Nokia Reading now available for Windows Phone, except for those in the US

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Nokia announced late last week that their Reading app would be coming to the Lumia line this week and sure enough, that app is now available for download.

Nokia Reading promises to fill in the gap where apps like Amazon Kindle are not available for Windows Phone users, which turns out is a large part of the globe. Having setup their own eBook marketplace, Nokia seems to have done have a good job of offering an important service to many on Windows Phone who otherwise would not have access to the latest NY Times best sellers.

Nokia Reading

Of course the bad news as can be discerned from the title is those in the US (and possibly elsewhere) cannot download the app. Much like Nokia Music, licensing and possibly territorial divisions are evidently keeping this app and service out of our hands. But seeing as we have Zune Pass and Amazon Kindle, we'll probably survive.

Pick up Nokia Reading here in thew Nokia Collection. Thanks, Tim S., for the tip!

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Nokia Reading now available for Windows Phone, except for those in the US


Doh! So I'm able to download and use a Finnish TV app, but I'm not allowed to download a perfectly normal English reading app? lol!

"Nokia seems to have done have a good job of offering"

Has anyone actually read that article before publishing it? That is extremely poor and devalues what is otherwise very good content.

How do these people live with themselves after making a mistake like that? What, do we have humans writing this blog or something? Sheesh!

That's quite simple actually.
Those TV channels are free, anybody can see them.
Books in a other hand need licensing deals from every country.

Need that damn Nook app.. Come on B&N .. With that recently inked deal with Microsoft where is the app!!!

Kindle is the only e-reading app I want but great that this is available to regions Kindle isn't available

Agreed. Kindle is the best option as it's available on all platforms but I guess Nokia Reading will be great for people with no kindle services in their country.

Try Freda. I have been reading four books in ePub format on it. And it is just great. Works with skydrive, so I only put the books I want to read on my SkyDrive and then pick them up for reading in Freda.

Bookviser is a great app for reading epubs and its a good looking app much better than freda. Its also free and has a skydrive feature, I put all my epubs into a folder on my skydrive desktop and then use the app to connect to downlad them. works great.

I do this too (folder on SkyDrive, Bookviser from there). Do you know if this is possible on Nokia Reader or is it akin to Kindle? Thanks :)

The only thing I'm disappointed about with my Nokia L900, is not having Nokia music available in the US. That was one of the reasons I decided to get a Nokia..

It's not just the US that doesn't have Nokia Reading, it's the majority of the world (including Australia).
It's only available in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the UK for now.

Does the Nokia Reading app allow you to side-load books into it? Theres no good Windows Phone app for doing so, and I have a library of books that I'd love to keep on my phone, but am unable to. There are one or two apps with this feature, but they are poorly coded, look terrible, and are buggy to boot. I'd like something nice developed by Nokia or another big name with this feature, but all the major reading apps seem to forget that people own e-books before they get their app.

Not recently. I used it when it first came out and it was really bad. It was super clunky and looked like garbage. I'll give it another shot tho.

try bookviser. you can sync with your skydrive and load all your books onto the phone. looks nice to unlike freda.

Hey, thanks for recommending Bookvisor! I've uploaded my whole library to my phone from my Skydrive account and it works great :)   Also, the app is really smooth and looks really good, my only complaint is no .pdf, but that's ok.

Can someone review this and give the technical rundown? I would very much like to know which file format the books are sold in and how the DRM is done.

If the app is available in your Marketplace, but no books are available in your Book store, the following got me access:
1. Go to https://account.nokia.com/
2. Change your country to some of the supported (UK etc.) and save
3. Sign out from your account in the app, and sign in again.

Downloaded it and using in the UK. Just another book app, not a bad attempt, nice quick book downloads. But your not missing anything if you already have the Kindle app, they both sell books!!!

Do you guys actually read books on the phone? IMO its not really great anyways - i really prefer either a real book, or a dedicated reading gadget like Kindle or similar. 

I always prefer a real book, and always own a physical copy of any book that I read on my phone. It really is more convienent to read on your phone in some circumstances though, I find myself switching back and forth. And no, I don't buy my books twice, but once I've paid for a physical copy I feel no guilt at torrenting a copy of the ebook just for conviences sake.

Im in the UK and find it odd how amazon fragment what regions get which apps...
I can have kindle but not shopping.......weird

Downloaded on my Lumia 900. It's much prettier than the Kindle offering although while you're reading the books they both look similar! The app itself has a very nice marketplace feel to it and the books download and install within the app quite nicely. Overall a nice product. By the way, I'm in the UK.

Cannot see the point of this app really - why buy books from Nokia when Kindle is available and more accessible on other platforms?

Does it allow you to use your own pre existing books, like Freda but unlike Amazon? This is the key for me? I'm in Canada so I can't get it yet but can anyone answer this question? Thanks :)

I have the same requirement when looking for an ebook app, but recently came upon an app significantly better than Freda for side-loading ebooks, check out Bookviser.

Anybody? I'd really love to know? Can you use your own e-books as with bookvisor, freda et al just downloading them from Skydrive or wherever or are you forced to only use books you've bought from their market?

Tried downloading the Nokia reading app from store tells me I can't as screen resolution on my 920 not compatible. Any advice? Can I even change the screen resolution.