Nokia pushes out minor update for photo editing app Creative Studio

Nokia Creative Studio

If we had to name one of our top apps, at least on a Nokia Windows Phone, Creative Studio would be up there. That’s because we take a lot of pics with our Lumia, so it makes sense we’d want to tidy up things a bit and maybe even play around with some different effects.

Today, Creative Studio received a minor update from to and as far as we can tell, there is no discernable difference in terms of features, but it we had to guess Nokia fixed or tweaked something that was causing some issues.

Nokia Creative Studio

If you haven’t tried Creative Studio, you really should give it a go as the 5.x update that came out a few weeks ago really added some punch to what was an already outstanding app.

You can find Creative Studio here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Loredana G., for the tip!

QR: Creative Studio


Reader comments

Nokia pushes out minor update for photo editing app Creative Studio


Am I the only one that gets annoyed that in one of the screen shots they show a portrait collage but I can't find a way to actually do that using the app?
Am I missing something?

You can do that by rotating each image by 90° before adding them to the collage in Creative Studio.
That's a mess, but it works :D

Interesting... Seems that for collages other apps are a better option.
I do love all the other features though, color pop and blur are awesome. :D

They need to fix the red eye sensor asap, it never picks up redeye in any of my photos even in close up shots.

Got damn it, i should never have updated! Now i cant event share pics directly from Creative Studio... bummer!

I have an 822 as well but I started noticing the problem months ago when I was still with T-Mobile and using an 810

Is anyone having trouble with clarity editing? Im getting a pretty clear picture, then when I edit it in creative studio and tweak clarity it looks sharper in the preview, but when I accept the changes it gets softer than the original.

I love this app, but hate where it drops you when it launches. It drops you in that list screen with original,sepia, tint, etc.. I'd rather it start at the edit screens. Starting at the original, etc screen gives you the impression that that is all the app does. For the longest time I'd launch creative app and then back out because I didn't think it did any other functions.