check in new Lumia device is the Glance Screen... a must have feature in all Lumias.

Well, for anything they're gonna release, my ideal specs would be:

  • 4.+5" 1080P Display (Preferably AMOLED) 440+ppi
  • 32GB+
  • 2GB+ RAM @ 2GHz+ Processor With Qualcomm 801/Adreno 330
  • OIS 20MP+ Cam
  • 2200+ mAh battery
  • Matte AND Gloss color options
  • Wireless charging

Maybe they're gonna use that new folding battery technology they patented not too long ago...?

Also, I hope when 8.1 drops, they'll make a better media syncing app to replace the crappy one that's out now and center the display on the device! I don't like when it has all that dead space on it. And camera humps are ugly. LOL.


I was lookin at the Samsung galaxy note 3 today because I want to be able to have several items open at once multi task and s pen stuff. I hate android so cartoon or dated looking to me. I own a Nokia Lumia 925. Looked at 1520. Just was a bigger phone no real new phablet like features. Can we get 5.5 almost no bezel, stereo boom speakers, 3400 battery, thin, s pen, multi task, able to split screen or apps on screen more phablet features and make the phone sexy. Would LV blk or mate gray metal or wht trim.

was planning an upgrade to my L720, probably a 1520. but upcoming leaks of new phones making me confused whether to go for 1520 or wait for another flagship device..

In all seriousness shouldn't Nokia be sorting out the current product range. Maybe sorting out battery faults in some lumia 800/920/900/820 models, and battery drain.

Perhaps it'll be shock resistant and water resistant (anybody else remember the Lumia 1020 water resistant rumours?).

I m pretty sure this is a 720/820 successor, because that space is practically vacant. The 1320 is for the large screen fans, and is not a mainstream choice. The Goldfinger is the 920/925 successor, MoneyPenny is the 620 successor, pretty soon, the 525 will come loaded with Blue, so that space is covered, either that or we have a dual-sim successor to the 525.

It would be interesting if Nokia release an update to the Lumia 1020 and what that would bring. It could be their last hurrah before joining MS.

Sorry but don't count on that. Niche devices like the 1020 don't get recycled that soon. In the best of chances it would come out by the end of 2014 only and that's assuming Microsoft would keep investing in the camera tech after Nokia leaves the mobile market and their camera patents become available to everyone.

Metal body, slim (<8mm), 5 inch, Full HD, 2 GB RAM, 20 MP Camera, WP 8.1, Classy looking..My wish list on the Martini

Hope this a kinda upgrade to the 925.. With the same design but larger screen like 5 inch, 16 GB internal memory, and a SD card support, with 2GB of RAM and a nice to match processor and a nice price tag to sum it up...... Just saying

I just hope Nokia release a Lumia with a 5" 1080p screen and specs similar to the 1520 in the UK Asap

I also hope included in the update is a much needed improvement on the built-in Xbox music interface...

Well... maybe it's a martini drink? Who knows, nokia started making tires before they went to the tech industry.

Hoping for a Verizon phone with 41MP (or more ;D) and all the other goodness from Icon, in that size. And yes, let the rest of the world use it, too.

I hope this manages to be a high end phone that, unlike the Lumia Icon, doesn't use internal storage as a reason to cheap out on external.

Let's just hope that it's not a US-carrier-exclusive once again because here in Europe we are sick of them. And hope it's more exciting looking than the Icon.

Martini hints at a high end handset. If it was a budget phone it would have been codenamed Pabst Blue Ribbon.

I don't really think so. With Moneypenny, Goldfinger, and now Martini Maybe someone who knows James Bond movies can answer this better.

For those that say Nokia screens are too sensitive you do know that in settings you can put it in normal mode high is for glove use

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My new ultimate would be : (Lumia 1130/1230)

  • Yellow (of course)
  • 5" 1080P Screen
  • 32GB storage
  • MicroSD
  • Snapdragon 800 Quad Core
  • 2GB Ram
  • 41MP Pureview Cam
  • Qi Wireless Charging
  • Glance

Yup, this, and with a battery as close as possible to the Lumia 1520. That phone would be PERFECT.

The camera to be the one out of the 1020 or 808 Pureview too.


I suppose we can dream...

Specs are really a gimmick these days....in the last everything comes down to the functionality that ur phone supports...for that yes phone should have proper hardware...for example the most needed feature along with notification center is, hardware support for miracast/widi/project screen as now software support is there.

Anyone else not care about the news that has nothing to do with 8.1 being released lol. Im like SO ANXIOUS. This is basically the best overall we will have gotten since launch. We will be killing other devices.

I like new devices, but with 8.1 coming I won't be purchasing any despite being contract free already. L1020 + 8.1 = new device for me despite the hardware. It's going to be very difficult for me to give this device up as a daily driver. 41mp camera is awesome for work. Unless a 1020 variant is released of course then my 6 yr old can have this one.

No-bezel, end to end screen would be awesome. Second option is all steel casing and a very thin form factor. Tired of plastic cases.

Martini equates to sophistication. Hopefully its high end device differentiating it from the drone clones!

Ok, but what do moneypenny, and Goldfinger equate to?

Not being a smartass, asking a serious question.

People really want the no bazel on iphone.....so nokia bring it to nokia or do u want to bring it a year after iphone already has it???, I think nokia designers read these forms, well i hope they do, if they don't maybe thats why they get left in the dark as third place....

Moneypenny, Goldfinger, and now Martini... all recent Nokia codename leaks, all James Bond related names.

Wait, swipe down to close apps? Please don't copy Apple Microsoft...that is the horrible way of doing it. What's wrong with the x to close an app?

They're not copying ios, they are "copying" W8.1... ya know, trying to make things as similar across their devices as possible.

Please let it be an 4 inch smartphone. Tired of all those 4.5-5-6 inches big screens. Not everybody have a big hands!

The s5 just came out and you all still think anything below 5" on a high end device is acceptable. Sorry ain't happening. I just want Nokia to release the Lumia 930 already.