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Nokia posts Q1 interim report, handset sales down 30 percent

As Nokia hands over the bulk of its devices and services business to Microsoft, the company has published its interim financial report for Q1 2014, showing a year-on-year decline in handset sales of 30 percent. Today's numbers also reveal operating losses of €326 million ($452 million) on revenue of €1.929 billion ($2.68 billion) for the devices and services unit during its last quarter in Nokia's hands. The report blames "intense smartphone competition at increasingly lower price points and intense competition at the low end of our product portfolio" for the slide in sales, a continuation of the disappointing results posted in Q3 2014. The report also notes a sequential and year-on-year decline in average selling prices for devices, indicating that those who did buy Nokia phones shied away from higher-priced models.

Nokia finished the first quarter with gross cash of €6.9 billion and net cash of €2.1 billion; the company points out that this would've risen to €10.5 billion gross and €7.1 billion net had the Microsoft deal completed inside of Q1. As for the remaining three business units, Nokia's Networks division made €216 million (up 10 percent year-on-year) on revenue of €2.328 billion. Technologies, which focuses on the company's patent portfolio, made €86 million (up 18 percent) on revenue of €131 million. And HERE brought in €10 million from revenue of €209 million, up from its loss of €5 million in Q1 2013.

Earlier today Nokia named former Solutions & Networks head Rajeev Suri as its new CEO, to take over from May 1.

Source: Nokia; via: Engadget


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Nokia posts Q1 interim report, handset sales down 30 percent



Personally I can't see how better days would be ahead for the former-Nokia phone division while under MS, especially when the name of devices gets changed, which presumably will happen after the third generation handsets. But that's just my opinion and I do hope I'm wrong.

It won't just be Nokia (MS Mobile) that will get the WP market. You have Sony, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Micromax BLU etc. These names have a bigger presence in multiple markets than Nokia. So see Nokia's 93% likely decrease other time as other OEMs get most of the sales, which MS is perfectly happy about

Nokia has the first release for wp8.1 in new handsets others are far away like the new Samsung ativ with wp8.0 that's bad bcoz nokia has major share and even ads are from nokia

and they release shitty Lumia 630... only blind nokia fans and those who have little or no knowledge about the fast development of technology will buy such....

Lets admit it, WP8/8.1 if ever made its existence then it was only because of nokia. Don't wanna sound like a jerk, but renaming of Nokia is the worst idea I can think of at least for the majority of people here in India who believe in nokia "blindly". I mean you cant say "blind nokia fans". They've spent decades for the trust we had in them.

Agree, 630 is a shame though. We hoped for more. It actually appears to be a washed out version of far better 625.

Fair enough, but is there anyone in the world who's buying Nokia phones who doesn't realize they were just bought by Microsoft?  I mean, seriously, so long as the design and build quality don't change, then technically they're still Nokias and still great phones no matter who owns the profits.


With that said, Microsoft definitely has its challenges cut out for it in mobile.

Probably a few. But what I'm saying is, renaming it was not a good idea, at least for the common crowd out there who ain't tech savvy. Although the hardware may be still similar to those of original Nokia ones but a name carries more weight for "first thought" beholders. They could do what google did to Motorola and leave everything to public to think about. If the quality of hardware were maintained, MS would see good days.

google bought motorola. microsoft only bought the handset division of nokia. they didn't buy the whole company. so, they can't use the name indefinitely. besides, i keep seeing how important the nokia name is in india. the smartphone sales for nokia are that impressive in india. the nokia name is important for dumbphones and can use the nokia name for those.

I'm sorry, what?  Nokia didn't even pop top 5 in terms of smartphone sales in India in Q4 2013, it was Samsung followed by the local boys (Micromax and Karbonn), then Sony and Lava.  If the brand name was so beloved I think they'd be doing a bit better than being a chunk of the 'other' pie for smartphone sales.

"Beloved" doesn't necessarily mean only smartphones. Basic phones and feature phones contribute too. Smartphones weren't on the top five because of its high price when local companies like lava, karvonn, micromax etc could sell similar spec phones at lower prices. Do you know how Lumia 520 sold like hot cakes but not other phones of same price? Fact is even other OEM holders trust Nokia (and that's probably the only point I'm arguing for. The name matters). It's just that they CAN'T afford it, doesn't mean they DON'T want to afford it.

If that ever happens, then maybe we could expect some consumers from Japan and other third world countries. Sony will rock big time.

Sorry for the misplaced "other". I meant Japan and third world countries didn't show any considerable figure for WP market share. OEM like Sony could make it happen.

I do believe that a Microsoft phone would have some value in the market. Something new and unique. A true flagship for the company like the iPhone is for Apple. They just need to come up with a good name.

MS needs ALL WP's on ALL carriers. It is ridiculous to have one phone in one color in one carrier.

New ad is about colour, so get all phones in all colours on all carriers. Anything less is.....ridiculous, especially as Samsung, Apple etc,do.

It sounds like they're working on a new brand name... or will maybe use Lumia or Surface.  Either way, I kind of think it would help if they have ONE brand name for all of their mobile products.  Or, perhaps, one brand for the Enterprise--say, SURFACE.  And another brand for the consumer side, maybe Lumia or some new brand.

The Nokia Surface phone could work for as long as MS can use the name Nokia, then just change it to Microsoft Surface phone. People would just refer to it as the Surface phone which is fine. This way MS can still leverage the Nokia brand while building the Surface brand.

Hence why Nokia sold the Devices and Services business to Microsoft!

It has always been about the survival of Nokia and Nokia is now in a strong financial position without the Devices and Services business recording losses on their books.



Long-term leadership targeted in three key areas

Nokia believes that over the next 10 years billions of connected devices will converge into intelligent and programmable systems that will have the potential to improve lives in a vast number of areas: time and availability, transportation and resource consumption, learning and work, health and wellness, and many more.

This new world of technology will require 1) connectivity capable of handling massive numbers of devices and exponential increases in data traffic; 2) location services that seamlessly bridge between the real and virtual worlds; and 3) innovation, including in sensing, radio and low power technologies. Nokia’s vision is to be a leader over the long term in these three areas.

“The world of technology is on the verge of a change that we believe will be as profound as the creation of the internet” said Rajeev Suri. “With our three strong businesses – Networks, HERE and Technologies – and position as one of the world’s largest software companies, we are well placed to meet our goal to be a leader in the technologies for a world where everybody and everything is connected.”

Nokia strategy

“Nokia’s strategy is to develop its three businesses in order to realize its vision of being a technology leader in a connected world and, in turn, create long-term shareholder value,” said Rajeev Suri. “Our goal is to optimize the company so that each business is best enabled to meet its goals. Where it makes sense to do so, we will pursue shared opportunities between the businesses, but not at the expense of focus and discipline in each.”

Nokia will target the creation of long-term shareholder value by focusing on the following three areas:

  1. Through its Networks business (formerly Nokia Solutions and Networks, or NSN), Nokia will invest in the innovative products and services needed by telecoms operators to manage the increase in wireless data traffic which is more than doubling every year. Future investment will focus on further building on our strong position in mobile broadband and related services, and strengthening our leadership position in next-generation network technologies.

    Today, the Networks business serves more than 90 of the world’s 100 largest operators, is a leader in the large and dynamic mobile broadband market, and is ranked third in estimated global market share in mobile radio and second in telecommunication services. An early leader in virtualization and cloud technologies, Networks conducted trials and pre-commercial live projects with more than 50 customers in 2013. 

    “Customers of our Networks business can have confidence that we will continue to make the investments necessary to deliver the innovation needed to help them build even stronger businesses,” said Rajeev Suri.

  2. Through its HERE business, Nokia will invest to further develop its location cloud to make it the leading source of location intelligence and experiences across many different operating systems, platforms and screens. Given that location is an essential element of a connected world, we will target our investment in three areas: 1) technology for smart, connected cars; 2) cloud-based services for personal mobility and location intelligence, including for the growing segment of wearables and special purpose devices; and 3) location-based analytics for better business decisions.

    Today, HERE is the leading global provider of map content, powering four out of five in-car navigation systems. Its location platform is used by leading internet companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo. “Our view is that only one other company has location services that come close to the depth and breadth of those from HERE – and HERE has the advantage of being independent from any operating system or single business model,” said Rajeev Suri.

  3. Through its Technologies business, Nokia will invest in the further development of its industry-leading innovation portfolio. This will include 1) expanding our successful intellectual property licensing program; 2) helping other companies and organizations benefit from our breakthrough innovations through technology licensing; and 3) exploring new technologies for use in potential future products and services.

    The Technologies team includes hundreds of world-class scientists and engineers who have driven more than half of Nokia’s recent patent filings and many of whom are recognized as leading experts in fields that are essential for enabling the future connected world.  These areas include low-power connected smart multi-sensor systems, distributed sensing, and intelligent interplay between various types of radio technologies.

    “Nokia’s industry leading intellectual property has the potential to create significant value for our licensees and our shareholders,” said Rajeev Suri. “With the strength of our Technologies team and continuing investment in advanced research and development, we can also drive new opportunities for Nokia in both business-to-business and consumer markets.”

Nokia’s continuing businesses invested more than EUR 2.5 billion in research and development in 2013. We believe that the company has a strong financial position and the capacity to continue to make the investments necessary to remain an innovation leader in the three segments in which it competes."


Readers have been lied to time and time again by writers stating that "Microsoft bought Nokia" and "RIP Nokia" and so forth and since Nokia is and will be key in future developments for all OEMs and OSes that would like to partner with them, it makes me sick to see writers mislead their readers.

Nokia isn't going anywhere and they have a strong business plan to ensure that they will be here for many decades to come, Connecting People in as many financially viable ways as possible.

MS could fix this by releasing a 1520 and 930 option on ALL carriers. I myself got a Note 3 on Tmobile. If a 1520 variant was available I would've got it instead. Unfortunately I didn't have a choice.

I completely agree. I had a 920 on AT&T and there was nothing to upgrade to since the 1520 was crippled. I just recently bought the RM-928 1520 from newegg, but I would have liked to have an elite device be available from my carrier.

^^THIS!! I got the 920 for AT&T even though I knew I wouldn't get good service in my area. After my contract was up I couldn't deal with the dropped calls anymore. After almost 2 years the situation was still the same. Either continue to have a nice phone with crappy service or settle for a lesser wp8 device on another carrier that may or may not support it for updates. As badly as I wanted the 1520 and to get my wife away from her horrid HTC 8x for the 1020 we had no choice but to ditch windows phones.

Because of os limitation,and less apps available in store it(windows phone)lose popularity,because most of the app is working good on android and ios where as it crashes on windows phone,every day many new app is added in ios and android play store where as we have to wait long and long ,,,,,for new app as well as for update also,

What do they expect, everyone is copying its Flat UI, Android and iOS looks more like WP design than ever before and their apps looks just like Metro apps now, it gets harder to standout when you're the small guy and the larger guys imitate you.

Don't know about android but iOS has copied a lot from WP. Lets not forget they're expert in copying and calling it "innovation"

Whether coppied or not but both have large very large number of apps and games in their app stores which is real truth,why some developers not ready to launch their app for us?for eg opera mini

Yes app gap is huge. It's something Droid and IOS users can always b**ch about no matter how innovative WP becomes. Nonetheless, most of the Android apps are total crap while some has very good potential unlike WP apps. Honestly, I think 3rd party WP apps has always been better than the official ones though, nothing like that in Android. iOS has a whole different story.
Opera won't. It's MS's fault not opera's. IDK in detail but I read somewhere in third party browser in WP is forced to render web pages built in IE. WHILE opera follows the webkit provided by Google. In other sense, it's Google. So it's obvious opera mini won't ever be released for WP unless MS allows the same and opera works on it.
That was for opera, for other apps, low market share, MS certification processes bothers many developers.

Well nokia brand keeps on losing million of dollars, so what the real value of the name?

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Ya,the thing is that even developers seems to be careless regarding their app of wp version,the best example is WhatsApp,they are giving good attention to their android version but we didn't get an update for long time,

They haven't released a world wide phone for some time that isn't a niche product. Its been 18 months since the 920 came out, and another 2 months until the 930 comes out. They can't go this long while releasing a bunch of niche products (1020/1520) and not release new phones for the general populace. Once they start releasing a new 920 like device every 6-12 months and start having this problem, I'll think they're in trouble. 

As you see in the numbers the Nokia brand can only harm sales. Nokia is a total mess, Microsoft burnt $7.5 billion buying them, they can't do anything right these days.

How about the fact they really haven't released a new hardware, except for a couple exclusives. Exclusivity is what was hurting Nokia.

They can only get exclusives because sales are so low. Carriers are not going to waste shelf space on devices that do not sell. Nokia's problem is lack of sales. Carrier exclusives are just a byproduct of that.

I dunno. My take was going to be, "It's official, Windows Phone is a dud."

The real problem, as I see it, is that the OS is just too far behind Android to compete. If there was anything at all that WP did better than the competition, it might be a different story, but there is simply no compelling argument a Windows Phone fan can make to win converts. Without something, anything, to generate some buzz, how will the OS ever take off?

Remember the "Droid does" commercial? That ad suddenly made the iPhone feel quaint. Where's the Windows Phone equivalent? Right now, no such ad is possible.

No one really read the report?  It is total net sales down, including feature phones.

Smart device unit volume (lumia and asha together) is up yoy, but down qoq.

One of Microsoft's and Windows Phones' biggest problems are the carriers.  All of these exclusive deals and lack of salespeople support for Windows Phone.  It's definitely gotten better, but I think the phone companies are still spooked by Skype.

The problem is that Nokia hasn't done sqwat to compete with other OEMs. they haven't had a true falgship for over a year and they haven't even had updated their portflio. with mid range and low end devices. But either way Microsoft Mobile will likely be more successful and more quick than Nokia to pull out some good handsets and price them VERY aggressively.

the *real* problem was Nokia went with Windows Phone. not that it was entirely bad. the motive to differentiate was good, but did it help as much as expected? no.

even today you see so many people asking for a proper Nokia android flagship. had Nokia gone android they'd have been more stable today, even if not on top.

and reason why WP was a bad choice afterall was that Microsoft was extremely slow with the updates and adding features. at least the one bunch of customers sure to buy Lumias were old Symbian users, but even they found Lumias to be lacking so many features their old basic phones had. and then of course, the app gap. we didn't even have properly working background tasks and notifications until WP8. that's two whole years after the platform came to existence in 2010.

in the end, Microsoft did profit a bit from it (maybe). but from Nokia's perspective, the switch to WP wasn't the best option. That too making exclusive WP devices. They probably should've come up with something Nokia X back in 2011. Or even better, a full-fledged android flagship with MeeGo UI layered on top with the polycarbonate unibody and amazing camera and screen. who wouldn't have bought it?

so that's the deal. as i mentioned, the motive to differentiate was nice but not so fruitful. it was a short-term solution.

Ya,at intial announcement of Lumia 520 in India large number of people shows interest towards wp,but soon they realize that it has many os restrictions and also apps are very few in store ,handeling of stuffs was a bit headache in windows phone because mostly it needs pc connection for sharing moving,creating folder etc etc,but now wp8.1 is little good and definately far far better than wp8.but still missing many things on 8.1,like background download task is not seen when we swipe notification +action bar from home screen when downloading from ucbrowser,and mobile data toggle is also not added and the main point for losing popularity in India is the availability of apps and games,when compare to android it has very few apps and games,their are many launchers,WhatsApp status hider,chatt apps,ebooks,hdgames available on android,but we don't have that type of apps,games,ebooks,in our play store,their is app like automatic call record,app hider ,but we not have

Going Android? Look at how the rest of the Android phone manufacturers doing now? I do not see how you can compete with Samsung the semi conductor giant while paying a chunk of your profit to Microsoft as royalty.

Signing the deal with Google also be force into using several of their services that compete with Nokia's own one too for example mapping. Forking the Android is not also a viable path until recently where the missing services can be obtained from Microsoft.

It took Samsung a couple years to crack the Android market. If Nokia was right there alongside them in 2009 then they could be the giant today.

IMO their problem starts from keep clinging on the old symbian while android was still in 'beta' stage 4-5 years ago. When Samsung already holds the majority of market with Galaxy phone, Nokia was in unhealthy financial state to comes out with worthy flagship android phone. Meego has potential but then can it really compete with android, with just Nokia as sole manufacturer? I don't think so.

Ya agree with u,nokia all the time jumping from one os to another from Symbian to windows phone and now windows phone to android it is not stable

you are right dude . Even i was a loyal customer of nokia so , i purchased lumia 720. But now i realised that it is the worst os. There is no flash player, many pof the popular games like temple run 2, subwaysurfers are not released for 512 mb  ram devices. I shoul have purchased Samsung Galaxy Grand  duos . it has  an excellent os . my friend is enjoying with his mobile. I was the only guy who had purchased this waste lumia device . my friends are laughing at me.

Yeah,right....the Galaxy Grand runs like a snail next to your 720. You forgot the speed factor, Windows phone is a lot smoother than android, plus that galaxy is still stuck in android 4.1, whereas you have wp 8.1. Your device has guaranteed updates till 2016, can you say the same for galaxy? No. Only the high end devices get updated. Every Nokia Lumia device gets 8.1, unlike Android.

its already been a year and i would use my lumia for another year.Did you use galaxy grand duos ,  just use it once you will definitely feel the difference in games , video players, streaming live videos. its not the version of android , when you compare with windows phone u will definitely feel wp 8 and 8.1 as the worst os. for smoother experience use a nokia 1100. 

Did you install wp 8.1 ? i have installed wp 8.1 the changes that i found is not a big deal, even the first versions of android had notification center, ms has introduced now . there is no flash player adder in wp 8.1 internet explorer, then how to stream live videos on my mobile(please dont say that you use your laptop). All android and ios devices can stream live videos. The other problem is that internet explorer doesnt open multiple tabs in background (dont say that you have a low RAM , my old nokia 6300 opera mini browser used to open multiple tabs in background very comfortably). There is no call recorder,no free video player to play all formats. there are still no temple run2 and subwaysurfers for lumia 720. But galaxy grand 2 plays all games at same price range.

Who says you can't watch live videos on WP? I watched the BUILD 2014 live stream on April 2nd, at channel and it streamed just fine. For call recorder, use Call recorder pro+. For media player, you can use moliplayer pro. Adobe has officially adopted support for flash on mobile devices in 2012, so how can you say that android and iOS have flash? Insect flash was even released for iOS, only for Android. Please verify your facts before speaking. All the problems you mentioned have good quality 3rd party apps available in the store.

Yeah, we see how well all the other Android also-rans are doing... If Nokia had gone Android they would probably have been dead by now, without MSs money-infusion.

Sony's mobile sales are up 45%. Motorola is up 60%. LG has record sales this quarter. HTC sales are slightly increased, but they forecast a profit next quarter. Huewei and the other Chinese manufacturers are doing great. Samsung is absolutely killing it. Where would all these guys be without Android? Nokia had the chance to get into the Android market years ago. They were in the best position to compete with Samsung, but they chose to fight blind folded with their arms tied behind their back.

The Icon/929 is more than a flagship. Anyway, thats not what they need. The fight is at the bottom of the market. They need cheap, lower specced devices to gain momentum.

More OEMs joining WP is the best possible thing for Nokia. The more that enter the fray, the more WP spreads and gets noticed. Once it reaches a certain percentage of the market, Nokia (who are obviously the most skilled, knowlegable and commited WP manufacturer) will take the reins and run away with it.

P.S. Using an Android keyboard to type out a comment is an excercise in pain and frustration compared to WPs Word Flow. That took me like 5 mins to write, uuhhh.

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This is what a lot of Ukrainianians are hoping. It didn't come in time for the Crimea, but maybe for Ukraine.

Simple fact: Nokia phones are not good enough. So called 'Lumia design language' is pathetic. That translates into chunky, heavy, plasticy devices (with small exceptions). Nokia was selling mostly 520. Because was CHEAP not because is that GOOD. Since the release of MOTO G and Nokia's stupidity for not bringing next 520 gen, they lost lower end of market as well. Should MS gave all these money to Samsung or Sony instead to Nokia, WP would be in different position now.
Well, it's time to go back to the drawing board. The latest results demands such an urgent action.

Although the Lumias are attractive on a table, I have to agree that they're not so comfortable in my jeans' pocket.  I use a Nokia 808 and  Lumia 521. The 808 is vastly more comofortable in my pocket. The 521's corners dig into my leg. I'm a pretty skinny guy, too, and don't wear tight jeans.

Well the good news is that they are new part of a company that doesn't fear losing a bucket load of cash if they see future potential in something.

I see your point. Eager for the next Q results because there are good as well as bad news. WP8.1 out of the box, Renaming of Nokia.

I did... I finally bought the Icon since they haven't announced anything radically different.

the reason was there has been no advt of WP right now. No promotional measures or ofdere if any WP. And they were concentrating on that Nokia X stupid android. They are still advt that a lot. Please stop that and start promoting WP.

Nokia was going to Android because Windows Phone doesn't sell. Three years and only 3% market share! At a certain point it is time to cut your losses. Microsoft will drop Windows Phone next year as well. Windows 9 will not include a Windows Phone 9.

where are you getting your information from?? 3% market share is only for the US ...have you looked at other countries Market Share of WP??  You are a fool if you think that MS paid 7.5 billion to kill off WP next year....obviously you have hatred for MS so get an android and be happy and leave those of us that Like MS and WP to be happy with our devices and ecosystem

3.8% marketshare is the worldwide, total market share for Windows Phone in 2013. Look it up. One billion smartphones were sold last year and only about 38 million were Windows Phone. Sure, share is higher in a few small markets that only buy $100 phones, but they will not drive growth or apps. Buying a Windows Phone now is like buying a 900 a couple years ago. You will be dumped in a matter of months.

LOL keep dreamin man...Provide me an accurate link where Windows phone is  3.8% worldwide market i said MS didnt pay for NOKIA for nothing...MS will climb in Market Share and sales just as it has been doing....3.8 % market share in 3 to 4 years is fine..IF that is what it is according to YOU.... I will take it....But I can Assure you ....MS will not kill WP

You can hate all you want and you can wish and hope too...WP is here to stay...keep on trollin


You can do the math yourself. There were about a billion smartphones sold last year. Nokia was doing just over 8 million per quarter and they were 90% of the Windows Phone sales.

Here is a link if you don't wanna do the math

The new Microsoft won't keep this up. They will find more value in switching to Android and at least being able to get their services out there. It really doesn't make sense to continue Windows Phone, especially now that they have to give it away. It isn't worth their time.

I see your link and thank you...though i have seen WP's share as high as 4.0 ...however I will need to produce a link to prove let me start the meantime... what doesnt make sence is them switching to Android after purchasing an entire Mobile division. If they wanted to get their services out there...they could easily do it en mass through both IOS and Android Stores with little problem.  They are certainly lighting up the productivity wars with their recent  Office Apps launch on IPADS, IPHONES and there is no reason they couldnt do it without buying a WHOLE mobile unit.

They are investing in MS for the long run...Purchasing Nokia was the first step...the second is bringing all the brands and lines together coherentanly where next generation phone lines make sence....and then finally getting their multiple services on hardware to enterprize and consumer devices. away their operating system isnt costing them much...and its a way of getting additional partners into the WP family...

So Like i said ( and you know it as well) ...they aren't going anywhere with WP but may take some time...but Lumia sales are still climbing YOY....the drop in sales QoQ was not due to Lumia phone but ASHA phone and the advent of low cost Android phones hitting developing markets so those people who would otherwize buy an Asha phone brought their first Android phone because of the price point that Lumia Phones weren't at

Once Nokia starts introducing new phones....930/Monarch ( Hopefully) Goldfinger and other phones....other things will start working well




The 930 is the basically the same phone, UI and ecosystem that has failed them for years. They keep pushing the same failed products. Windows Phone needs more than a spec boost.  A rebranding with a new UI and heavy marketing is their only chance. Windows Phone has failed. The quicker they accept that and move on, the better. They are only falling farther and farther behind every quarter.

Gotta love your delusional commitment to what you believe...even if you are completely false....LOL we know the 930 is practically the same there is nothing new there....Almost all Androids  ( From Different Manufacters) are basically the same phone so your point is moot. I believe the 930 is for the rest of the world who cant get the Verizon ICON....which is fine....however this chatter you continuosly spew is nonsence...LOL  MS is not failing by any stretch of the imagination...they have consistently if only in small steps seen a rise in marketshare, sales and acceptance.....Probably has a better ecosystem than both Android and Apple combined and with the new team at the center of Microsoft is starting to bring their marketing and advertising under one umbrella to make more targeted advertising....sounds more like you are running scared of what MS is actually becoming....A serious threat to apple and android...

Delusional? The numbers are there. Going on 4 years with Windows Phone and they have less than 4% market share worldwide. Sales have fallen 2 quarters in a row, including the holiday period, and sales have fallen heavily this past quarter. Nokia didn't even breakout Windows Phone sales they were so bad. How can you not categorize that as a failure? Market share is dropping for Microsoft, not rising.

The 930 isn't much different than the 900 other than specs. Put them side by side and the look and UI is basically identical. You can say Galaxy Phones and iPhones all look the same, but the difference is that they are sticking with something that works. Microsoft/Nokia is sticking with something that has failed for years now.

To claim that Windows Phone has a better ecosystem than Android or iOS is crazy. They are no where near a threat. Microsoft is releasing an Android phone for a reason. Their own platform is not competitive.

Still Delusional!!! They have been hovering around 3.8% which is fine... Apple and Android go up and down in market share....they dont constantly rise quarter after quarter...yet its ok for them to ebb and flow but if MS decreases its an automatic failure?? Yes Delusional...for you to think that just because NOKIA sales have fallen for two quarters...that MS is failing ...Guess What..>NOKIA didnt break out any sales by Product you can't attribute it to Lumia sales not growing...and even if Lumia did drop in sales ( playing devils advocate) it would only signal that there is no new product  available for upgrade....something that NOKIA is addressing with the 630/930 and 725....So we will see how this goes next quarter...  The 930 may look to you like a 900 but its a far cry from the 900 running WP 7.8

What I actually said is Android Phones look alike....Not Apple...(since Apple phone are all manufactured by APPLE..they would all look alike).....However android phones are manufactured by dozens of manufacutures and they still manage to look the same most of the time.

Whose making profit in Android besides Samsung..>NO ONE...Not LG, Not Motorola (although they are doing better with the MOTO phones) and certainly not HTC...LOL be fair Huaweii is doing relatively ok with Android and I believe Sony is also doing ok...but the bulk of the muscle is with Samsung....

Again Windows has a way better ecosystem than Android.... all Android has is APPS...I will give you that...something WP is lacking ...but hey they are coming slowly but surely. But its Ecosystem fails by comparison...Windows ecosystem stretches accross its tablets, PC's Laptops and Phones...take out Samsung from the equation and Android along with its fragmentation has no ecosystem.

Again you keep mentioning that MS is sticking with something that has failed for years...but MS is solidly in third behind Android and Apple and it is growing....make no mistake about it...I think you need to save thar speech for Blackberry.

Lastly..MS didnt release an Android phone...>NOKIA did...and it remains to be seen if it will be continuned or not.....Since none of Google's services are on that can hardly be called ANDROID at all....and if it doesn't serve MS's purpose of  bringing more customers to WP it will be if you are looking for MS to cut something the Nokia X go bye bye...

However..again MS is a threat...and if you cant see it.....too bad...but i think you can see it...this is why you troll a WP site spewing hate for MS...because you see the writing on the wall too...just like I do....Microsoft is getting its SHIT together...and that is trouble for everyone else


I don't care. Too many features are US only. Cortana is in English. Why the hell would I buy something that does not understand Dutch? Minus 30% and going down. Serves you right.

Die rommel boeit me niet. Het gaat mij er om dat ze iets unieks aanbieden in het Nederlands, anders kan ik inderdaad gewoon Siri en die google troep aanschaffen.

Geez, and here I thought Afrikaans was an extremely simplified version of Dutch, yet I understood every word of that (btw my Afrikaans isn't too great either). Who knew?

I hear you Gerard. I'm in English speaking Australia and still no Cortana. With Microsoft this is just the tip of the iceberg of stuff you and I miss out on. It's not fair :(

WP8.1 is in developer preview, they've stated Cortana and other US only features will be rolling out internationally soon. Hold your kanagaroos.

like bing smartsearch ever rolled out on WP8 anywhere else than in US .. right.. because Microsoft is known to be open for other countries than there own :)

Microsoft is also known to be jumped on the throat any chance the government will get compare to some other company that only get a slap on the wrist. I would be more cautious and watch my every steps.

I don't disagree they've been too US focused at times. I think with all these Nokia employees joining them, an Indian CEO, Canadian head of Devices, etc though their eyes are finally looking outwards more and not seeing the rest of the world as second class citizens anymore. A problem too many US companies have, including Apple & Google.

You should be pointing that disappointment at Microsoft, not Nokia, to have those features international.
Moreover I can assure you only us technology enthusiasts and a small amount of the US public know about Cortana. The rest of the world simply doesn't know yet, as 8.1 hasn't been officially released to the public.
Rome wasn't built in a day. The Bing/Cortana team want to get it working internationally as soon as the have all the features they want working in English first.

So, we agree? There is no reason for me, as a Dutchman, to buy a Nokia? I don't care who to blame. Nokia is making phones that have no USP for me because they run MS software. Maybe someday when Rome is build, but not now.

Itll come eventually. You cant expect them to have had dozens of languages primed and ready for the beta release of Cortana, could you?

And Dutch would be considered a second priority language, its not very widely spoken. They need to hammer out all the various English dialects, Spanish, French etc. first. Have patience, or switch your region to US.

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What nonsense. Shape Writing supports the Dutch language. Nokia Maps (ok HERE Maps) has great detailed offline maps for Holland (I've used the Amsterdam ones a few times when on holiday there). Sure Cortana isn't there yet, but it will come when the official release of WP8.1 is released. Rome has been built for thousands of year, so stop complaining.

Gerard, better times ahead. I heard Microsoft is working on "Nederlands" as well. It Will be next year though but if anyone can do it, it's them. They will have to anyway, because of Xbox One's Kinect Voice Control. I tried putting my Lumia on US region and even my Dutch-English was understood almost all of the time. Impressive!

My issue with Nokia is they have too many handsets out at the same time and most consumers cant be bothered with researching the difference and end up going to something simple.

They need to do what others do and create a line of handsets to reduce confusion and cement down what is flagship and what isn't.

Look at Apple, Samsung and HTC, you know what is what (pretty much, Samsung do a wide range but they are obvious what is different)

Samsung has the Galaxy S line
Apple has the iPhone line
HTC has the One line

Nokia has a load of Lumia's and numbers after them that don't really make sense to the consumers.

They need to make a line. Make the Nokia Lumia Icon the flagship worldwide, then release the Nokia Lumia Icon 2.

People will find the line they like and it will create loyalty.

Like what I mentioned in another comment below, MSFT should revamp the handset line to Asha, Lumia Basic, Lumia Pro, and a Lumia Cam/Premium/Ultimate as the Feature, Low/Mid range, High end, and Niche/Cam models. Slap a 1,2,3 etc. to signify generation, like the Surface. That should make it easier to distinguish the different options buyers have. As for the Nokia X... kill it.

absolutely ....THIS....kill the Nokia x line....i dont know why it was created in the first should be killed dead!!!

Samsung is the WORST example. They have a myriad of phones with names that do not indicate where they are in the product line up.
At least Nokia stuck with a naming system whereby the higher number = the better phone!

True. I think Nokia just wanted to shovel any old phone out the door. Why waste R&D money on products that will not benefit the remains of the company. Better to conserve cash and let MS pick up the pieces.
I don't envy Microsoft's task...

seems quite true... even Lumia 930 seem only to be wp 8.1 version of the icon. not much additional cost..

I think one of the "problems" is that Nokia doesn't have one only telephone among the others. So fragmented that people don't really know how is a phone from Nokia or windows. A friend of mine bought a Lumia 610 and from then he always thought. "no, I don't like windows phone". One week later Nokia presented 920. Another girlfriend of mine I asked "what smartphone would you like?" she said "I don't know...Samsung?...". And after "tablets are Android?". And a lot of people are like these. In the Apple world is the same. But they have just one phone with a "i" at the beginning. Nothing more simple. And most of them say only "heil Apple", but often don't know or understand anything about what's around. I hope MS make a Surface Phone. To me it sounds more "flagship". I got 1020, though (I love it!).

Samsung has a stupidly large amount of Galaxy phones. That's not a problem I think.

Also, the Surface isn't exactly a success. Having a Surface phone would not help at all. Unless they would only do that phone. Which won't happen since Microsoft said they'd be betting on low end.

Nokia's phones are way to expensive, since they don't have the luxury aspect as maybe iPhone. They are making too large phones too... I personaly would never have a larger phone than L925. L1520 is the same price as new iPad... This is not OK. Nokia should convince others to come to WP by setting price standards (Like Google Nexus).

I think he meant the perception of luxury. People associate the iPhone with luxury because they're so bloody overpriced.

L1520 may be the same price, but it also offers more in functionality. And people need large phones, Note is a hot seller. Every platform needs a large phone to cater to all types of users. This is the reason why Apple will make a large phone too.

One of the basic reason why people shy away from having a windows phone is low memory (512mb) devices. Most of the popular games and apps are not supported on such devices then why would anyone buy such device? The 1gb ram requirement is completely useless.

I would rather know that my device is not good enough for some apps and games than to buy Android phone and have laggy system at all. On WP I at least have stabile system and pretty well functioning. Even though I have only 512 Mb device. Lumia 520 is just what I need except some local apps I would like to have but they are not necessary.

its better to buy an android phone at the same price point. Microsoft will take another 5 years to compete with android and ios. already competes with android and ios...their only issue is user base.....MS is on par with anything that IOS and Android has aside from Apps which is MS' only real achilles heal. this will take time....unfortunately as the amount of money MS throws at developers ...cant make them produce an app for the platform but in terms of functionality...I would say MS is above both IOS and Android....Androids only real claim to fame is that ...they allow you to do whatever you want on your phone...which doesnt necessarily make it a good OS..

Rajeev Suri's first order of business is to release WP8 burning platform memo.  He's actually a mole for Meego and will steer Nokia back on the right track.

I can imagine people not buying phones as they're waiting for the new phones, with 8.1, to be released.

It has been a slow couple of months for Nokia, and with the impending buyout, will Nokia did nothing over Christmas and the new year - of note anyway.

Now that the uncertainty is over I hope things pick up - though yes they'll be competing with a shed load more oems.

Hopefully the future is bright and colourful - and I'll looking forward to the new phones; not necessarily the 630 series (confused how these are actually that much better than the 625) or the 930 (although an sd card would've helped) but the true successor devices, like the next 1020...

Can't wait to see what MS has in store for us!

Doubt it. As an app developer I can see what users are running and let me tell you the transition from WP7 to WP8 is real slow, with still a lot of users on WP7, who are not even thinking about 8.1

To be honest, I don't think many people outside of forum readers and existing WP enthusiasts know much at all about 8.1. I've talked to plenty of people who are tech professionals and they haven't heard of WP 8.1. I don't think people are waiting for 8.1 before they buy a WP. A lot of phone buyers, I would guess, buy what they see their friends using. One of the selling points of WP is that the OS works intuitively so non-techy people can enjoy the phone. Those non-techy people haven't a clue that 8.1 is being released.

My wife has a 521 and likes it a lot... as a fancy phone and occasional camera. She received an iPad from her work and immediately took to it. She uses the iPad for apps, games, browsing, etc., and has even downloaded her own apps without my help. She has never installed an app on her phone. I think she's a lot like other potential WP users. WP makes for a pretty user experience and is a good way to get started in the smartphone world. But Apple does a great job in making their products reliable and usable by non-techy users.  WP needs to become techier to compete with Android. It's not going to compete with the ease of use for non-techy people on Apple devices.

I think the figure lumped together the Asha, NokiaX and Lumia lines. I could only speculate that all the hype and buildup towards the announcement of NokiaX, WP 8.1, third gen Lumias may have dented the sales of current gen Ashas and Lumias. People could've held off from buying to see if waiting more would be worth it. Also I agree with what has been said about the 'fragmentation' in the Lumia line. I wish MSFT would revamp the handset line to Asha, Lumia Basic, Lumia Pro and maybe a Lumia Cam/Premium/Ultimate for the feature, mid/low end, high end and camera/niche handset models respectively. Makes it easier to pick what to buy or upgrade to. And just like the surface, slap a 1, 2 etc. to signify the generation...

1520 only device available couple months ago ATT only. Icon last month Verizon only. TMO - nothing. Sprint - nothing. Small carriers - nothing. Worldwide - nothing. Old devices - plenty. 30% down - seems right to me.

Yeah, the pace of releases has definitely slowed and some of the releases, like the 525 and arguably the 630, aren't different enough to convince carriers to add another SKU.

To top it off, marketing is a failure. Samsung's success is marketing the high end galaxy s to sell the cheap. Nothing in the airwaves why the 1520, 1020, or icon why these devices are the "must have phones."

Yeah. I have never even seen a WP device advertisement here in Europe, so most people never even heard of Windows phone. How would they ever end up buying it, on any device?

please stop making sense... its crazy how we as consumers can garnish these things but the big execs for these major company's act as if they have no clue. Bottom line, Nokia needs to release at least 5 WP on EVERY carrier. I'm on sprint now and will be switching as soon as my contract is up!!

So what next.. Lose another 30% next quarter..
What's new with 8.1 that will make people switch that IOS and Droids don't have...

to release 8.1 is taking 2-3 months. All that Nokia can talk about is CAMERA..
Is Nokia looking at wrong place by selling only in U.S.. Leaving Asia and Europe out loosing loyal customers where Samsung and Apple are making a dent.

. Something has to change is that Elop... He announced death of Symbian and took 2 years for a good windows phone launch. No marketing even in the U.S.. Half the people still don't know. Lumia.

. Have Kiosks in Best buy WalMart to educate people.
. in my town of 20000 I have seen 5-10 people having Lumia, some people are ready to switch because no good. Apps or games...

Agreed on the low memory aspect - look, lose money of need be but they the experience uniform across the range. It isn't acceptable that some apps may not work, even if they are few, that is poor for the perception of the brand.

So you expect the 520 to perform exactly the same as a 1020/1520?
There's Microsoft's problem. Their customers want everything - but aren't prepared to pay for it!
Show me an Android device at the £60 mark that does what the 520 does!

No, would like the experience settled so that low memory is the standard - asphalt 8 runs on my 1520, 1020 and 625. Yes the former devices run faster (although in this particular case the 625 rocks) but I understand the cheapest device will be compromised.

A 1 GB required game, optimised for low memory - this for all software - that is what I want to see. Standardisation.

After that, well course the beefier specs will fare better.

That said, the 625 I'm writing this on is about as smooth and fast as my former mentioned devices. This is what I expect the experience to be. In the

Hope I articulated that reasonably well, I'm trying to have a coffee and make sure the dog doesn't destroy my new sofa lol

I just really don't understand why people expect SO MUCH from budget devices. As you have already mentioned, the experience is still very smooth. What you seem to begrudge is not being able to play every single game on your 512MB device.

Sorry, but in any other computing sphere, you would have to pay serious money to get devices that play every game. That a 520 can play so many games without issue is pretty remarkable. Remember, it has free offline navigation, free Nokia MixRadio, the quickest browser on a mobile device, 8GB of internal memory, a 2 year warranty......AND you want it to also play every single app out there?!

Microsoft have given themselves a real poisoned chalice. They have made WP8/8.1 run so smoothly that everyone now expect every app to work on every phone - regardless of price.

If I were a 520 owner, I would just be happy that I get 95% of the experience for £60. My 1020 does only a few things better than your budget devices...yet costs a hell of a lot more!

yeah you are right ecxcept nokia lumia 520 , the remaining devices  are all waste of money. compare android  . it has multi-window, OTG Support (for high end devices) , there are many free video players that can play any video format,almost all the games support 512 mb ram devices, flash player support and many more. 

compare the above features with the current high end windows phone 8 and 8.1 devices. 

Nokia only speaks about its camera video recording capabilities,colourful lumia devices but never speaks about the capability of the os.

Would be interesting if you could buy RAM for a smartphone. Seems like a lot of people buy Nokia because it is cheap and then are surprised you need a better phone to play some of the high end games. They're not going to go out and buy a new phone, but maybe you could sell them a RAM upgrade like a memory card slot.

Google is on its way in designing such products. whatever the component u wish to change you can change. i wish my L720 is upgradable to 1gb RAM. so that i can play football..

Nokia has just added 1 GB RAM to 520 and released it as 525.i dont understand why nokia is releasing lumia 630/635 with a 512 MB RAM. Nokia is fooling people. 

Then go ask the developers to do it, it is not the fault of Microsoft or Nokia that the developers aim for the higher requirement. Be thankful that some developers willing to spend their time to slim down the app to fit into the lower range phone.

Perhaps you should take a look at the fragmented Android, not all apps can run in all version of the OS.

Good points - buy yeah people do expect more from cheap devices, I guess.

The Moto G - actually scratch that, the Sony Xperia E or U as that's cheaper; these run everything android has to offer. Everything.

I'm not saying it'll be super smooth but kitkat has just had an overhaul to do what wp already does: Work excellently on low memory devices.

One plus.

You have a device that, depending on the device, is nearly a third of the price of other flagship models! Of course it's not been reviewed yet, but I've used oppo devices and know first hand how fast, smooth and stable they run.

I'm not going to try talking about carrier bloat and variety specific versions of devices - I am lucky in that I just get the device offline, of contract. I understand bloat can affect devices. That's one of the reasons why I ignore them.

But essentially yes - I want it all! No excuses lol

Though yes, the developers are an issue here - the cost of optimisation eats into profit. Perhaps some middleware that eases optimisation, built into the sdk?

Dunno, it's a tough one :)

Since when does millions of customers == essentially no customers ?

Have the fundamentals of math been changed while I've been out of school?

I disagree; it's all about the relativity. I don't want to write a wall of text so, in short: WP is in a solid 3rd place - and anyone in the top 3 of a young, unmatured market are not insignificant, regardless of their difference in share.

no NEW phone OS that comes out now or in the near future will be able to wrangle away market Share and customers from IOS and ANDROID....even if another Android OS clone came out...its not possible in this environment at the moment so your comment is essential incorrect. WP has mananged to take 3rd place and has millions of customers ...whether it be High end or low end devices. They have a remarkable OS and they are trying to improve it as quick as possible but it seems like it isnt enough for a lot of people...many of those who are techies that want everything now.....

MS has some issues it has to work out...and its going to be an uphill battle but I think they are doing an admirable job of trying to work out the kinks while still listening to their fan base and adding as many new features as possible while reorganizing MS as a whole and becoming a Phone manufacturer now....if all of this is just too long for you to wait for .....there are two other mature OS's out there....please feel free to become a customer....


Amazing how defensive people get when they hear an opinion they don't agree with, eh? Didn't understand the last comment.....sounded were

I dont see it as being defensive....maybe thats your own idiosyncracy you are dealing with...however  it IS an opposing view and i will state it as such.

As far as the last comment isnt a is a mere observation that you could adhere too or not...your choice. But if you want to take it as lecturing...then thats your choice too

Well, good luck to Microsoft Mobile. If Nokia, with their brand still lost so much (though not surprising since it was under Eflops reign), Microsoft will have a hell of a harder time selling non-Nokia branded smartphones. If this keeps, lets see how long before Redmond orders the selling off or the close of Microsoft Mobile.

Looks like Nokia made a sharp decision to bail from manufacturing mobile phones.  It's all on Microsoft's shoulders now. 

The Nokia X isn't in these reports since it's just now hitting the shelves in a wider market. But at any point, you're foolish if you think ONE phone would save all the rest of the lines (Asha, Lumia and S30).

Microsoft don't need to sell the devices, so much as they need to sell Windows phone. Who is excited, for example, about WP8.1? Primarily it is everyone that is already running 8. They are customers you don't need to worry about. They need to attract new customer adds, and for the most part they do not even know about 8.1 They need to market the heck out of this thing, or no matter how good it is, nobody will use it, except the people on this forum, basically.

I dont think the user community needs to know about 8.1..its not going to make a bit of difference to them one way or the other but the features that have been added is what will stand out...and MS needs to make sure they make those features known...YOu are right ...they need to market the phone and its new features as a whole ....this will start to show the differences of Windows over the other OS's

I'm still using a 920 so not a massive shock and everyone just buys apple or Samsung. Most people don't know anything about phones they just buy what someone else has.

Exactly bro... This happens here in India as well... N android OEM manufacturers keep selling craps n people Buy them coz its Samsung.. Crap

what do you say when everyone used to purchase nokia. Compare the capabilities of the os . i purchased a nokia lumia 720 and my friend purchased a samsung galaxy grand duos at the same price. He can watch IPL , t20 in his chrome browser  but i can't as there is no support for flash player in wp8 and wp 8.1. he plays temple run 2 , subwaysurfers but i can't . he can watch any format video on his phone with free video players but i can't(there is only a single player that too it is not free. i thought to purchase it but windows phone doenot support debit card purchases where as android and apple devices suppord debit card purchases in india). Microsoft made a waste os , it is made only for us and europian markets in mind (i think so , that's why the did not add debit card option to purchase apps).


So, all that talk about the Nokia x and how it would bring people to WP, guess it wasn't such a good plan after all....

Eh? How long ago did the Nokia X get launched? And not only that, maybe their sales are down because people knew that Microsoft were buying Nokia -- Just my two pence ;)

I suspect Nokia started slacking once they've decided to sell their Devices & Services business. Nokia should have released Lumia Icon/930 worldwide at the same time 1520 was released - 6 months ago. OS was ready. 

The fight is everywhere, the profit margins are at the top. Nokia and MS just refuse to learn. Giving consumers options is what will let them compete. Dictating what people can and can't do is a bad strategy. They tried to emulate Apple. Apple is losing market share too. Give us SD cards, file managers, the ability to email more than pictures from the phone itself. It's a terrible platform for business. I have to hotspot a tablet to get what I need done. It's cumbersome as hell.

Not necessarily true. An OEM could accept an exclusive in exchange for marketing. Nokia doesn't have the marketing muscle of ATT. Marketing is a major reason Samsung won. If MS pumps money into a will thought out campaign with the right mix of products, they stand a chance.

Y Microsoft is still releasing fones with 512mb ram... Call back Lumia 630 n 635 n make it 1gb ram n then see how ur fone rocks... I m from India, I assure u... People started liking wp coz its fast and never hangs.. All d best

The 30% decline is not lumia sales!!!


The nokia X is selling well, it's about equal to the 520 sales right now. The lumia sales have been basically flat.


The problem is that the dumb phone/asha lines are cratering again as people move to $50-70 lagdroids by local brands like micromax/lava/karbon ect. in India. The cheapest unlocked lumia is about $110-130, so WP is not a viable option until 8.1 devices from these same OEMs hit the market in the summer at the same price points.


I'm pretty sure after the agreement to sell off the mobile device business Nokia prioritized reducing inventory levels & advertisting to minimize costs as their focus turned elsewhere & MS has also not been spending as big on WP advertising during this period. Throw in no mainstream 5" phone to replace the 920 since 2012 and im shocked the lumia line is still growing.

Even high end phones and all these features in 8.1 are not going to help. MS needs to realize people just aren't keen to the look of the OS. Avg consumer is finding it too cluttered and difficult to use.. Nothing can beat word of mouth advertising and right now it is negative publicity for Windows
1. Drop the Windows name. Just isn't cool enough these days.
2. Make some drastic changes to the OS externally. (being different will not gain sales) wake up before it is too late

Brand names other than Windows? Like what Zune, Kin, Surface? It doesn't matter what you call the thing in 6 months after the new brand comes out you'll be saying the new brand has a bad reputation and they should drop it. Windows is a successful brand that means a set of compatible APIs across all Windows devices. With the advent of universal apps the name Windows is more important than ever. Calling the OS something different would only add confusion to the market.

Not sure what you are talking about..the OS looks fine... The windows name is fine....People are buying the I think you are incorrect in your assumption here all around

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Mobile biz doesnt look bright for MS. Their online services are way behind google and apple. Bing/map(including nokia heremap)sucks in other countries, so cortana is DOA for those countries. Onedrive works great but the limited storage is another thing... Skype has been loosing ground to rivals. So why would other oem like sony want to invest in the platform when MS try to hinder google services like cortana using only bing. Nokia x is a laughing stock, at least in my country. Lumia 63x is designed for usa telecom prepaid phones, not good enough for other countries, again.

Microsoft online services are behind Apple? Are you on crack? Apple has no online services. They use Bing for Siri, Azure for iCloud. Apple maps are the laughing stock of the world. Facetime is limited to only Apple devices and can't compete with Skype. Giving Office 365 to iOS was like a glass of ice water to someone in hell.