Nokia releases updates for a handful of Windows Phone system apps

Nokia Updates

Nokia has pushed out a number of updates for system apps, which we've received notifications for on our Lumia 920. The system apps that have been bumped to new versions are Nokia account, display+touch and extras+info. We've got the new build numbers, but no changelogs unfortunately. There is however, a noticeable change in the display+touch settings area, with the options being split into two panes. 

Nokia Display+Touch

While we're not currently aware of exactly what's new in the latest releases, these are indeed system apps so we can speculate that minor improvements have been applied to backend services and features. There are some slight hints within the descriptions that point at under-the-hood enhancements, which is always a good sign.

Here's the new builds:

  • Nokia account: 1.1.1245
  • display+touch:
  • extras+info: >

Be sure to shout at us in the comments should you notice anything we've missed. You can check manually for updates for both display+touch (left-hand QR code) and extras+info (as well as Nokia account) on the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Nokia System Apps


Reader comments

Nokia releases updates for a handful of Windows Phone system apps


Can you update the link so we can download it from the WPC app? Currently is doesn't let us to copy the link

Edit: thanks!! :)

When clicking in the store links, they show as up to date.
*edit: a few now show updates. Just not Nokia account yet

Dreaming that the phone stops rebooting every time I tether, or am in an area with varying or bad coverage...

You might have a bad phone...  I was in denial for a long time thinking Nokia would release an update to fix my frequent lock ups.  I finally listened to others in the forums and contacted at&t and got a refurb replacement.  It's locked up once in 2 weeks (early on) and never again since.  I definitly had a bad phone and now I have a great phone.

Thanks, well maybe, this is a replacement for another bad phone (NFC issues), my wife has similar issues on her 920, several others at work to a varying degree. I actually have another 920 lying around, I'll test that one (haven't got European 4g).

What about Bluetooth issues? I literally have my phone rebooting after I try to connect it to.my car's stereo. It works around the second or third time, but almost never the first try.. (yes I do have portico)

Also haven't received Nokia account or extras update yet, but got the display + touch.

Anyone else notice there's now a listing for "SIM Unlock" in the Extras & Info version section? Wonder what that's about, I don't know that I saw that before.

Can only get updates for display and touch and extras and info but my Nokia account says its been updated. Anyone else with same problem???

i used the qr code and when they came it mine shows for the older (current0 version numbers  not the newer ones you listed.  Is that inclusive for ATT 920s or just in UK EU

After updating my 920, the new display page for "Sunlight readability" and "Battery Saver brightness" are disabled and I cannot change the settings.
Anyone else have this problem?

OMG, i'm so worried about updating my phone. All of these updates always come with a bug, as I can see. =/

Lumia Color Profile options is just a screenshot on the store which causes a stir for firmware update

I am from INDIA. 8 of my friends including myself  own NOKIA Lumia 920. We all had issues with the WindowsPhone store. Store used to be very unresponsive to the touch. Each tap used to take 2 to 4 seconds to respond which was very annoying. How ever my HTC 8x friend had no issues as such with the store.  But today after updating the system apps on our 920s the store is working absolutely fine. I donno if this updates had anything to do with the issue. But we are happy finally its fixed.

Auto brightness issue also seems to be fixed. How ever there was a volume bug in our 920s. The volume usually becomes unresponsive untill the phone is restarted hoping for a fix soon.

Updated and found no changes in the UI.  No Color Profile nor disabling Sunlight or Battery Saver settings.

Battery drain too fast after updating on my 820 going from 100 to 10% on less then 5hours on a locked screen and nothing running on the background, anyone else having this problem?