Nokia Music+ launches in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Nokia Music

Nokia has launched its Music+ premium service in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, further expanding the coverage available to Windows Phone consumers. Available for just €3.99 a month, those who own Lumia Windows Phones will be able to unlock more advanced features when tuning into playlists in the Nokia Music app.

The manufacturer is clearly looking to provide an alternative service for those who can't access (or don't wish to use) Xbox Music. Numerous markets have been added to the pool (most recent being the United Arab Emirates and Singapore) of support and we can only imagine that more will be included as the year progresses. 

The service isn't just available on Windows Phones as Nokia will also be taking advantage of Windows RT / 8 and HTML5 clients. Should you be using a Windows tablet or PC (or even a Mac and / or Linux device), you'll be able to access your music subscription. Yes, we're aware most of you know what's included in the premium package, but should you not be in the loop:

  • Skip as many tracks as you like on the mix radio
  • Have more of your favourite mixes offline at once
  • Enjoy higher quality audio perfect for listening on your home system when streaming and downloading mix radio
  • Listen everywhere - PC, laptop, Mac (offline playback)
  • Get lyrics for the track you're listening and sing your socks off

Consumers can activate the subscription (or check out the free trial available) by heading into the Nokia Music app and browsing through to the settings area. Note that the trail will last 7 days, providing enough time for potential customers to decide whether the investment is worth the trouble. It's a monthly fee with no contract - future cancellation without charge is possible.

Source: WPArea.de; thanks to everyone who tipped us!


Reader comments

Nokia Music+ launches in Austria, Germany and Switzerland


What is good with the Nokia purity pro wireless headsets I am waiting for 2 months for mines to ship man it is irritating lol but awesome nokias doing it big with music.

If 1m users subscribe, that's $4 a month, which totals to $48M in revenue for Nokia. That's really not too shabby!

I'm going say Beats is better but there's too much packed into a 920 that makes Beats for the 8X a mute point unless your an absolute audio head. Dolby is good especially with a good pair of Headphones.

Nokia Music had stopped working last week as I updated it and now I simply reinstalled it and it works wonderful. Started the period today - Let's se if it is truly worth the 4€. :)