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Goodbye Nokia

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Nokia Place Tag now available for Lumia devices with Windows Phone 8

Place Tag Beta Lead

If you’re rocking a Windows Phone 8 handset from Nokia you’ll want to check out the beta version of their Place Tag app. We first showed you guys a hands on of Place Tag at Mobile World Congress, where Nokia announced the lens app. It’s now available in the Windows Phone Store for you to use.

If you want to check out how Place Tag works, just check out video from Mobile World Congress below:

Oddly enough, in the app the version of Place Tag I just downloaded I didn’t have the ‘share’ feature that Daniel and Jay show off in the video above. When Nokia said this app was a beta they must have meant it. Try it out for yourself and let us know if you have any better luck. My guess is that we’ll see a superfast update that addresses that little oversight.

The app is free for all Lumia users running Windows Phone 8. In a smart move, the app is also available as a lens (every photo app should be). You can download it for free in the Windows Phone Store here, use the QR code below, or swipe right in our app.

QR Logo Place Tag Beta

Via: MyNokiaBlog


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Nokia Place Tag now available for Lumia devices with Windows Phone 8


For me that's what I found. Unless I'm an idiot. Someone else try it out and back me up! I don't want to sound crazy. 

I just downloaded the app and tried it out, and it doesn't do anything but snap for me too. Now I'm going to wonder why Nokia would release a pointless beta of their app at this stage...

Edit: Never mind, found out how to use it...

You have to have a point of interest in your view (the little squares that when you tap on them they show what it is) and then take a picture. Then go back to that picture and then tap on the option button and press share and then card options will follow.

For me it even got my address wrong, just snapped a picture in my room and it had neighbors address...

Has been out over two days already :D Anyway, you have to "share" the photo you took. You can first choose the place and then share it. After this it will give you the options for your "card" choises

I've noticed that while beeing in "picture mode" you are provided with places similar to city lens.
There aren't as many places as used to though..

Stop your complaining. Its beta!! Scan your camera around and choose then place then share shows up with filters. So quick to judge but not quick to learn. Try it again and see what you get. Just doesn't offer tons of places and go to setting and check other interest.

Scan. Once places or squares show up take the picture. Go back to the photo highlight the place and dog gone it the share feature works with filters. Ok ok have a good day

Actually this is a cool app. Its free and exclusive. No complaints about gps because im in the house. will check once im out in the world and out of my small city to see what other venues show up. Keep it coming. Thanks Nokia!!

Does do anything. The more Nokia releases (since they release things faster and faster day by day) the worse things do get. Perhaps they should simply reserve themselves at least some days to test things and kick 9 out of 10 things. Since quality is far better but quantity.

Doesn't do anything sensefull. The more Nokia releases (since they release things faster and faster day by day) the worse things do get. Perhaps they should simply reserve themselves at least some days to test things and kick 9 out of 10 things. Since quality is far better but quantity.

Hi guys, this is Pino from the HERE team at Nokia. There is probably some misunderstanding about Place Tag Beta...
Of course while it's beta, we are still refining the user experience and collecting your feedback to make sure the app delivers exactly what you are expecting. However, please consider that right now the app works this way:
- You snap a picture including nearby POI (it's powered by LiveSight, the same technology with which HERE CIty Lens is working)
- The POI are represented by transparent squares in the pic: if you don't see any and you are not in the middle of the desert, please check on HERE CIty Lens too and report any bug on Nokia Beta Labs
- The POI you can select are around you, so the best use case for Place Tag is when you are outside and snap pics of places (e.g. monuments, buildings, etc.) around you
- When you select a place and share the postcard, you can always edit the text, if you want to enjoy more flexibility

@Pino / @haikus
- just wondering when will HERE Drive Beta be avaiable on other countries like Philippines?

This is a bit off-topic @zilab, isn't it? ;-) Anyway, I assume you mean HERE Drive for non-Nokia smartphones. In this case, I don't have any news to share with you, but we are looking into ways to extend the current offering which is limited to 8 countries.

@lumiaman its only just in beta so guess we may see later on wp7. Nokia have recently brought us cinemagraph which was originally wp8 only

i hope so cause i dont want to end up with the feeling that my wp7.8 (wich is a great device) is a dead device already

Are you serious? With all of the exclusives Nokia has provided to WP 7.x users, as well as access to their own developed apps, you considering your current device is preposterous.

Hello, I was eagerly waiting for an app like this! 

However, I have a question:

it would be possible to shot something that is unrelated to POI, and send a postcard based on it? I mean, if I shot a great view in a mountain trip, it would be great to send a e-postcard of it (even if there are no POI), and place that photo on HERE map, in a similar way to Panoramio...

I just snapped a picture in my bedroom and the address was really close. Since I'm inside, my guess is that cellular triangulation is "helping" GPS, unless pure GPS no longer needs to "see the sky" to work. If the address is off while you are indoors, that's not a bug, that's GPS.

Anyway, I snapped the pic and some areas of interest popped up. I just picked one and then went to sharing mode, from there you choose the kind of card layout you like and then you can edit it and type what you want. I clicked on "share" after that and was given the full range of options. I just chose email, but cancelled it. I was happy to find that the image was in my Saved pictures album.

So, it does work...even in beta.

Location =WORKS GREAT. picture =WORKS Great, share= I DONT EVEN HAVE THE OPTION. Just DELETE and ABOUT.