Nokia Music for Windows Phone 8 updated, adding artwork to Live Tiles and more

Nokia Music

Nokia has updated its Music app for Lumia Windows Phones. The manufacturer has implemented a number of requested features that'll further enhance the user experience. It's not a huge release, but a number of annoyances have been addressed, not to mention a few bugs squashed. We last looked at Nokia Music being updated back in December.

So what's new in this latest release? Version introduces the following (according to the Store listing):

  • See artwork fo the track you're playing on the Live Tile
  • Rewind and fast forward your MP3s
  • Download mixes without being interrupted by the screenlock
  • Performance improvements

You can download Nokia Music from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store (listed for Windows Phone 8). Thanks, Steve, for the tip!

QR: Nokia Music


Reader comments

Nokia Music for Windows Phone 8 updated, adding artwork to Live Tiles and more


Live tile is excellent. I still hold out hope for saving mixes to the sd card though. I've got music plus but with an 820 the space soon runs out for offline mixes

I hate to be a party pooper, but in my opinion, the live tile looks very low in resolution. I'm glad it's there nonetheless (in fact, I actually suggested a live tile myself). I'd like even more though if there was an option to keep the artist pictured on the live tile even after you've stopped playing the music. That way it won't be a boring icon like the Xbox Music app that which is just as boring (but with great resolution).
. . . and yes, I will suggest this . . . again.

I like that the tile is showing what is played and only the "boring" icon when the stream is stopped. This way it really indicates the correct status. This can be helpful when you set the volume to 0 and forget about the stream still active in the background, for example.

You make a very good point a.p. Of course, this is just my personal preference, and that of some others. I guess that's where giving an option would be nice. I just miss WP 7 where you could always see your previously played artist in HD glory, lol.

Amazingly still not there in this day and age. I couldn't believe how excited I was at the changelog, but at least we can scan. There really needs to be a more fully featured music player for WP - problem is, would it ever have permission to tap into Nokia music?

I hate they seperate it from music app I thought I would have two lives per song. Usually open music via Xbox music and view thru Nokia music and share from amazing Lumia as the app says

When I use Nokia Music it does a couple of things different to the Microsoft one that annoys me. In particular, other apps force it to stop whereas they don't cause the standard music app to stop. Is there anything that can be done about this?

Civilization Revolution and Endomondo are the first two that spring to mind. Tonight I went out for a run, was listening to the Nokia offline mix I had and when it told me I was 1km in it stopped the music. So I went back to using the normal music player.

Finally! Artists with 'the' (e.g. The Beatles, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Xx) now show up under the letter of the name (this case B, S and X respectively) rather than under 'T' for 'The'. Wow, they actually do listen to customer feedback. Nokia rocks!

Just updated it. I haven't been using the service like I should've. It does look a little better than Xbox music. If only Nokia provided a zune-like syncing service to go with.(the WP app sucks apples (windows competitor)!!) :\

Just use the File Explorer on the PC if you hate it that much. As much as I like Zune over Xbox Music, I'd take caveman paintings over the iTunes UI.

What is file explorer gonna do? It won't allow you to sync. If if you mean use WMP, I've already do that now..

Yes, it will.  Just drag and drop the items you want on your phone or SD card.  File explorer treats your phone as an external drive. 

The new live tile is a great new feature. Looks good and delivers information on what you are listening to right on the home screen. Love it!

I LOVE the additions, however.... does anyone see a quick colour flash(colour of the current theme) on the live tile when the track changes? both medium and large tile sizes

Although I have Nokia Music on my 920, it is no longer showing in the marketplace and using the wpcentral link, it is showing as unavailable for my device!?
I'm in New Zealand.

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"See artwork fo the track you're playing on the Live Tile". it should be 'for'. 
i know i'm going to receive messages stating 'who cares' so i might as well say this now. these people are journalists meaning "somebody engaged in journalism: a writer or editor for a newspaper or magazine or for television or radio" (defined by bing dictionary). with that being said, if they're considered 'writers' then they should have proper grammar and spelling. i'm not in the professional writting field so i have the luxury of making mistakes. on that note, i would still love for someone to correct me in order to correct my self and avoid future mistakes.


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OK, since you did ask let's go through your post. You haven't capitalized any of the sentences, which isn't grammatically correct. The CSS which you inadvertently pasted into your post has a misspelling in the height attribute. To state people (plural) and then journalist (singular) is also incorrect grammatically. You misspelled the word grammar which is pretty amusing and to absolve yourself of the standard you hold the author to because you are not in the professional writting (sic) field is a bit rich.

You did ask, so consider yourself corrected. Hope it helps!

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thank you for the corrections, they should be fixed now. i clearly seem to care more about my work because i'm editing it where as the author still has not done so. as far as capitalization goes, i'm far too lazy to keep hitting the 'shift' key and capitalize the beginning of every word.
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No flush for cache. Plays same songs.
No saving playlists unless you download the mp3's.
No mention of the bit rate...only that it's high quality.

Microsoft was forgot all existing wp7.8 users when the WP 8 realesed. Microsoft will be forgot wp8 when next os will released.

i have 7.8 and the shows that an update is available but when i go to the marketplace there is no update.So are we gonna get the update or not?if not it is on its way

I love the app, but ALL music apps on WP8 will lack until they get their own volume control. I cannot believe MS still has not done this. Apps need their own music bar so ringtones and apps can be controlled separately. This would also fix the why does my music start when I hang up from a call or turn off my bluetooth headset when using my bluetooth device.