Nokia Power Keyboard for Lumia 2520 receives price cut at John Lewis UK

Nokia Power Keyboard Lumia 2520

We recently covered availability of the Lumia 2520 Power Keyboard at UK retailer John Lewis and now that same store has the accessory listed for £99, down from £149.95. The Power Keyboard protects your Lumia 2520 and provides a physical keyboard input, as well as an extra 2027mAh battery, touch pad, and two full-sized USB ports to expand options for connectivity.

While consumers in multiple markets (including the US) still wait for availability, if you haven't yet picked your own keyboard accessory for the Lumia 2520 here in the UK, now is the perfect opportunity with this sudden price drop.

Thanks, datus, for the heads up!


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Nokia Power Keyboard for Lumia 2520 receives price cut at John Lewis UK


I tried ordering one last night and they were in stock. My gf was going to be in England next week so she would have just picked it up and bring it back to Boston when she comes back

Ordered one last night at the full price but picking it up tomorrow, like hell am i paying full price! Will be telling them i want it for the £99.

How and the hell can you not have the damn product. Should be free for waiting for nothing. That's the biggest drawback to the launches they promise investors all these ideas while the consumers wait and wait and wait. Bring it damn it. Take my money

I was just going to ask the same thing. I have not. I;m sure there is absolutely no way to check on it with Nokia.


I haven't receive mine, but I just got an email about it. 

Thanks for your recent purchase of a Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet. I hope you're having a blast with your new tablet and exploring -----------


I wanted to reach out with an update on the free Nokia Power Keyboard that you registered to receive with this purchase. My team has been working hard to get the keyboard out to you and it's on its way! I know you've been waiting for it and I want to personally thank you for your continued patience with this complimentary --- voucher for use on apps, games, music and more in the Microsoft store on your Nokia Lumia 2520.

I bought a 2520 on Nov 25, and sent the paperwork in the next day. Talked to Nokia customer support yesterday, and the nice lady told me that they were shipping them now, according to the order that the of requests that they received. In other words, first come, first served. She said mine would be shipped by today. Yay!

I got an email informing me that it has shipped, and they gave me a $20 voucher for my Microsoft account.  They are shipping them by USPS Priority mail.  Thanks Nokia!


Ok so i checked online a few hours ago and it said they were out of stock. However, i just received an email that said theyre restocked. i live in the US. Does anyone know if this John Lewis version will work on a AT&T 2520? inly asking cause i heard something about the Verizon versions issues. thinking about buying one.

Love Nokia, but they are terrible, at making new products available, by the time the product is out lots of ppl have given up waiting and git something else. This is the one thing i wish Nokia would improve on. Glad the keyboard is becoming available, though it's out of stock already, and John Lewis will not be stocking the red keyboard, they informed me yesterday, shame.

Did they tell u why? I too think this is absurd. This is why Apple people think our stuff sucks cause we can't even get a launch right. Smh. This device smashes an Ipad in every department except for the app store but ppl won't even look twice @ a 2520 caus ewe can't get the damn keyboard thing straight.

This was my fear when they chose John Lewis as their "exclusive" retailer... The madness, having worked in marketing i can tell you that is just suicidal. If you are going to choose a exclusive retailer, your best bet is to choose one that can offer an array of promotional offers. Thus in turn increasing the X number of units sold and increase in Mind share. As right now both are key in fueling growth. Personally logically I would have gone to carephonewharehouse and have them bundle data plans with the tablet etc. I can list endless options they could have had... But no they chose john Lewis who don't even stock lumias'.