Nokia Music now available for Windows 8 and RT hardware

Nokia Music W8

Looking for more ways to enjoy Nokia Music? Well you'll be pleased to hear that the service is now available on the Windows 8 / RT store for consumers to download and enjoy. Nokia has launched the apps with a number of great features for those who use Windows on a desktop or laptop, as well as a tablet. So what's included in Nokia Music for Windows 8?

Offline playback, local library support, custom mixes, recommendations and more are all featured for a rich user experience. What's more is you can sign in and get all the features of Nokia Music+, should you have a valid subscription. If you enjoy Nokia Music on Windows Phone, you'll definitely need to check it out for Windows. These apps are part of Nokia's collection of clients, with a HTML5 option for those on other platforms.

You can download Nokia Music from the Windows Store.


Reader comments

Nokia Music now available for Windows 8 and RT hardware


Do you stay in India coz i tried but not getting it. The link just opens up the default Windows Store. Tried searching directly but nothing came up

I was able to download this in Delhi. Did not have to change the country. Funnily, it doesn't list for some users. Though I still haven't been able to figure out how to download/buy a song. On clicking the "buy" button it takes you to Nokia Music which then redirects to ovi Music from which I still haven't been able to figure out how to go about downloading songs.

You need a Nokia Music Unlimited Subscription in India which likely will not work with this app. There is no 'a la carte' Nokia music store in India

Try changing your region. I don't remember doing that, but I was using during my nightshift last night with no problems. I was surprised when I found it working in last week here in Toronto. I am on the 7 day trial right now.

Nokia music should make the tile like Zune / Xbox music and not like seeing online tile with the music note on it (talking for WP)

Just like BING MAPS app, bring NOKIA MAPS app to Windows 8 (with Offline capabilities).
That will develop Nokia Maps a lot, as more people will use it.

unless I was doing something wrong that app SUCKS on the tablet.  Not unlimited like on my phone.  Only plays 30 sec samples and wants me to sign up for Music+ which I -might- do after my Xbox Music Pass expires.

oh yes why would I expect something as reasonable as that since I get free unlimited streaming on the phone app?  Silly me for expecting consistency!

The app is only available in Australia, the US, UK and Ireland at the moment, but will be coming to everywhere Music+ has launched over the "coming weeks."

This is great! The one thing I really like about Nokia music is the sharing what you are listening to via social media. Don't know why Zune and Xbox music got rid of this. Simple feature bit great for promotion and fun for the user. A killer feature would be my Nokia Lumia 900 being able to sync to it!

Yea same here that's why I don't like update because you can't share from music+videos have to open Nokia then start song over via their app

nope, it is completely useless even if you are using the free streaming on your Lumia. They tie none of that association to your nokia account.

No. I have Nokia Account. You have to pay four pound a month. Its a bit disappointing its not same as lumia Nokia music. . But its actually worth four pound a month i think. I could use it on my surface rt and lumia 920 i guess . Make it worth while. I cant seem to bring my own music into it from memory card. ??.

Without the subscription it handles your local music just fine although there are no (for pete's sake why!) jumplists

there is a limitation that I found: you cant use the service in the phone and into the pc at the same time. Pretty shitty i think.

just change the country in the control panel to United States. Install it and then change the country back to Mexico.

Looks nice and the mixes part works but for playing tracks on your PC it's a mess. It does not know about how you set up your music Library, only sees C:\user\[yourname]\my music. It only shows titles/tracknumbers if you have ID3 tags. It drops all tracks without tags onto a big pile, completely ignores a properly setup folder structure as reference, no way or information on how to include album art. If you click a track while it's building the libray you crash, it shows partly loaded album lists, again crashing if you click one. It also sees my Serato and MP3 playlists as music tracks, but doesn't play anything, instead throws an error. This is not a good app overall. In 5 minutes I found several (and we're close to 10) major bugs, easily reproducible.
If you put playback for available music in your app do it right or else leave it out. This is so half baked it ruins the idea completely.

Run this on a win 8 pc and it looks shit as it only has two rows. Also no back button when you drill down is a fail if your using on a pc. Browser version is better

I can definitely see nokia becoming a major hardware partner with ms.  not just their phones, but possibly tablets and pc hardware.....hopefully.