Nokia puts Nokia Ad Exchange out to pasture, transitions developers to Inneractive for app monetization

Nokia Ad Exchange

Nearly a year ago, at Microsoft’s 2012 Build conference Nokia had their own little announcement for developers. It was there that Nokia announced their Premium Developer Program and the Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX). Today, one of those is still around, while the other has faded into history. Nokia has transitioned from directly managing NAX and developers will now work directly with Inneractive to monetize their games and apps. Details below.

NAX was a new and free way for developers to quickly and easily monetize their apps using in-app advertising. It was based on a partnership with (and powered by) Inneractive. NAX provided access to top ad networks using a single SDK for Windows Phone developers. It was different from Inneractive by being cross-platform (Windows Phone, Series 40, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, and Android), had ad optimization in over 120 ad networks, and offered revenue payments in over 200 countries.

It had its fans in the development community, but unfortunately won’t exist going forward. Developers using NAX received an email earlier today stating that Nokia would be transition users over to Inneractive as the Nokia Ad Exchange is no more. Sure enough, if you go the Nokia Ad Exchange website you’ll see the same message.

For developers, nothing really changes it appears. All your NAX assets, including app IDs, analytics, and campaigns can be accessed in Inneractive. You’ll even be using your NAX credentials to log-in. It’s recommended by Nokia that developers work with Inneractive going forward to monetize their apps and games, but Nokia will still provide support via email during the transition.

Any of our developers out there use NAX?  

Source: Nokia Ad Exchange

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Nokia puts Nokia Ad Exchange out to pasture, transitions developers to Inneractive for app monetization


@Detterdettol, technically no, you'd be just as well off as you are now, since you aren't actually losing a dollar for the posts he does comment in.

Unless you're banking all of your income on that, in which case I would agree. But you didn't specify that :P

I used NAX in a few of my apps, never made anything off of it and the ads I didn't think were very good. Last month I started transitioning all my in app ads to adduplex.

Yeah... I used NAX for a couple months when DVLUP had their NAX challenge, but didn't make but a few cents with their ads, so I went back to AdRotator pushing PubCenter and AdDuplex ads. Still not Making much, but better than NAX. Is it me or is PubCenter paying a lot less than a year or so ago?

Is anyone having issues, or just plain weird behavior, with emails from comments❔... I get duplicate messages, and the weirdest thing that happened was that I didn't get any messages for days, and today my inbox got bombarded with every late message from the past few days, all at once....

Yep, I got an inbox full of comment notifications today. I've never had duplicate messages, unless someone edits their comment after posting it (and then each email shows a different version).

Im using nax, but they wont pay me. I have arround 1000$ for taking BUT THEY WONT GIVE ME. They dont answer my mail, phone nothing. I dont know what to do anymore.   It's been 3 months and i haven't receive anything. Does someone else have this problem?

Hi joeymk,
  Hillel here from Inneractive. Kindly send me your information by email so I can look into this immediately. This is the first I am hearing of this and will handle it asap. Send me your app ID please as well. hillel at inner-active dot com. Thanks!

I've only just crossed the $200 minimum so I can't speak for my own experience, but I know that you get the money within 68 days of your account being over that minimum by months end. So find the end of the month when you went over that minimum amount and then add 68 days, it will tell you when you should have received your payment by.

Oww that's strange .. I heard lot of info about that .. Im also waiting my money (500$) today
Hope they will send me that.. Did you try to talk wiht the support?

Yes and only one time they answare me 
"There is a delay in your payment and we are aware of that. This is due to the fact that demand partners did not transfer us your payment."
So i should wait for their partners to transfer them money....

No i didnt receive anything :( and i try to contact nokia and Inneractive ( under nax@ nok.. & inneractive under the contact formular) and im still waiting any feedback from them.  And what about you?

No my friend nothing, not a single answare from anyone. Like they don't give a fuc* at all. I really don't know what to do anymore. 
Why the hell i went to nax, WHY.

PLS inform me when you and if you ever receive something.
But let me tell you this, you will get replay that their partners haven't payed them so you will have to wait. 
NO answare for me to, this is so fucking stupid i can't even explain.

Nothing from me, i contact them on twitter, they ask for my app id i give them they told me will fix it asap. 2 days pass, they don't even repost to my tweets anymore.
I relly don't undestand what the problem is. Nobady even talking to me :(