Nokia promotes the Lumia 800 at Estación de Ópera [Video]

If it's one thing Nokia likes doing more than selling phones, it's showing how they promote 'em. In this behind-the-scenes video posted by Benson Señora Producciones, we can see a new ad-campaign for the "Amazing Everyday" being set up in Madrid's Estación de Ópera, a fairly popular train hub in Spain.

So knowing the name of the place it makes sense to see the "Amazing Everyday" take on an opera theme, including a mini-stage with a digital singer presumably singing some nifty tune to folks who are passing by the setup. Actually, if you look close it seems to be a 4 foot tall digital Windows Phone that demonstrates the OS. 

Clearly the setup is innovative and more importantly, eye catching.

Thanks, Ellis B., for the tip!


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Nokia promotes the Lumia 800 at Estación de Ópera [Video]


I've been to Spain a few months ago before the launch of the Lumia 800. And from what I saw 80% of people have a Nokia handset there. Whether Whether its a Symbian handset or a feature phone. I went to every city except Madrid. There's alot of love for Nokia there

I love love to see them do something like this here in Toronto!

Union Station in downtown Toronto has this great corridor that leads to the Skywalk where 1000s of travellers pass by on a daily basis, Yonge station and Spadina/St. George. If these ads were up, there is no way people would be missing on the ads..
That and public transit, TTC, mainly in the downtown core.