Nokia releases official Six Flags app exclusively for Lumia Windows Phones [Video]

Today, Nokia has released their official Six Flags app exclusively for Lumia Windows Phones. The app was announced back at the beginning of May and it is now available. Six Flags is one of the largest US operators of amusement parks and is the go-to place for riding roller coasters, rides and general entertainment. The timing is perfect too as the July 4th week/weekend is the busiest time for such parks and Nokia has nailed it with this app.

The app features an interactive map of your local Six Flags, where you can tap on an icon to grab more info. What’s more, you can use the augmented-reality feature to find specific rides, bathrooms, restaurants, events or just shopping. The map has layers where you can filter specific rides (mild, moderate or maximum) etc. so you only see what you want. In addition, you have a satellite view and a general augmented-reality view to as well,

Six Flags

Park shows and their schedules are also listed including a calendar of events, which makes planning a snap and videos of various rides gives you a sneak peek of what to expect. Finally, you have Foursquare and Twitter feeds built in so you can checkin and or follow any local trends going on with the Six Flags hash-tag.

The app is fast, fluid and very well designed. We don’t go to Six Flags very often but if we had a season pass or we were heading to one, grabbing our Lumia Windows Phone would be a must.

Besides Nokia making a Six Flags app, the park is supposed to reciprocate by heavily advertising and promoting the AT&T Lumia 900 throughout their various locations, creating a nice synergy between the two companies.

Pick up the Six Flags app for your Lumia Windows Phone here in the Nokia Collection.

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Nokia releases official Six Flags app exclusively for Lumia Windows Phones [Video]


Am I the only one that just gets more and more intensely jealous whenever they see a "Nokia releases [insert app name] exclusively for Lumia phones" article? I'm stuck on Verizon and would give half my liver to get a 900, even without a data package just to be able to take advantage of all these freaking apps! Heck, I'd even reactivate my OG Droid for the sole purpose of tethering it to the 900 and carry two phones.
Feeling kinda jilted by HTC...
/end rant
(to be relevant to the article) Six Flags! Wahoo!!

Well, Verizon is on board with WP8 so you can expect a Nokia device hopefully by the end of 2012.

As far as getting intensly jealous, I'm pretty sure that's Nokia's intention ;-)

I don't mind it being exclusive but there needs to be an expiration date on any app exclusivity. After X # of days weeks whatever we should be able to purchase any app regardless of what phone we have with the only exception being an app that only works with certain oem's hardware such as camera settings. I don't like that MS is allowing this.

"I don't like that MS is allowing this."

Pretend you're an OEM who makes Windows Phone hardware.

  1. You can't customize the Start screen
  2. You can only use what is specified in the hardware requirements (very limited in WP7)
  3. And by your preference, OEMs can't have exclusive software. Or rather, they can pay for it, keep it for awhile but then have to give it to their competition for free. Great incentive.


Why would an OEM want to "compete" on Windows Phone again? How are they to differentiate themselves? (Meanwhile on Android, they can do anything they want and it sells).

Face it, exclusive apps and the color of the phone is basically all OEMs can really do to woo customers. Take that away and they have nothing but the hardware anesthetics.

"Take that away and they have nothing but the hardware anesthetics."

And some of the designs will really put people to sleep!

I think we should be able to buy some of those apps after a certain period... say after 6 months of exclusivity. They get to shill phones for 6 months, and the whole WP ecosystem is strengthened after that time.
I liked being able to tell Android users that whatever feature I was using was across all WP instead of being device-specific like they're used to. WP is heading down the same path, and at the end of the day it makes mobile purchase decisions more difficult... Especially to the gumby who may not realise they won't have access to certain apps.

They're not "giving it to the competition" either... Providing it for sale to non-Nokia customers has many benefits 1) direct income from app sales; 2) happy customers who can finally get the apps; 3) more exposure to the Nokia brand, possibly making their next mobile purchase a Nokia; and 4) a strengthening of the WP marketplace. What's most important is the strength of the WP ecosystem. Too much exclusivity dilutes this and doesn't give 'a consistent experience across all handsets' as MS declared all along.

HTC for one has about a dozen exclusive apps that they either developed in house or paid to have developed. Everyone does it and it's a great way for OEMs to differentiate. Don't blame Nokia for blowing the the doors off everyone else when it comes to differentiating.

I love the Nokia exclusives however I get shitty when the exclusives are not available on my lumia 900 coz im in australia

If the chase banking app is lumia exclusive after a year of not having one im gone ......................Im mad as heck and I'm not going to take it any more

Well this is again one of those apps that would not be here without Nokia.
Nokia partnered with Six Flags 2 months ago.... in others words payed 3rd party to make this app.
I'm not even sure if this app is coming to other Windows Phones at all?

This is a partnership between Six Flags Theme parks and Nokia; not sure why Nokia would make it available to other oem's, and certainly not for free.

What's kind of surprising is that Six Flags doesn't have apps on iOS or Android. You would have expected them to have an official app by now...

That's actually very interesting and quite a win for Nokia and Windows Phone.  The exclusives are usually only a few months, so by the time October hits, it should be available for all WPs; Right around all the end of the year events and holidays. 

Very Nice!
I'm walking distance from Six Flags, but I don't have a Lumia yet :(  But will definitely use this app for Holiday In The Park!

Unfortunately it only includes the US parks, I was hoping to use it here in Mexico given that we have a Six Flags park in Mexico City.

There is a Six Flags app dedicated solely to the one in Mexico. Go to your Bing search and type in Six Flags and it will give you the option to download the app! ;)

Awww man. I don't have a Lumia and am going to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tomorrow. I'm a season pass holder and can vouch that at this park, there are advertisements located throughout the park for the Lumia 900. Quite heavily I might add!

I'm loving this. If it wasn't for the BIG push by Nokia, I can't imagine how long it would have been before we would have seen an app. I think all this added content and support is also giving great credibility to the potential success of Windows Phone 8.
T-minus 1 year till some WP8 awesomeness!

I don't spend any time reading apple or android sites, but is it just us (Windows Phone users) who pay any attention or recognize the beauty of s well done app. I always hear Dan saying what a nice looking app it is if it is and I was just wondering if anyone else pays attention on any of the other platforms. I must say that every app I've seen seems to look measurably better on a Windows Phone especially if it uses the design guidelines.

Im tired of the exclusives. I thought Nokia was going to help the marketplace by allowing everyone to use their apps. I shouldn't have to buy a Nokia phone to make WP experience "better". The experience should be the same no matter the phone you buy. At least give me the option to buy the app.

CNN was a Nokia app that everyone can now have. Nokia Drive will also be open to all Windows Phone soon too. That's pretty huge, actually.

Lol!  You thought wrong.  The core WP experience is the same for everyone; however, it is enhanced by oem's making apps specific to their devices. 
Nokia apps appear to be a better value add to WP via Nokia Lumia, than HTC apps for HTC devices, or Samsung apps for Samsung devices, and LG, and so on. 
With that said, if you want an enhanced experience, the best I might add, then it'll need to be a Lumia.  Good thing is, Nokia is contributing some tech in WP8, not to mention making Nokia Drive available for all WP8 devices.

while i like the idea, I'm still asking where are the apps and commercials? Heck, I just saw a Sony ad with spiderman and how you can sync a video/movie it with your television. Where's the Playto commercial? or the app to open my garage door, my car door, or change/program my time warner cable receiver? These are apps and commercials that shows the future and make people say, that's cool!

This app is a good start but it needs a lot. If you they want to make an amusement park app they should take a look at the Mousewait app for the Disneyland parks.It gives you all the basic info like this app does BUT it aslo gives you usefull information like up to date wait times for all  the rides, and places to eat. It also has a crowd index which shows you how full the parks are. Along with that it has its own lounge where members can post messages and pictures.It gives you the food menus for all the restaurants at the parks.  

No mention of any dynamic ride wait time information or fast-pass funtionality. Those would be really nice to have, and seem like they'd really increase the value of the app for both Nokia and Six Flags. 

Does anyone know if it will use GPS to place your current position on the map of the park?   That would be a "must" I'd think - nearest bathroom, shortest route to desired destination.... Is that what "Reality View" will provide?
Will definitely use this on our next trip to Discovery Kingdom.  Thanks Nokia!