Nokia Normandy

Low-end Nokia Normandy leaked in photo, showing off its Android OS

We recently covered the Nokia Normandy, a low-end Android smartphone which was reported to be in development. The news was met with both disbelief and speculation, especially with Microsoft in the process of purchasing Nokia's hardware division. Today, we're looking at a new photo of the Nokia Normandy.

First off, we'll get the obvious out the way - there's no Nokia logo. According to the evleaks Normandy image (see above), there's clear branding both on the rear and front of the handset. That said, everything else checks out (including the single capacitive button) should we continue comparing the two against one another. There's also signs of dual-SIM support.

Nokia Normandy

The handset will reportedly run "forked" Android, meaning consumers who purchase a Nokia Normandy will have no access to the Google Play store, much like Amazon and the Kindle Fire. The low-end Android device would also be exactly that - low-end. This will go alongside the company's Asha range of products running on Series 40.

What are your thoughts on a Nokia Normandy, powered by Android?

Source: WPDang; thanks, answer1626, for the heads up!


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Low-end Nokia Normandy leaked in photo, showing off its Android OS



If there will be no google play store on it.. then what's the point of having android on it.

No one wants to sideload apps.

The point would be to have a completely customizable OS. It also means it can run Android apps, just not Google Play aka Google branded services. All else would be a 'go'.

Also: Amazon seems to be doing fine with its Fire series, no?

The N9 can run Android no probs, just enable developer mode enter terminal and side load 4.2 or get a Lumia and be done with all this nonsense

Right, but Amazon's Fire is doing well because of all the available content. Nokia is neither a content creator nor a content distributor, so it's highly unlikely they could offer a decent-enough experience.

Considering Microsoft will be behind Asha even though the Nokia brand is used, I highly doubt Normandy will come to fruition. WP already works well enough on low-end hardware.

I got into AndroidCentral and seems that MotoG is a mid range device with a price of 100-150 Dlls. Quadcore S400 @ 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of Ram. Price is low end to WPs but it seems that specs are mid range to Android.

Assuming this thing indeed gets released sometime in the future, which "Nokia" would it belong to? the part that MS bought? or the rest of the company, the HERE Maps services company and other stuff?

My concern is.. When this gets here.. Who will buy this if there is no play store access?.. Why would anyone go the android way if not for the apps.. Maybe Nokia believes it can convince enough devs to write apps for the Normandy store. Nokia does a good job at convincing devs.. Look at the WP platform.. So many apps came as Nokia exclusive. And since there already is an android app that runs on regular android it won't be difficult I guess.. I m not familiar with android.. I haven't used any android device so I am unaware of the necessity of play store .

This phone is meant to go toward the asha series. Asha phones don't have android and its apps... who buys them? apparently a lot of people in other countries. This is aimed to the phone line that has handset of 15$ - 80$. I think this phone can sell but it won't here in the US. Is more of a phone to other countries like India, China, part of Europe, South America and Africa.

Ur reasoning doesn't make sense. "Asha phones don't have android and its apps... who buys them?"
if asha phones don't have apps and people still buy them then why not just continue that? Why adopt android and then fork it to get all the google services out and then beg devs to make apps for this new platform?
how much cheaper can u manage to make with forkdroid that u cant do with series 40?
i still think its for the ease of app writing/porting

I believe it would be MS as they take over hardware manufacturing plants, rest is mostly patents and proprietary software. I may be wrong

amazon's fork don't have the google play store but they have a store of android app named amazon appstore.

Nokia could do the same.

Exactly or getjar and appbrain. It appears people really don't understand Android and that it does not require G Play to access or load apps to use.

While that is true, why would you want to? Google Play is where the apps are. Consumers aren't going to buy this. Amazon does well because they have the distribution for apps and content.

The only app they have are their proprietary ones, which even then you can find the apks by a simple search. There's is nothing on Google Play you can't get from other stores and online search for the APKs.

I think he means to say "why is this phone here...on earth?" it looks horrible, sounds creepy and gives an aura of nastiness, i say we burn it

I mean, why is this article published here at WPCentral. Windows phone news, not windows phone maker's news. Though it makes sense because MSFT is buying Nokia's D&S but it isn't finalized.
On other matters, I say we burn that device.

Because windows phone central got nothing to share news from their desk today until wp8.1 is announced.

I don't think it will be any good. Those who buy Nokia these days, buy it because of WP. And I beleive that majority of them don't want to go back to Android. At least I don't. :)

If I could get an Android phone with Lumia's build quality and the same camera of the 1020 or 1520 I would ditch WP in a heart beat.


WP is pretty but its behind the times. Nokia knows this and thats why its pushing so many apps to patch the features that should have been there already.

If I could get a Mercedes that runs like a bugatti, looks like a Lamborghini, goes off-road like a land rover and costs the seme as a dacia I would drop... Enough said.

I'm waiting for this as well... once there is a Nokia-grade camera phone on Android I will be VERY VERY tempted to switch. MS just can't make a big enough dent in the market - they have essentially ZERO support from anyone. Sure, they're finally getting some apps and maybe they'll add basic features that other OS have had practically from day 1 but they are still WAY behind in peripheral device support.

Nokia push many apps becouse the apps are what make the difference, tecnically an operative system is useless if there aren't apps that run on it.
The Operative Sistems exist becouse the third-party developers can write application.
An OS must give access to the underlying hardware to developer, must manage the memory access, scheduling task, ect, must provide ad interface between user and application.

Try to use an Android or iOS device without apps (any apps apart the system apps)

This is the reason why sales might go down when the deal goes through. People bought WP because of Nokia like myself. No Nokia name and people might not buy the next gen phones....

"Lumia" is also a recognized brand name. Has associations with Nokia. Hopefully Zeiss will still be used. By the way, I've learned my lesson since after buying a Vizio 3D tv that brand name doesn't always mean quality.

Lulz! Were you actually under the impression that Vizio was quality BEFORE you purchased it?

I always thought Vizio was Walmart's brand, so I never even considered it. They have decent designs, though.

My two Vizios are unmatched by the "brand" names both in quality and price. You'll pay thousands more just for the name as "Samsung". Your only paying the product with Vizio. I did research and smart shopping though. Not to worry, most products are outsourced nowadays.

There are only 2 OEMs that make almost all screens for all the no matter the brand lg,Samsung.

I'm an original, basically I brought wp7 when HTC was the only one on the scene. I brought WP8 and it just happened to be a Nokia. So I brought a Nokia because of WP8. Still appreciate all that Nokia is doing.

And if you believe the stories, Nokia pushed MS hand in making this deal creating this monstrosity!

So if it's finalized, they'll immediately stop production and support as soon as they take over.

Probably being produced to bring down Lumia production costs or Contracted "hardware purchase" number commitments....Nothing to do with market demand...

You obviously have not been here to see how so many people bitch about the lack of customization or feature that WP doesn't have. Its pretty damn obvious it don't. First thing people will say is something like WP doesn't have separate volume control like Android. Go run amuck. I love WP but it is the most bland, simplified OS out.

Some people complaining about the lack of individual volume controls is a far cry from most people bitching about "how WP is not customizable like Android".  Quit making shit up (and I've been here for quite a while).

Lmao ok. I could through a list of shit I hear people say on here. You know, because that's how bland WP is. So keep believing in unicorns.

Lack of customization does not equate to bland. WP has a personality, a consistent design language, and an overall polish that makes it anything but bland.

You can customize the hell out of Android, but it's still ugly, clunky, and slow. That's bland.

Unicorns exist! Just because you haven't seen one doesn't mean it's not real.

And you should stop being so racist when commenting.

Racist. The fuck. LMAO you have no idea what being racist is and is the dumbest comment I just read. I'll leave it at that and won't respond to this again. did say "Keep believing in unicorns." That seemed pretty racist towards unicorns to me. I mean, imagine I said "Keep believing in free blacks" or "Keep believing in Latin-Americans or African-Americans," or anything similarly disgusting in a comment (Note that I'm only giving examples. I'm not racist). Yep. Sounds like racism to me.

Alright. I was just trying to bring some smiles to faces. Maybe I went too far with the details :P Anyways..let's end this here and you guys keep swearing and arguing if that's how you want to kick off 2014. Good day to y'all.

In a way it is kind of bland. But the tile based UI is so new and refreshing with so much future penitential and that's whats exciting about WP. I cannot wait for the day MS makes translucent tiles where we can finally add backgrounds like w8.1. Actually I'd most want to see w8.1 multitasking ported to WP.

Exactly I would love this. Rotating tiles like RT etc. It took a long ass time to accept WP cause flipping tiles and 20 color was very lackluster. People have selective reading and that's ok. I'm excited about WP future but their OS needs some serious polishing needed.

My assumption for MS slow pace is for sake of consistency and OS reliability. Only apply necessary features to keep OS smooth and simple. Background wallpapers does not add any extra function. Though customizability adds user satisfaction thus maybe it does have function.

Exactly. I left WP with the 900 cause it was boring as hell. Bought the HTC One X and reminded me why I love Google. Came back because of the 920 solely because of Nokia. It too Nokia to keep me and make me like WP. I gave up alot of things Im used to. SIMPLE things at that and grown accustomed to the simplicity of WP. But that does not make it bland cause it is. But I love that it just works. But even controlling tile updates and limit it to 30 mins is annoying.

I'm ok for where wp8 is for now. Though there are folks out there who have posted on YouTube some neat concepts that MS need seriously look at. Overall I just want w8.1 multitasking, badly!

Agreed. I like it for what it is. Just enough but done in the right way. I'll be happier with its integration with RT as I think RT is perfect for the mobile platform without killing resources.

Waste of time and resources. Give us a 5" Lumia 1520. That's the only phone I might consider swapping for my 920. And when I say like the 1520 I mean exactly like the 1520 (except with a 5" display), with the exact same camera.

Its pretty easy to install stuff via USB on an Android Device, all you need is a good File Explorer. And this will probably only release if it releases in countries where the Asha Series is popular, Android is a free OS so maybe MS and Nokia think that its a good way to get a bigger Marketshare without WP.

If you load APKs or other Data Files on your Device you can only access them with a explorer, an modded APK for example GOD MOD APK for San Andreas. You then install from there on your Phone.

System > apps. It would need to be rooted for access to system folders. But just installing apps is as simple as executing the apk file where it saved. Usually in the download folder and doesn't require root. You can get the Amazon app apk run and install. These are reason why forked Android are easy to access apps. Jolla will have the same access.

The majority of consumers that bring in revenue for OEMs aren't tech geeks who side load stuff on their phone. They buy what brand they know and what's popular.

Its not difficult at all to even sideload especially if you download the apk online. It simply shows in the notification and will install after download. Anyone who been on Android will be familiar with this. System files and root explorer are for more advance people. But apks are simple. And most likely this would have a store already loaded. I bought a Trio Stealth Lite for my nephew and it had Amazon preloaded for apps. I just installed Root Explorer and found the gapps apk and extracted G Plat in less than 15 mins since it was pre rooted.

Or they wanted a cheap replacement for the Asha line, seeing as WP costs them licensing fees.

Nokia has to do what they have to do. Once the Nokia/Microsoft deal is finalized, this little project will be dead...

Not coming from evLeaks= FAKE.  

EvLeaks NEVER mentioned android. I'm surprized you guys spread fandroids' daydreams.  It is an ASHA phone F.F.S.


What's the point of having an Android phone that doesn't get access to Google Play?? Also, I'd never want to see a Nokia device running Android.

Do you know hoe many devs would quickly cook up a rom on this and add Google Play? Also you don't need Google Play to run apps. The apps are already designed to run on Android OS. You get download stores like getjar, appbrain, and amazon app stores to get apps. Its that simple. Google is not the go to when it comes to Android. Its the most recognizable

However true that might be, can you see the sales guy trying to explain that to the average customer?  The average customer will go, "I have to do what, then what?  Never mind.  Next."

What's to explain. This would most likely have an app store pre installed most Amazon if Nokia don't have one of their own present.

Where is the news? I thought that Android is a synonym to low end. I've had two myself, before the Lumia era.

I am not sure if this is fake or not but I have seen some local stores here in the Philippines selling Lumia 900 and Lumia 920 look-a-like under SKK brand that is running Android.  The body, the design but defintely not the quality and power that L900 and L920 have resembled the WP version except for the buttons. 

It was more likely a purposeful play by Nokia to get Microsoft to buy the whole hardware division, including the low-cost Asha line.

Don't you think it's odd that MS bought the Asha line? For what purpose? Nokia needs to offload that in addition to Lumia because the no one will buy the Asha line otherwise in 2014, 2015. This was a shrewd business play by Nokia, not an undercut in Windows Phone.

Confused. It's made by Nokia with no Nokia branding and Nokia D&S division is owned by MS, so who's ultimately responsible for this handset?

Nokia's D&S hasn't passed to Microsoft yet, the deal isn't closed. So until then, it's Nokia. Also, note that the missing logo could not be missing and just invisible in the photo due to light conditions.

Ok. The point was made in the article that there was no Nokia logo, almost hinting that this was the first Nokrosoft offering. If that is the case it's a weird tack to take, MS producing a droid device. But if the logo is missing through photography/manipulation then that's a different story and Nokia are still innovating til the end.

Yes, only the devices and services division is being sold, nothing else. So Nokia is responsible for the devices and their warranty services as long as they keep their D&S division. Once that goes to MS, Nokia will most likely pass the responsibility for the support for current devices to Microsoft.

As long as they can access Amazon's store, there shouldn't be an App problem. If anything, they'd have access to a richer marketplace than WP had.

If this is released by Nokia (and not by Microsoft) I'll get one to play with. Also to have a feeling of what Nokia did with it and how close it'll be of Jolla, considering a possible 2016 acquisition of the small company by Nokia.

Both are flamboyant. Friend has Android Note 2. It cannot do the simplest of simple as open my shared SkyDrive music from txt. Requires couple of steps to do so. Sailfish and BB QNX looks so similar in their execution. Too many swipe here swipe there.

I fail to see what the point of this is. Why even waste resrouces on this? Who would buy this over a stock Asha?

If you would have to be savy enough to side load Android apps, then why would you buy this in the first place and not go with something else?

Everyone who wants access to Android Apps. It doesn't have Google Play, but has access to tons of other Android stores. On Android you don't have a single store as on WP and iOS.
Amazon for example has their own Android Store that you install on your Android device. So, basically, unlike Asha, this would access Android Apps from all Android Stores apart from Google Play.

That's the risk of open platforms. Though anyone with a brain could avoid risks. Also, depends on the store. As far as I know, Amazon has more control over their store's apps than Google (even though they seem to be trying to control Google Play too)

Who cares anymore? Nokia stops making Mobile phones next year. Then its all in Microsoft hands. Why would they even bother trying Android

Well, they can return to phones in 2016 if they want. Also, it's supposed to be this year that they stop making phones.
And I'm sure Nokia can still make some millions with the sale of low end Nokia Androids before the deal closes.

This device, along with the endless barrage of Lumia phones really makes me question if anyone at Nokia knows what they're doing. It leads me to believe that Nokia's success with Windows Phone was more luck and Microsoft's effort than any forward-looking decision on Nokia's part.

They're just taking random stabs into every segment and engaging in market saturation and brand dillution. And why would anyone waste money on this when they could get a proper Android phone for the same price and with access to Google Play?

What gets me is that Microsoft hasn't demanded that this project be put on hold. If nothing else, this is bad PR for the Windows Phone brand. But is this even the Nokia being purchased by Microsoft? Or Nokia left over from the purchase? Or the brand started by former Nokia employees?

The deal hasn't closed yet so Microsoft doesn't have any powers to do anything to Nokia's D&S division.
Also, Nokia Android phones were being prepared for some time as they saw the WP strategy failed. Nokia was getting ready to jump ship and go for Android and that's why Microsoft had to strike otherwise WP would be dead since both HTC and Samsung couldn't care less about the platform.

You really think anyone cares for your butthurt over Microsoft?! People got you figured out ages ago. We thought that the fact that no one answers your comments would be enough to wake you up. I guess not...

That's your problem. You don't think. Now go back to work to pay us back the money we lend that bottomless money pit of an island of yours, campónio.

Nokia may have help Microsoft to push up the WP marketshare but you are seriously underestimate the hardware prowess of Microsoft. Nokia actually once consider the Surface Phone to be a potential threat to them. The other OEMs will be more than delighted to replace Nokia to be the buddy of the cash cow.

Jump ship and go for Android? Go against the company that provide you with cash injection, which also hold patents that the Android is riding on? Compete with a semi-conductor giant Samsung that shove the phones down to the phone dealers throat en mass and also compete with local OEMs that can hide away from not paying royalties while you cant?

Nokia had complete control over customization with Symbian, I believe Elop slowed down Nokia's innovation by focusing only on windows phones and selling the company. Microsoft clearly seems interested in making sure Nokia's Camera Technology doesn't fall into android, since thats the only thing they advertise now.

Have you been living under a rock? You should read one Daniel says in the comments. There are very good reasons for Nokia working on this project.

What Daniel wrote is his interpretation of the motives for Nokias Android devices. Doesn't invalidate the fact that they were preparing to jump ship. If Microsoft hadn't attacked, Nokia would leave WP anyway. The company has never had a profit with WP. Losing for losing, they'd better lose with the most popular OS instead.

Your posts are full of interpretation and probably outright mis-interpretation. Unless you're a Nokia higher-up (and I mean way, way up there), you know exactly nothing about what Nokia is planning with Normandy.

I don't think we will still see this. The Microsoft-Nokia deal is nearly done. MS simply can't release an android device. Everybody would laugh at them

I hate this with a passion, but I also question where nokias passion for design went. Its nowhere to be seen ever since all the clones.

It would be cool if amazon or nook had teamed up with Nokia to make a phone like this ... I wonder if it will have the amazon app store since no google play... I'd never use this phone over a Nokia WP I don't see it as it would hurt WP either people should calm down about it.

I hate it but just to make the idea clear that it doesn't need google play , you have mobile 9 blackmart alpha getjar and alot more

just a shot in the dark here... but remember rumors of of a dual boot WP8/android phone with screenshots of WP8 with soft buttons? seems to me like a low end device would be a perfect test for something like this.


just a thought, but could normandy be that device? a cheap device with the option of running either OS?

Dual booting is expensive and requires good hardware to function. I don't think low end devices qualify for it.

It would be awesome if Nokia makes a phone where you could load WP8 or Andorid, maybe even Ubuntu not that I care much for it. But with that Nokia will have one of the most universal phones ever!

There is one thing to be consider: Nokia can't use the Nokia brand on Nokia's own mobile device until 2015 and can't license to others the Nokia brand for use in connection with mobile device sales for 30 months.
So after the acquisition will be finalized, we will never see this device.

Sorry, i want to say until 2016, the deal terms specify that Nokia can't use the brand until 31 december 2015

I don't understand nokia's strategy here, assuming that they go ahead with this approach and not have the ability for the users to download apps from playstore. I don't think android users would ever buy this phone.

I had bought an iPhone 4 look a like that run on android before, shall i post a picture of that and says that Apple is building an android device too?