Nokia pushes out small updates for HERE Drive+ and Maps


Although it may be the slow weeks of August, Nokia is not braking at all in keeping their Collection up to date. Today, they have pushed out updates for their HERE Drive+ and HERE Maps, giving users some satisfaction in knowing where they are (and going).

First up is HERE Drive+ which is bumped to version 3.0.4121.0 and brings some “bug fixes and stability improvement” aka the usual tidying up.  We’ve had some performance issues when using the app in New York City, so we’ll be curious if it has improved at all with this update, though the changes could be small.

The other update is for HERE Maps, which is now up to version 3.4.437.8 and features “better positioning, performance and bug fixes”. All of that sounds nifty for an app that is supposed to know where you are, so we’ll gladly take the update to our device.

No other updates for other Nokia system apps have been noted, though at the rate that Nokia moves, that could rapidly change.

Grab the latest version of HERE Drive+ here and HERE Maps here. Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Nokia pushes out small updates for HERE Drive+ and Maps


I hope that Drive has fixed the issue where sometimes I need to reboot the phone before it'll get a GPS lock (despite other applications working perfectly with GPS).
Still, Drive needs to be completely reworked, as far as I'm concerned.  It's just missing way too much compared to its competition from Apple, Google, and even from standalone GPS units.

Yeah, I had some GPS lock issues too in NYC with Drive+...was quite frustrating but at the time, I didn't know if it was a network (AT&T) issue or the app. 

Any indication when they plan to bring in speed camera indication back? Used to have this on my Nokia N8. Also I still have issues with Drive + as well with the guide breaking.
Is there supposed to be live traffic updates? It took me into a traffic jam the other day, though I have to admit traffic wasn't great in general but I would have expected it to take me some other route like the N8 used to do instead of taking me right into the actual mess.
Personally I see a lot of improvement needed on this app still.

Nope, Nokia in their infinite wisdom decided that all users need is traffic on their "My Commute" route or an overhead view of traffic surrounding you, and that nobody needs traffic-based route updating.

Currently May 2014 and still no rerouting due to traffic.  I sat on the M1 for five hours a couple of weeks ago, assuring my passengers that Nokia have always had rerouting and if there was a better route we'd be sent that way.  Got home and looked it up and discovered Here Drive for WP does NOT have rerouting.  So I've got my N8 out of the draw and will be using that for sat nav.  So much for device convergence: I find myself using more and more different devices because no single one can do everything I need.

The only feature I miss is real time traffic updates and rerouting based on traffic. What other features do you think are missing compared to Google maps? 

I'm with you. I have no idea why people say it's not fully featured. Although, I would like it if they added exit numbers to their directions. I've missed an exit or two in Dallas thanks to this.

A few quick examples:  traffic, a real turn-by-turn route overview to familiarize yourself with the turns you're supposed to be making later on, alternate routes to choose between, etc.

I couldn't agree more. To the extent that I use my old iPhone 3GS in my car for navigation and music playing, rather than my Lumia 1020. The 1020 says things like "Turn left in 2 miles" and "You have arrived at your destination", rather than being specific. I don't believe that I am just being overly sensitive. Any navigation app should be designed to help the driver get safely to the destination using mostly verbal cues, not screen numbers or pictures. Verbal cues works to protect both the driver and others nearby. Only one miscue can ruin your whole day. My almost 4 year old 3GS runs Gamin Navigator and I always complained about it until I tried Here Drive. All of these devices need a form of getting more info verbally by means of pressing and activating a request, verbally, for the next direction, the one after that, and how long til the final destination. Apple's Maps app has some of that, but not enough. Also Apple's Maps require an internet connection to even activate Siri, which is not much help if you are far away from a cell tower. 

Google Maps is a bar too low.  Try what features is it missing versus a PND like TomTom or Garmin or there app versoins.
-- Emergency routing.  The ability to find a pharmacy, police station, fire station, hospital or walk-in with a press of a button.  I have had to use this feature twice with my TomTom due to a medical emergency with family while out of state and it was very usefull.
-- Navigate to POIs -- what if I am low on gas?  Do I have to get out of my navigation app, then go into something like GasBuddy and then find a station and then have to navigate to the gas station only to then restart my navigation app to get back on my route?
-- Parking At Arrival -- One of the great things about my TomTom, is if I set a destination in a city as soon as I get close to my destination it pops up a letter P icon for parking and lets me click it to navigate to any of the near by parking area. 
-- Travel Via and Route around road block: Every time I travel from CT to NJ Here Drive wants me to go over the GWB even if that is not the best route.  With TomTom I can choose Travel Via and have it take me over the Tappen Zee Bridge by selecting Nyack NY as the city center.  Also, when driving, there could be a road blocked due to an accident or tree has fallen or whatever, TomTom has a road blocked option that we will route me off of the nearest exit and then back onto the route and some later route
-- Airport Navigation -- My TomTom can take me to rental car drop off or pickup center and navigate me to the various airport departure, long term parking etc.  The Here Maps have no clue unless something has changed in the recent updates
-- Tell Me What Side of Street My Destination is at:  The information is in the map information, tell me my destination is on the right or left.  This one is not hard.
-- Save my favorites to SkyDrive
-- Allow me to do trip planning on Bing Maps on my PC, Tablet etc and then send the route to Here Drive or allow me to download it
-- Multiple Waypoints:  Allow me to set multiple waypoints.  I often have to visit multiple customer sites, I would love to have an itinerary feature that allows me to have multiple waypoints.  This could easily be implemented as a multi-stop favorite
-- Lane Selection and Exit Selection:  Sometimes when you are driving in many metro areas it is a tangle of roads and if you are in the wrong lane, you are scewed and could spend 30min trying to get back on route.  Giving me a heads up picture of which lane I should be in would be great.  Ditto for when and exit splits or there are multiple exits next to each other.  Something Navigon and others have had for many years.
If you are doing simple about the town travel, Here Drive is fine and would be better with live traffic and live re-route around traffic, if you travel such as myself, it does not do enough so I am stuck also carring my PND which I am more than happy to throw away if I had a viable alternative.
I could go on, and I wish I could give my feedback to Nokia.  I feel with the end of Beta, Nokia believes they are done, and there will be no more features.  They have provided basic navigation and will have no future feature updates.  While for many, basic navigation is "good enough", as someone who travels a lot, it does not work and Apple and Google do have better features as well 3rd parties supporting advanced features.

You can give this feedback to Nokia. Post it somewhere in conversations.nokia.com or email it to them. I'm going to copy your post and submit it to them via one of these methods.

No need to post it to Nokia Conversations anymore, as I read the feedback already ;-)
I'm actually going to forward all your suggestions to the HERE Drive team: good stuff, thanks.
I have nevertheless some comments to add. For instance, traffic re-routing, now only available as part of My Commute, will be extended to any other route in one of the next releases.
Also, we might include speed camera info too. It's a feature we had on Symbian and we just have to port it to Windows Phone.
We are also committed to deliver a product that reduces driver distraction. However, there is a limit to the amount of information that can be delivered via voice. In our studies we learned that many people find too long voice instruction annoying and eventually even more distracting.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, information overload is something to seriously consider but I have high faith that Nokia can implement these features in a clean, intuitive, and safe/unobtrusive manner.
I think that the live traffic re-routing will go a long way to make people happy. Emergency routing is also another great feature that would be huge for PR. Anything else is icing on the cake at the moment, in my opinion!

This is the reason I love Nokia. Thanks for responding to the feedback on this forum. I havent seen any other organization do that!!

Thank you!  Just as an aside, I love Nokia.  Before smart phones I would go out of my way to purchase a Nokia phones and I came to Windows Phones specifically because of Nokia.  I have always loved the designs and features.  I have kept some older Nokia phones as examples of great design.
Yes, there must be a balance between driver overload and utility.  As I use A LOT of GPS devices because of work, when the first traffic routing features came out, they where beyond annoying.  They would speak out that there was a new route that was 1min faster and continue to offer that option over and over again until that route was no longer an option -- annoying!  Today, they are much better and in some GPS units you can set a threshold that says do not bother me unless the new route is at least 15min faster.
One thing that is still annoying is, that real-time traffic is not necessarily real-time.  The traffic issues are not always automated, they are entered by humans either DOT or Police.  Sometimes on some navigation devices you choose an alternate route due to current information.  However, conditions may change and your original route may now be still the fastest route and you have not reached your cut off point yet.  It would seem like your alternate should be cancelled by prompting the driver to remain on the alternate or go back to the original.
Finally, many people drive SUVs with trailers for boats etc.  While within your own state, you know which roads are limited access and only for cars, but not so much out of state and the signs are not always correct.  If you put in a trailer profile instead of a car profile, I should not be given the option for limited access roads which I know I cannot travel.  Again, the data is already in the maps, I know, because I worked for MapInfo at one time.
I believe several of my suggestions are more planning and emergency features.  Hopefully over time some of these can be implemented and I can happily throw away my other device.  With the Nokia 1020 I am already getting rid of my compact camera, add real PND features and I can finally travel with only my phone -- yeah!
Once again, thank you for reading my feedback!

HERE apps are rogue apps for me. they have caused my 720 to reboot..I have not formally used them since i bought my device, I even uninstalled them all. Did this fix the issue?

Good ideas but there are plenty more where they come from. Navigation app makers should take this seriously because it involves people's lives and property and safety. The app should be designed for hands free, voice controlled, looking not required or encouraged operation and control.

The thing caused me problems in UK too. Locking up and losing signal. Couple of times I had to let it cool down and or reboot. Also, it frequently requires me to use mobile data, lord knows why. I thought the offline function was supposed to be good.

Don't worry. I'm sure Nokia can definitely see this message and would act as fast as they can you get it to you.

Yeah, I heard they were going to release it but were unsure if anybody wanted it.
I'm sure this will come as good news and they'll release it immediately.

I haven't had a chance to use any of the Here apps since I upgraded to my 925. I loved Drive on my 710, never had any issues. I hope the issues are corrected on WP8, their location services apps are the main reason I love Nokia devices.

I have found Here Drive+ on my 925 to put our standalone Garmin to shame. Here Drive+ gives ample multiple warnings that my next turn is coming up. Meanwhile, the Garmin usually tells me so early that I'm not sure when the turn is coming, and then again just as I'm passing it by. Glad that thing died.

Maybe Drive + is more Europe centric, as I absolutly love it and it's priceless. Used it in Lisbon; London; Madrid and Cork, didn't have any problem, it took me where I wanted to. Same with Maps.

I'm in the US, and Drive and Maps work fine for me. No problems. Would like to see alternate routes, traffic, and directions list, though.

Exactly, it works fine but a few features are still missing. I would particularly love to see the routes modified in the presence of heavy traffic.

I really really REALLY wish they would add two things to Here Drive+:
-Display if destination will be on the right or on the left.
-Display the address number of where I am going in the map view.

Agreed!!!!  We need a turn list - obviously the data is available for the route calculation, right?  Just make a pivot or a way to view it.  I'm not sure if most people are like this but I typically need and want to know multiple steps ahead ... 

This fixed an issue in Here Maps where after putting the phone to sleep and waking up your direction path would no longer be outlined, you had to hit refresh, wait for GPS, and it got directions again. Now it stays as it should. Woot!

The 2gb USA maps also have an update to download manually. Traffic circles that replaced intersections 2 months ago are now showing. That is impressive.

Oh man, I hope this fixes the stability and battery draining problems I've had with HERE Maps.  I've been paranoid about using it ever since it completely froze my phone on startup while I was trying to use it in the city.

This is lane based navigation so that you will be prepared for the next navigation event which will require you to be in a specific lane to turn, split off, enter ramp, etc.
HERE map road segments on high volume roads are coded with lane attributes: number of lanes, width of lanes and connectivity of lanes so that the routing algorithms can utilize them for JIT routing usage.

All I know is that the English UK female voice is hotter than the English US female voice.

My concern with Nokia Maps and Drive is that they have not released updated maps in quite a while.
Comparing Sofia's (Bulgaria) map in Apple's Maps, Google's Maps, Here Maps and Waze, Here and Apple are far behind in updates. Waze has the lead because it lets users report issues in real time and update the map which is reflected within a couple of weeks.
I hate the fact Google got Waze and even more that Nokia (or anyone else for that matter) didn't think of this as a solution to repid changing maps.
Looking forward to faster and more regular map updates, not only to the app.

I couldn't agree more with their problem of painfully slow map updates. I've been reporting changes on their map creator site for the past sixth months, and even on their community maps, there has been no change.

Regrettably it is only available for Belarus and the Faroe Islands in Europe so not really a choice yet.
I hope it come out of beta soon :)

Does anyone know how to fix the "looking for GPS" issue? I've uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled a few times and nothing works. My gps is on because many other apps are locating me within seconds. I love HERE Drive, and now I don't have a decent navigation system to use. HERE Maps gives great directions, but I don't like to have to look at my phone while I drive. I have a seen a lot of other people post that they are having the same issues but I have yet to see a solution. I thought this update would do it but sadly it didn't...help!!!