Nokia releases Trivial Pursuit for Windows Phone 8

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a Nokia exclusive Xbox title for Windows Phone 7 devices but was slow to make the move to Windows Phone 8. For those waiting to test their trivia skills on their Nokia Lumia 920, 820 or other Lumia Windows Phone 8 device the wait is over.

Nokia has flipped the switch and Trivial Pursuit is now available for your Windows Phone 8 Lumia device.

Trivial Pursuit has two game modes, Pursuit or Classic with the ability to track your gaming stats, customize your profile, set your own time limits and create personalized difficulty levels. Being an Xbox Windows Phone title, Trivial Pursuit also has XBox achievements to pursue.

Trivial Pursuit

We'll pester Paul to take Trivial Pursuit out for a test drive and get a review up shortly. In the meantime, there is a trial version available for Trivial Pursuit with the full version running $2.99.

You can find it here in the Windows Phone Store, through the Nokia Collection on your Nokia Windows Phone 8 device or just by scanning the QR code below from your Nokia Lumia phone.

Thanks, Thomas, for the tip!

QR: Trivial Pursuit


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Nokia releases Trivial Pursuit for Windows Phone 8


4 years ago I almost dropped $20 on this for my WM. Times sure have changed. I bet many people nowadays think $2.99 is too expensive!

You're correct. I do remember those days, having to search all over the web for good apps/utils, no centralized app store, and paying $19.99 or $14.99 for many of the stuff I purchased. Times have changed.

Can someone please make a list of all the Nokia Lumia exclusives games??

I wanna see if each of theses games are availlable here in the Brazilian WP Store. :)


Zuma revenge, trivial pursuit, mirrors edge, picnic wars, spy mouse, parking car, game of life, bomber defense and some other.. They are like 9-10 exclusive games.. Nokia is just amazing..

No problem. Would be nice is MFST would work on bringing more of their windows 7 games to the newer phones, I still have a bunch I bought with my old one that I have yet to play since I upgraded and got rid of my old phone.

The Nokia collection is mostly a joke. I doesn't contain all of the Nokia exclusives and adds in other games that are not exclusive for no reason. Ex. In mine there is angry birds seasons and asphalt heat, but not spy mouse, trivial pursuit, game of life, and a few other of the exclusives as well. In all there are 13 exclusives I think. Give or take two.

FC rocket. Yahtzee, bejeweled+, angry birds season,star wars, space, and jet set go i just finished checkin on the Nokia collection

hmm did not see blobster, risk and connect 4 maybe i did not press the "more from Nokia Corporation" tab

Nokia does more for wp8 than Microsoft does. Its a shame Nokia is stuck using wp8. If they have free raines of the OS I bet the Lumia line would dominate all over the world but they are hamstrung by a complacent and a mismanaged microsoft

Well MSFT is nor only about WP they also have to worry about their tablet, pc, and laptop market. They should hand the WP development to Nokia though that will make WP progress feature-wise faster

I never thought about it like that Jnbs. Not a bad idea especially since Nokia has put it all on the line for this OS. Maybe MS will loosen the reigns and allow Nokia to do what they do best.

Wow this is worse idea I've every heard.  Nokia wants MS to carry the torch of designing and maintaining an OS.  Nokia is just writing applications which is far easier.  If Nokia wanted an OS they would have kept Meego and Symbian.  Also if Nokia would take WP it would move away from W8/WRT instead of towards WRT as it is now.

You're sounding too much like me. And unfortunately for Microsoft, more and more of their once loyal fans are coming to your/my conclusions. If this catches momentum, Microsoft will be affected and will naturally blame the backlash on everything other than mismanagement and complacency.

Microsoft shines if Nokia shines. Right now their partnership is structured that way. Microsoft takes care of the platform and Nokia the hardware with added services. I agree that Microsoft needs to focus on their own services too but it is advantages for Microsoft to be the proud parent... For now.

Nokia isn't responsible for the OS: no universal search, no custom SMS tones, no distinct volume controls, an embarrassing mess of a desktop sync client that cannot properly sync playlists, album art, album organization or Xbox music, and no support for Bluetooth 4. Those are just a few of the things that Microsoft is responsible for, not Nokia. Don't see how Nokia shining helps Microsoft with these areas.

I guess what he meant is that MSFT gets more customers if Nokia shines because of their innovations..

+1. Cosiderimg Microsoft's incompetence, Nokia is the only reason I bought Lumia 920. And I'm afraid that if Nokia jump off this WP boat, there's very high chance that WP won't make it.

"they have free raines of the OS I bet the Lumia line would dominate all over the world"
Nokia is the best manufacturer but they had free reign in buidling their on OSes and it very nearly killed their company. WP is light years beyond any OS Nokia ever build so I think things are better the way they are now.

I would consider it, but I hate EA and will not buy from them. I wish that Nokia had an exclusive deal with a different company, but oh, well.

That's because you haven't purchased the new SimCity... Spent $60, and almost a week after launch I still can't play it due to the unstable EA server:(

EA is the worst. They constantly force you to buy games new with their online passes then they shut down there servers all the time. Not to mention they have a monopoly on basically all sports and just pump them out every year.

I do however feel Activision is just as bad with Call of Duty and that's why the last Cod I have played is MW1

All sports? 2K has made the only basketball game for about 3 years, and the only Xbox baseball game since 2006. 2K ALSO just got the exclusive license to MMA, and EA has not held the NASCAR license for 2 or 3 years as well. All EA has is football and hockey, plus the college sports, not that anyone cares. I think that EA has 4 games, while 2K has 3.

1. The Online Pass is what started it for me. The last title I got from EA was NBA LIVE 2007, I think.

2. The Mass Effect issue angered many fans.

3. Sim City is a moronic fiasco.

There is one other thing that specifically pisses me off, but I will not mention it because it would not bother others like it bothers me, and it might start unneeded drama. Point being, EA lost my business with the Online Pass, and they have not done a single positive thing since.

I don't hate EA. I do hate the exclusivity they have with the NFL. Madden gets progressively worse with no other competition out there.

Nokia, thank you for not only carrying windows phone on your back, but also publishing games WITH Xbox live. Please continue to do so. We love you.

No, if you bought it before just click buy and should tell you that you already bought it. At least that's what happened with me and Risk.

Shame some of the questions are so far out of date. One about the football world cup that the answer is no longer correct for since 2010.

Some kid I actually didn't know stalked me on Xbox live and turns he lived like an hour away from me. He also knew I had a windows phone 7 and windows phone 8 and he messaged me asking if i could meet him at a starbucks and bring my windows phone 7. Be actually wanted to use my phone to load his gamertag so he could get the 200 easy gamerscore from trivial pursuit..all becuase it was not available on his wp8. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?! haha