Rumor: Nokia to release a Lumia 525, codenamed ‘Glee’

Next month in Abu Dhabi, Nokia is expected to unveil quite a few new devices including a phablet and tablet.  Now leakster Twitter account Evleaks is claiming that the ‘Nokia Glee’ is really the Lumia 525, a follow up of sorts to the Lumia 520.

If naming conventions have any historical value, the Lumia 525 won’t be a full upgraded version of the Lumia 520 but rather a sister device with similar price points and feature sets. No word yet at this early stage exactly what the Lumia 525 will sport for specifications or advantages (if any) over the Lumia 520.

Regardless, we’ll be live in Abu Dhabi next month to bring the news, although we have a feeling that more information will be forthcoming before that event.

Source: Evleaks


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Rumor: Nokia to release a Lumia 525, codenamed ‘Glee’


WPC team really needs to start removing these comments. It has nothing to do with the article whatsoever and plagues every article that is posted.

Not quite. The few of us that still prefer keyboards are still out in the cold. To me, all these new phones are boring.

5xx is only really necessary where you benefit from buying a phone unlocked. In a world where you can get midrange phones for $0 on contract, there's no need for the 5xx series. On the other hand, we do have places like Tmobile where uncarrier works, as well as ATT's prepaid model and one other whose name I can't recall, where the 5xx DOES sell well.

I am on Verizon and I would get this in a hardbeat as a secondary/backup to my 822.  If I can get it for $99-$149 off contract, it's no-brainer.  It will probably be better than my 822, so it could actually take over as my primary.  With that said, I would rather have the 929, but not sure if I want to dish out $500.  Damn contracts!

Well I could easily be wrong, but I was basing my statement off the premise that verizon's off contract prepaid plans are not very good, so it would take away from the awesomeness of a prepaid plan. I have Verizon but admittedly haven't looked into it much. If they are good then sure why not!

It's a joke about Bluetooth not being able to upgrade on any lumia above 720, but the rumour was quashed

Their Lumia numbering scheme is getting a lil awkward now! And with the tablet line joining in, well. Its going where samsung's galaxy brand has, fucking confusing !

The only way to beat Android is to spam the shelfs to try to push some of these green robot devices away. The way Android beat em all was by volume.

IN other countries in Brazil for example, a variety of cell phones (different prices) have success. And for the success of Windows Phone, they need a dual sim smartphone, like Samsung Galaxy.

Disagree completely. They have made some great device, some are about to be announced. They have made some lower end devices, which is their bread and butter in emerging markets. They are following Samsung's lead, put as many different devices out there so no matter where you go to buy a phone, you see them. If they follow your recommendation, they would have one or two devices hidden in the corner, obscured by apples crazy huge branding diplayes, and Samsung's overwhelming variety of devices to choose from. They are doing the right thing here. Accuracy by quantity, but with Nokia quality... Deadly combination.

The market will answer your question...on whether having three different 5 series. Is a good branding marketing.......the best way is one device for marketing, one low end, one high end one midrange

Historically, Nokia has always made a multitude of devices to cover every price point, style, region, etc.; there is no need for them to stop the trend.

Imagine the backlash if they don't unveil any high end devices... Not that it will happen, hopefully.

You mean have one huge, massively selling expensive phone that anyone will buy due to sheepish momentum, they wish they could, but they've got to work super hard first

You mean only having 1 product, and re-launching it every other year at the same price point, but slight changes?  No thanks.  I would rather have new devices every year, and not the Nokia 920S that has some lame feature to justify not making a new device.

No, I mean three devices...low, mid, high....be make them perfect for the value of each....its less confusing then 520,521,525, 620,621, 720,850,920,925,928,1020,1520,1525.....etc..... To much not good

Sure low mid and hig, but what if my mid is a good camera with mid specs (720) or mid specs with a big screen and battery (625) or low is small screen (620) but the 620's screen is too small (520), mid range but requires 4.3 screen and 1GB RAM (820), the high end (920) and best in class (of Windows Phones, 1020). Choice is a good thing in picky industry.

Nobody will stand in line for products they are confused about....my mom knows iPhone 5 and that the new iPhone came out.....try confusing her well lets see...u can get 925 with t mobile...928 with Verizon a 1020 with att.....

Nokia should release a mid range phone like the 720, but with at least 1GB or RAM and a camera similar to the 920's.
Keep the price around $300 off contract and they would have a winner.

You mean kind of like the 820? Sure, it lacks OIS but the camera is still quite good. It's also very affordable.

But I do agree that Nokia should focus on mid-range as well. What I really want to see is a 4,3" Lumia with a 720p display, kind if like the 8x but with Nokia build quality.

The 820 was good but I hardly saw it on sale or promoted anywhere.
The 720 had great form factor but was just a little short on specs. Just bump the specs of the 720 up a little and you have yourself a great, affordable mid range phone.

Probably not going to happen. Sprint and Nokia don't really work together. That said, I'd be pissed if a Nokia device came out for Sprint within the next year, since I just recently got the ATIV S Neo. 

Hopefully this is a higher end version of the 520. Since a small high end phone is the only real hole left in the lumia line up. I'm thinking(wishing) same specs as the 925 but with a 4" 720P ips display instead of the 4.5 oled. Priced at 400 off contract. id replace my 920 in a heartbeat for one of those.

The 920 is 379 off contract now. No reason a phone with the same processor and ram, half the storage, and no wireless charging can't retail for $30 dollars more.

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We're all here assuming Nokia will present the L929 there...now tell me, why would Nokia present a US-only/Verizon-exclusive device in Arabia?

It's just not logical.
I hope that they present the phone in which the L929 is based. And that said phone ISN'T the L1520.

I'd be shocked if the 929 wasn't availble worldwide in some guise. Maybe debut on VZW, but it'll be everywhere. Doesn't make sense to have a 5", quadcore, 1080P flagship and not sell it everywhere.

Exactly. That's why I'm hopping that the L929 isn't supposed to be a "variant" of the L1520 but a variation of another phone with the same 5" that will be announced in the conference.

Apparently those two high end models won't get Bluetooth 4.0 LE via firmware update. Mika Australia confirmed it via tweet yesterday.

They didn't confirm it, they were the origin. And seeing it has hardware support in its SOC and their claim was that there wasn't hardware support, it's pretty clear they don't know what they're talking about.

Well ... How about 620 and 625? They are somewhat different. Not just an minor-upgraded version of the older :)

625 isn't a major upgrade either. It doesn't have NFC, clearblack display and the pixel density is worse as well. And I doubt WVGA display resolution with no clear black would look good on 4.7" device.
Also, it costs a lot more than 620, almost twice as much in my country.
So, yeah it is somewhat different than 620 but i don't find it appealing enough as its price is high and it has nothing good to offer.

Most likely a phone with front cam and dual sim or a CDMA and GSM...that's what I think L525 would be.

Emleaks on twitter reveals the following: 525=7" 1081p screen, 3D front and rear camera (27mp) 3g ram, quadcore frank drebbin processor, triple sim, Bluetooth 4.1, dre beats speaker, 5600mh battery with 6 month talktime for $89 on all carriers off contract!!! This is what Americans would love to hear

Myself included of course :P When in fact, the 525 will be a decent yet mediocre device considering it's heritage

Feals like Xmas waiting to see what we all get i realy want to see the 1520 in action that and the 2520 Nokia tablet

I think they need to flood the market, but the point of flooding the market is to have your products seen. This won't help if you walk in the store and there are still only 1 or 2 models to be seen. They need a handful of models at minimum on display at the same time. They need to address the retailers on this. Seeing 1 or 2 models doesn't help the perception that WP is struggling with, in the US anyway.

I suspect this is the CDMA version of the 520, which would be an awesome move, they have a large  untapped market here for a budget cdma device
100 million cdma users on China Telecom
95 million cdma users on Verzion
and whatever is on Sprint

could this be a good moment to buy a lumia 720?
With phones coming out and Microsoft acquiring nokia, I don't know!

Great.  Another low end device.  And all those new high end devices that make headlines and seduce the easily convinced.  What about the middle?  The old 700 and 800 series?  My 810 fits my needs perfectly.  Like Goldilocks, "Just right."

Like the 625 , 525 will also be a bumped up version of 520 with the new chipset that 625 has and a large screen thats it. I  dont know why people are expecting flash,front cam , 1gb ram and adreno 3xx