Nokia to release YouTube Upload to help Lumia owners publish content online

Youtube Upload

Desire a quick way to share videos easily online? Nokia is planning to release an app for Lumia Windows Phones, aptly titled YouTube Uploader. I don't believe there's much we can say about an app with such limited functionality, except you will be able to upload videos to YouTube. Unfortunately, while the app is listed on the store, you can't yet download it (even on a Lumia 925 with the GDR2 Amber update).

The app (according to the store description) will enable users to share videos easily by simply selecting the videos and uploading them. You're also able to use the Nokia Video Trimmer to edit the footage before choosing to share with friends. YouTube Upload can utilise both WiFi and data connectivity, so be sure to be correctly configured before uploading.

You will be able to download YouTube Upload from the Windows Phone Store, but just not yet.

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Nokia to release YouTube Upload to help Lumia owners publish content online


If only there were a viable alternative to Gootube........the fact that they support no MS products accept the desktop computer is just baffling to me.  Without Microsoft Windows, and Internet Explorer, Google would be nothing, its the medium that gave them their opportunity to explode, and now they are at war with MS.  MS was once the evil empire, now that has shifted to Google, with their privacy issues, smamming in gmail, forced social network, etc.  I cant wait for Lumia 1020 variant to come to Verizon, I will be saying goodbye to Google forever (well, Ill probably wind up using my gmail as a spam account)

If MSFT were to buy Vimeo and then come up with a way to make content publishers richer than YouTube I could see things changing for the better.

Total agreement, but we would need the ability to share to Bing videos of whatever as well lol, as long as ms makes it easier to share imgs via BBM code I would even try that over the flickrs and whatnot too, but SkyDrive is not great for forum dwellers

I had the exact same thought a few weeks back! But as they say...it's just business, nothing personal! Although, it's beginning to feel more and more personal by the day!

Maybe they should add more sites then just Youtube. So It's easier to maintain different websites and to give other sites also a change. (I believe Youtube needs some more competition, don't know why, always had that feeling with Google and associates haha!)

Some say that its available for Lumia 1020, can anyone confirm? I hope that this app doesn't require a software update. Also, where is my GDR2/Amber? Even the Samsungs and HTCs have GDR2. ATT Lumia 920 user here.

I feel your pain. I think and hope the update will be released shortly after the 1020 is released. I'm also a 920 user on at&t

same shit here.
I'm still waiting for the portico !
nokia 920 purchased naked without any telecom provider subvention of what ever
feels like the amber+GDR2 will be available on dec 2013 :/

I wonder if it will be able to upload FullHD videos through WiFi without compressing them before the upload.
That would be great! :)

Google's at war with Microsoft not Nokia. If they want Android on Nokia in 2015, they're not going to be hostile to Nokia ;)

If you want and Android device, buy one! In the meantime, STOP BEING A CHEERLEADER FOR GOOGLE!

If stupidity paid taxes you had solved the European crisis with that comment.
Learn to read! I didn't said I wanted an Android Nokia. I said Google will want Nokiato get Android in 2015 when Symbian goes away. Nokia will NOT remain with WP phones only. The shareholders will not allow that. So Nokia will obviously turn to the cheapest most popuolar option. and that's Android. If Google acts hostile towards Nokia, the chances of that happen dim. So it's not in Google's interest to do that.
If you were minimaly informed I wouldn't need to explain this to you. But you're clearly a moron.

"so be sure to be correctly configured before uploading"
But I don't live in third world country.

Yay! No i can post vids of me pranking my friends on my channel rubenbest1 like and subscribe.....see what i did there??? Lol

But we can already do that via email. YouTube gives you an email address that you can use to upload from any device. The only problem is that WP compresses videos in emails so they are of lower quality before they even get to YouTube.

I need more apps that can  read/write videos from/to my photo library Why did microsoft shut this down for developers?

I wish Nokia starts rolling out the Amber update right now together with the GDR2 update from Microsoft, i can't wait :( 
Best regards!

This "trend" of putting Apps in the store that can't be downloaded is becoming quite annoying. Release the damn Amber and GDR2 already! Honestly, anyone who's not aware would even think that GDR2 was a good update filled with features, given the time they take to release it!

It's "in the works".

In other words: Google is stalling and Microsoft isn't giving a rats arse about it.

If it were not for Nokia trying to make a difference with these apps, id have bailed on WP8 already.

Nokia really impresses me.

Microsoft sucks and can't seem to buy a clue with their billions.

At this point, Nokia, just make your own android phone. Lately id believe that you might actually make Android better (unlike most who add trash and slow it down). You certainly make WP8 better. MS is just going to bring you down.

6 months ago I was a huge advocate for WP8. Today I'd not recommend it to anyone. :(

I bought the Lumia 925 on the first day it came out. I feel that all if the Nokia apps that are included with he 1020 out of the box should've been included with the 925 out of the box. Sad!