Nokia releases first app that highlights apps

While we're all still eagerly awaiting Nokia's first handset to hit stores before the year is out the manufacturer has decided to launch itself onto the Marketplace with Top App. "What does Top App do?" you might ask, well it highlights apps that are worthy of download in Nokia's view.

Some highlighted features:

  • Update live apps on the home screen
  • Consultation of the content featured, carefully selected each day for you
  • Lists of the best apps local and global, never miss anything Research and consultation of new apps is fast and fun.

It doesn't look like Top App is available for download just yet but you can view the Marketplace listing here (opens Zune).

Source: MonWindowsPhone Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!


Reader comments

Nokia releases first app that highlights apps


Could the reason be that it can't be downloaded be due to the fact that only Nokia will be able to download it??If this were the case that should mean the first Nokia will be out soon

Maybe, but Nokia has said they would make some, if not all, of their apps open to all of the market.Please correct me if I'm remembering wrong.

I think you are mostly right, I think I remember reading that they may make them available only to Nokia users for a short period of time, then open them to everyone. but I would think that there could be apps that they would keep exclusive too, apps that support Nokia only hardware (whatever that might be)like say camera software and those sorts of things.