Nokia wants incoming calls to vibrate your tramp stamp; Patents haptic tattoos

Nokia patents tattoos that interact with your phone

Nokia is taking phone notifications to an extreme with a new patent, tattoos that react with your phone using haptics, the same vibratory interaction that you experience when typing on a touchscreen keyboard.  A recent submission to the United States Patent and Trade Office describes a haptic material that would react to magnetic signals sent out by your mobile device.  So you set your phone up to let you know when a call is coming in, the phone then emits a specific magnetic signal, and the material reacts by vibrating.  Different signals could be assigned for different functions.

Initially, the patent explains that users would wear the material on clothing, stick-on patches, etc.  However, it goes on to apply the functionality to magnetic inks, which can then be embedded into the skin in the form of tattoos.  That process gets a little more involved, first demagnetizing the ink, applying the tattoo, then magnetizing it once again.

It's a wacky, creepy kind of idea that one would expect from an old sci-fi comic, but it's also feasible enough to become a reality.  So if you're someone who really hates missing calls, this could be just the thing for you.  That is, until you decide to trade in your Nokia for the latest HTC device.

Source: USPTO; Via: UnwiredView


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Nokia wants incoming calls to vibrate your tramp stamp; Patents haptic tattoos


this is kinda cool!!!  i dont know why every one thinks its *creepy*  how is that creepy? some one looking  in my house window . now THATS creepy..  this is just sweet and opens the door for allot of OTHER things to work on this technologies.

I like the idea. No more missed calls and tattoo shops will definitely get more business. Also, just think where some people might want there ink to vibrate at. Now that's CREEPY!!!

Just think of how WP could attract female users with this technology. Seriously, if the vibrating material can be put anywhere then.... This is good! Sex sales**

Wow, that's cool. I really don't like setting my phone to ring with every new IM (calls are ok) cause it gets annoying, but I'm always afraid I'm gonna miss one if I set it to vibrate (the vibration is very soft in my LG Quantum). Would love to have this.

Until someone fat with a tattoe gets their stomach making waves lol..... To come to that i grabbed my gut and made it wave :( i need to loose weight

No, thankyou very much, I'm sure a lot of people might like it, but its not for me. I can see this being used for messaging...