Nokia providing Tango update page to check availability. AT&T Lumia 900 waiting for next update?

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Continuing that trend of providing the best customer experience on Windows Phone, Nokia has put up a page where regular users can check to see if Windows Phone 8773 aka "Tango" has been released yet, or even just the status of the update.

Located at www.nokia.com/global/support/software-update/lumia/software-update-for-nokia-lumia/ uses can select which region they are in and the drill down to their carrier or Lumia version number.

Interestingly enough, the AT&T Lumia 900 is not even on the list for North America which strongly implies that the carrier is skipping the update and heading right for Windows Phone 7.8 which will include the few Tango features. We're not sure if that's good or bad as Tango doesn't really bring much more than a few MMS enhancements to the 900 but still, it would have been nice to see it as there is no ETA on 7.8.

For T-Mobile, we just posted that the Tango update for the Lumia 710 should go live tomorrow, June 27th, after a delay of a week. We'll be keeping an eye out for that one.

Edit: Some readers correctly point out that Nokia specifically mentions this update is only for the Lumia 710 and 800, so we shouldn't expect the 900 to be listed. This is partially true but only because non-North America (AT&T, Rogers) Lumia 900s shipped with "Tango" pre-installed already, so they don't need the update. Only AT&T and Rogers (as far as we know) and a handful of smaller countries don't have 8773/Tango pre-installed. 

Source: Nokia; Thanks, bilzkh, for the tip


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Nokia providing Tango update page to check availability. AT&T Lumia 900 waiting for next update?


Not sure why they would skip, didnt some ATT lady say that it was coming on the forums?
ATT is sad. 

Cant wait till MS offers the ability to update the firmware early. Carrier giving the final approval is the dumbest thing ever for consumer.

Correct me if I'm wrong but on that page it clearly says the update is for the Lumia 710 and 800 only. Now, if you drill down to regions and select any country, all you find is the Lumia 710 and 800 in all regions. Nowhere is there a Lumia 900 listed. So this doesn't prove anything about updates for the Lumia 900 or AT&T Lumia 900 specifically.

Loll I was just about to say the same thing. Read a little bit could have helped anybody who posted this article ??????

True, but the Lumia 900 launched worldwide with the Tango update installed already. If you buy it now in the UK or Germany, it has 8773 right now. So they don't need the update.

AT&T is one of the few carriers that a has a non-Tango Lumia 900 (Rogers is the other).

So it would have made sense for Nokia to throw it on there for AT&T users if it was coming, no?

The point here is that this whole site (the nokia one, not wpcentral) is ONLY about tango update for Lumia 710 & 800 and theise two phones only. If you read they clearly say it's for lumia 710 and 800, they never ention 900 nowhere. I don't know what they're up to with the Lumia 900....

If it helps, Rogers also seems to be glossing over the 900 update, for now anyways. They only listed 710 for Tango.

Yep. I agree. I am puzzled why Telcos need to check. Surely phone makers make the firmware along with is supplied by ms

"updates for this platform are becoming just as big of a joke as Android."

Except for the fact that Microsoft has addressed this for Windows Phone 7.8 and going forward.

Remember, they announced last week an upcoming way to bypass the carriers for "enthusiast" users who want to install the latest to their devices.

Users with Windows Phone 8 will have easier access to new OS updates. What's more, they can do over-the-air updates too.

That's more than what you can say about Google/Android at this time.

Except this is not Windows Phone 7.8, but 7.5 refresh. It's no use to say things will (key word here) get better when things are bad; that's the point OP was trying to make.

I'm aware of that but it's highly relevant to note that Microsoft has taken a stance on this for the future of the platform. That's an important development.

It might not help this situation but by all accounts, this should be the last time this happens with this OS.

Therefore, the comparison to Android is false.

Any idea how I could get the "chicken Droppings" over at AT&T to just help me out with this disappearing keyboard no 8107 issue for my Focus ???? Thought not , I will give "8" a try but if the carrier continues to stick it to us and this OS I do not know how it can survive the smothering and reluctant sales people I have encountered every time I have been in an AT&T store. It is like you are talking to them about a foreign language, They know little or nothing about the system and give the body language to you as if they would rather watch paint dry than show ANY enthusiasm for this OS or its features.

AT&T is skipping this update after they chose to skip the "disappearing keyboard fix" update? Surely, it can't be that hard for AT&T to push out updates.

The lumia 900 already has the fix so it is possible AT&T is skipping to 7.8 for this reason. Doesn't mean other phones won't get tango. (ok, back to reality now.) But, knowing AT&T, they will probably skip it so they can enjoy having the power to do so before we have the ability to bypass them... :P

Nokia doesn't stop to impress. They are really on top of it in keeping the customer informed and happy.
I even had a problem with my Lumia and it was the first time I ever used Nokia Care in Australia, but they gave me clear instructions what to do which was basically print out a prepaid postage label, take the phone and label to local post office and send. 5 days later, phone was delivered back to me repaired. Awesome.

I want to smack ATT in the face! Almost makes we want to sell my unlocked Titan and go back to the Radar which was already up to date and I get my 4g back. If it wasn't for this 4.7" screen and the available 12gb of storage I would've switched back already.

All I know is Rogers said there is an update coming from Microsoft for Lumia 900 near end of July. No idea what but they haven't gotten back to me

I think what really matters is when the carriers would release it. heck 7.8 can come in a few wks but i have a feeling carriers wont release it till hmmmm maybe sept. like mango

As if at&t would actually be one of the first 10 carriers to update any phone.... Just saying, they suck for support, my only gripe with them is the pathetic support they have for being the premier windows phone carrier.

The NAIL has been struck DIRECTLY on the head . I blame the lack of AT&T to just do  a" little " bit of their part .

I have a theory about what i feel is a delay for this update. American carriers are huge and control a lot and affect the hole world. Also, the user base today is small and talk alot across the globe. Previously, us with unlocked phones have had the updates, in worst cases, months before AT&T and T-Mobile etc. So to not cause general dissapointment MSFT have chosen to hold of the Tango update and also give the Tango phones a break in a way to balance out delays. So Tango could have been delivered months ago, but MSFT choose not to. Saves them the noise and loud voices. What you think?

Does this mean that AT&T will not be updating any of their devices to Tango or does it only mean they will not be updating Lumia 900 to Tango?

What exactly is the update suppose to consist of for the Lumia 900 for AT&T? It seems from what the features talked about, is already on my L900.