Nokia releases beta of Transport app version 2.0

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Nokia has unleashed version 2.0 beta of their Transport app for Lumia Windows Phones. We previously looked at leaked improvements detailed over at a Russian Windows Phone forum earlier in the month. The app provides public transport information and guidance when attempting to reach a destination in a supported location (see our early hands-on).

What's new in version 2-point-oh?

  • Find nearby stations, departure times and even types of transit lines available around your location.
  • Improved search:
    • Remember your last search query
    • Change your search without leaving the journey view
  • Improved performance:
    • Faster display of upcoming journeys
    • Faster journey request

You can check out the beta over at Nokia Beta Labs, or download the current version from the Marketplace (Lumia handsets only). Be sure to double check which locations are supported.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs; thanks Simon for the tip!


Reader comments

Nokia releases beta of Transport app version 2.0


FYI Canadian Ontario users...Transit 2.0 covers GO Transit (bus & train), as well as YRT, Guelph Transit & HSR - in addition to TTC (bus, train and car). Unfortunately no GRT or MiWay yet, but Nokia is clearly committed to expand Transit's coverage - at least in Southern Ontario.

Hoping this means the new drive version is imminent too. Would be nice to use on vacation in two weeks.

Hi Fiann, you have probably already read that the next Nokia Drive version will mainly improve commuters experience with the MyCommute widget.
I'm not sure it will be available before you go on vacation, but I think that for your travels you are good to go with the current version too ;-)

Still pointless in countries such as Spain which have only one major city covered (Barcelona). Until the capital has coverage, this app has no use. So I suggest Nokia check out the poor rating the app has and sorts out the problem ;)

Hi greg2k, we are continuously expanding our coverage. In fact we already offer some data in Madrid, witout timetable information. But stay tuned for next improvements.

Its the same app. In the Unites States its called Nokia Transit. But in the Nokia  Beta Labs its called Nokia Transport 2.0, so if you want to grab the new beta, then it would be advisable to uninstall the Nokia Transit/Nokia Transport v1.2 first. Since this new version 2.0 is from the beta labs , you would end up with 2 nokia transport/Transit apps if you dont uninstall the previous version first.

I live in San Francisco and I am so happy it covers muni.    It adds the bus times and the location nearby.   THANK YOU NOKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worked great on my last trip to Berlin, Germany. Love this app and seeing that it gets even better is fantastic!