Nokia picks up Foursquare app for Lumia lineup, differs little from official app


Nokia has one again picked up an app from the Windows Phone Store and put a copy in their Collection. Such is the case with Foursquare, which is now listed as version 2.1.

While it would have been nice to see something expanded upon by the Finns alas this version is a hair older than the official 2.11 version on the Store for all Windows Phone users. So there is no augmented-reality or any performance improvements to be found, as far as we can tell.

We’re still not sure on why Nokia does this though some have suggested it’s to provide the app for markets where it previously was not available. We’ll try to figure it out but in the meantime, it’s nothing to get too excited over.

You can pick up the Nokia Foursquare app here in their Collection.

QR: Foursquare


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Nokia picks up Foursquare app for Lumia lineup, differs little from official app


It could be possible that it's to provide the app to countries where it's not available, but i also consider Nokia Collection to be true premium store inside Windows phone Store.
I have pretty much 90% of all Nokia Collection apps installed. 16 Nokia made apps available here and apps that Nokia has inside the collection like Voddler, TuneIN Radio, CNN and ESPN. 
You can't really go wrong with the Nokia Collection in general. 

Im really not liking this "Nokia Exlusive" apps thing at all. Its just another fragmentation of the app store. Instead Nokia should just charge non Nokia user to have their apps, or not release them at all.
Windows Phone is suppose to be unified...this is unneccessary.

It seems seems silly, but not fragmentation since it is really the same app.  I wonder if Nokia gets some marketing money from these apps to to put it into a smaller segment of the store so that they stand out.

foursquare official app is shit for windows phone... mofo.. can't even load the new places.. if there hasn't been 4th & Mayor.. i'd have stopped using 4sq.

ohhh because you can get HTC sense on all androids, or you can get all the S-features from GSiii on all androids, or because EVERYONE on android is running the same/latest android OS... so glad there's no fragmentation on android!