Nokia Refocus

Nokia Refocus now available for Lumia PureView Windows Phones

We first caught wind of Nokia Refocus during Nokia World 2013. It is a creative photography app allows you to take a picture and then manipulate the focus point of the photograph.  Nokia Refocus has just gone live in the Windows Phone Store and is available exclusively for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone sporting a PureView Camera and the Amber update.

In a nutshell, Nokia Refocus takes several pictures of a scene when you tap the shutter button to maximize the depth of field of the image. You then tap the area of the photograph you want to be in focus and Refocus does the rest. Check out the image below and tap on the different areas with your mouse to see the refocus action.

Additionally, Nokia Refocus has a Color Pop feature that you can selective maintain the color of your photo while transforming the other areas to black and white.

Nokia Refocus

Nokia Refocus is a free app for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones sporting PureView cameras (Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928, 1020 and 1520). You can pick up your copy of Nokia Refocus here in the Nokia Collection of the Windows Phone Store.

See our hands on coverage of this app here!

Via: Nokia Conversations; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Nokia Refocus now available for Lumia PureView Windows Phones


Verizon can't even handle LTE in major markets putting customers to 3G instead. They have other problems to deal with.

Yeah. I'm an hour away from Atlanta in the foothills of the mountains, barely get one bar on ATT and Sprint, nothing on TMO, and I get three bars on Verizon LTE.

Download an app called sysapp pusher and download the whole section that has display/glance etc. Then u will have amber

I haven't received GDR2 nor amber and I'm checking everyday for it I'm still on the 1308 firmware update from nokia

he needs gdr2 first.. sysapp pusher updates extras and info to show whether the phone is on amber or not, if its not, it wont show amber.

After that it should have worked. It froze my 920 and I did a soft reset and it's worked like a charm since.

Even if you get it, how do you think this will work? Its for pureview camera phones for a reason! The software works with what camera hardware can do the best. You may not get the result you should get and then everyone with non pureview camera will bitch about it here, in the forums and on the store reviews!

got it installed on my lumia 720 and its working perfectly and smoothly for me.....sometimes nokia just wants to highlight the pureview brand ;p

Curse you, Nokia! Don't you know I don't have time to play this morning?

But the siren call of a new toy... must... resissss......

Work? What work? Hey, check this out!

Sysapp is an awesome App but it will NOT bring him Amber.

Well...I would to a 920...BUT right now, if I were you, I'd wait for the new generation devices ;)

What DJ said, deff wait for the next wave of devices (should be announced in January) and perhaps release date some month after, or two if you are HTX and Samsung lol or even Nokia actually -_-

They will slowly start to combine them into one. Like they combine smart camera and pro camera....

Is funny that so many apps announced in Nokia World are be released and almost all apps announced in the Lumia 1020 announcement wasnt released yet...

Downloaded, loaded Nokia Camera then hit lenses and tried it. Froze with the complete purple circle after a photo. Went back to start, tried going back in, same deal. Quit the app using multitasking menu (GDR3 on 928). Started again, signed into MS account, then hit camera soft button in app. Black screen, this also killed "Explorer", as best as I can tell.

What I mean is that trying to close open apps (including Refocus and NoCam) did nothing, they would disappear bit I had no Start screen, search would not come up, and going back to multitasking screen would show all the apps open. Going to Start showed a black screen and a functional time "bar".

Skeered to try this again! :P

dude! this app just put my l920 in a comatose state for about 5 minutes... black screen, non responsive, none of the hardware buttons worked. and then it just turn itself on.

i think its not working as it should! :D

UPDATE: now, even my camera app doesnt work... it causes phone to restart

dude! this app just put my l920 in a comatose state for about 5 minutes... black screen, non responsive, none of the hardware buttons worked. and then it just turn itself on.

i think its not working as it should! :D
update 2: now it works as it should

Nokia Lumia 520 India: well my phone is amber updated ,but I havent received the features of the update yet.
And this app asks my phone shld get updated when its already updated(though no features)
Any sols?

This app is only for the ones with a PureView camera (920, 925, 928, 1020, 1520).

Also the 520 will not get all the features of Amber. Some of the features such as double tap to wake is reserved for the higher end Lumias.

Hmm odd, I thought in India you weren't really restrained by carriers? unless you are?

Cause those settings you mentioned are things some carriers here in the US hold back, such as AT&T with dataSense, they just wont allow it -_-

Well those shld have come with the update right. And the other thing is i din even get radio.
And in smart cam(lumia,520) is action shot supported?

I installed this app and compared it against the Refocus app that's been out there for a while. I like the arrow controls on the original that allow a second method of determinig the focus but the Nokia version added in color pop which is pretty cool. The shots are identical and it functions the same so as far as I can tell, this is a Nokia skin on the same app more than it is a whole new thing.

Made my phone unable to open camera. Turned off phone and back on and camera then worked. Tried refocus again and worked that time but didn't frame the picture properly. This app is pretty buggy. Don't think I'll use it just yet. By the way am using a L928.

It likely will, but just like the previous apps, it will be "beta tested" before it gets integrated.

Nokia has too many separate camera apps. I understand the lenses but one unified Nokia Camera would the experience better I think.

Ya...i suspect it will be added to Nokia Camera. I don't think this app can use the flash. I believe it is taking multiple shots quickly and adjusts the focus for each shot. Thus having all the data to focus wherever after the fact. I think on my 920, the resulting image quality is degraded...versus taking a single shot with the focus as you'd want. Not to mention this is not ideal for moving subjects. Probably will only use this when feeling artsy.

Photos on my 920 degraded since download Amber. Nokia did something wrong. I've sent multiple requests to fix using feedback to Nokia. You can compare picks pre and post Amber. Photos are more noisy with Amber.

Wow.  My app list is really crowding up in the "N" section.  It would be cool if Nokia created one app to rule them all.  One app that would have a link to all photo apps that Nokia created.

This should be added to the Nokia Camera app, come on Nokia. What's everybody's thought on this? (Nokia 925 owner here btw)

That, or possibly in a supplemental Camera app with stuff like Panorama, HDR (which they need to add), etc etc. And combine the Video tools with Creative Studio as well. If they can let you swipe through the camera roll and reframe it would be a lot better, and if you went to the end of the camera roll it threw you into the camera viewfinder that would be perfect.

Not really a good idea. In that case even to fix a small bug you need to download probably 100MB of the whole package.

So I just played with it, and I like it... but there're some lil caveats that still have me preffering the Refocus app that's already been on the market place:

The upshot is Nokia's free, and it does the web share thing. But taking two sample shots with both apps.... Mmm, Nokia's more "steady" in the results, both are really quick, but I feel I got more focal points in Refocus vs Nokia Refocus. Try em and see.

Can't download :(...says "The Microsoft Account service cannot be reached right now". Anyone else having this issue? My store region is United States, by the way.

Not impressed. Just tried 2 photos and it would not refocus on closer objects (they are far enough for the focal length). Photos are grainy. Meh. Expected a lot better than this!

This has a lot of potential, but this initial release was very disappointing. The picture turns awfully grainy and when they say "get closer"...well...don't get too close. The app doesn't seem to be able to properly focus as the normal Camera does.

Ok cool, now can we get that "camera enhancement" firmware update for the 1020s on AT&T in the U.S.? PLEASE Nokia... Pretty please!?

Got it on my Lumia 620 and very much happy with the quality and clearity., working like a charm.. #awesomenokia

Pretty cool, but memory intensive. My IE tab (1 page only, it was this article on WPCentral.con) had to be reloaded when I returned to IE.

Anyone else notice on the photo, that if you click to focus on the stone that their hand is sitting on, it looks like the transition between the stone and the hand gets messed up.  It looks like the hand was photoshoped into the picture.

Yeah, it's how the whole things works: not by taking one photo that's able to refocus, but taking multiple exposures with different deph of fields. So slight movements are also captured.

Google is releasing motorola G quad core 400, 720p 4.3 inch, 2000mah starting @$179, same price range of lumia 520-720. WP is feeling the heat from android kitkat low end phones.

Toy for five minutes. High speed shooting are compensated with high ISO. Result grained picture.
After five minutes, deinstall. NL920

All devices can get nokia refocus if use proxy or Sorry about my english

Very exciting as a demo but less useful in real life as phone cameras have nearly unlimited depth of field anyway, except if you put something absurdly close up front as a gimmick. Will be very impressed the day someone releases an app that mimicks less focus for backgrounds, making whatever you are shooting stand out more.

I just loaded the app and tried to use it .. now my phone is froze .. but my glance screen still works. I'm trying to do a soft/hard reset but its not working ...WTF 

Nokia 920 + Amber and all system updates

Start the app, works fine.  Go to Capture picture and I see the circle progress bar and it spins till completed and then nothing.  Waiting 3min, and gave up.  Would not allow left arrow to get me out of the app. Hit the start button, then left arrow all apps and tried again.  This time capture would not even turn on camera.

Rebooted phone, and worked after the reboot.

Does work well on close up pics.  I believe it would work better on the 1020

Just letting others know you may have a hicup or two

Don't you folks know there's be a Refocus app for a while, same logic. Nokia is taken credit from it. And I don't like the image results from Nokia refocus, it has too much noise for indoor picture. Like they set ISO to 1600+ by default. Blur fee, but image looks crap.

There is "REFOCUS" a 3rd party app in the store for those who don't have Amber/GDR3, it functions very similarly.

Well whats tomorrow the story book app?  Nice Nokia is releasing these apps prior to the 1520 launch!

Its very buggy on my 920. I will go to take a picture or wait for it to load the purple circle after snapping a pic. It will then freeze and I will not be able to do anything with my phone until I reset it.

I got the same experience on my L920 too running Nokia Amber. 

Plus after installing this app I experienced an absolutely terrible battery life of just 2-3 hours. I have also installed Assassin's Creed today. I am not sure what was the cause of that battery drain, because nothing had changed from regular usage. No tasks were running in the background too. I unininstalled both Nokia Refocus and the game and now it's back to normal. 

Anyone experienced any battery drains?

Well it would freeze. Black screen so instead of resetting it once again and waited few minutes. So like 10 minutes later got off work and went to snap a pic of moon. It just kept loading and loading just for normal camera! So reset it, hopefully they fix it soon.

Change your region setting to USA and language English(U.S). If you install the english(U.S) then restart your phone. 

Dear Venu,


Sorry for the delay in replying your message.  You can download Nokia Refocus via Proxy method.  If "download" button appears, then download through your 3G network.

Only those who have Pureview technology? May we know which models has Pureview? We have several Lumias at home, 520, 720, 820 and 920.