Nokia releases the Xbox Windows Phone games Risk and Connect 4

Risk from Nokia and EA Games

Adding to the release of FourSquare, Nokia and EA Games has released the Xbox Windows Phone game Risk and Connect 4 to the Lumia line of Windows Phones. Both can easily be considered classic board games and the Windows Phone version represents the originals very well.

The game of Risk is one of global domination where you battle your opponents from country to country. The Windows Phone version allows for you to battle with up to five opponents or computer adversaries. Risk has Xbox Live achievements and leaderboards.


Multi-player game play is played in one of two ways. You can battle opponents over WiFi or pass and play. It's a wonderfully drawn up game and if you can't find anyone to battle, the computerized opponents can be a handful.  

Connect 4

Connect 4 on the other hand is a puzzle game of sorts where you try to connect four disks and blocking your opponent who is trying to do the same.  You drop your playing disks down columns on the game board.  Like Risk, you can challenge you opponents over WiFi or simply by pass and play.  There are fifteen Xbox Live achievements to earn in the process.  Can't find an opponent, there's always the computer to challenge.

We'll take both Risk and Connect 4 out for a test drive and get reviews up shortly.

In the meantime, there is a free trial version available for Risk that is limited to the single player mode. The full version is running $2.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.  There is also a trial version for Connect 4 and the full version is running $2.99 as well.  You can find Connect 4 here at the Windows Phone Store.

For the time being, Risk and Connect 4 are Nokia Lumia exclusives and you can only purchase it from your Lumia Windows Phone.

Thanks, no0b, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Nokia releases the Xbox Windows Phone games Risk and Connect 4


Imagine if everyday... Nokia released an exclusive up until the launch of the Lumia 920.
What excellent promotion, most users would forget there were even other options!
They may do this. I mean we are promised EA Games and games such as words with friends and God knows what else....

And here comes the first complain. ;)
Buy Nokia and you get all these + other exclusive apps and +22 amazing Nokia made apps. 

The thing is, smart guy, I already have a WP. In fact, I bought it before Nokia released their first WP. Your solution to throw it away and get a Nokia is lame. Now, what if HTC starts going down the exclusive apps road also. Would you suggest I carry around two WPs so I can get the apps I want? It is a legitimate complaint about exclusive apps.

It does suck, but they are only exclusive for a few months.  Nokia has to get some sort of incentive for bringing these games to the platform, and spending as much money as they are in getting the ecosystem moving.  Once things level out, there won't be much need for exclusivety any longer.

Both phones got things the other cant, if your current suits you the way it is, then why bother complaining.. ? It was known way before hand that nokia would release their phones..

This exclusive app crap is getting old really quick. I dare not use the F word, but it's exactly what it is. If Nokia is going to be keeping every other WP user from having important apps, then they sure as hell better get their devices on every carrier and not keep playing these games or they're going to start seriously damaging the platform. No wonder MS is hyping the HTCs and building their own stuff.

Sucks to ahve HTC or Samsung. ;)
Well nobody in China with 650 million users is getting HTC with WP. Nokia has both Lumia 920 and 820 available from China Mobile. And globally this isn't problem. 
Nokia will be available globally in way bigger scale so if anybody having these apps, it's Nokia. 

The world is bigger than just the USA.. And I never understood the fact ppl are taking a privider which doesnt support the phones they want.. I mean, just wait till your contract ends and go with the provider who does have the phones you want.. ?

Aaaaannnnd here we go with the Nokia bashing! Just throw in a few "huge and heavy" complaints and the set will be complete!

All those exclusive apps have only 3 months exclusivity. They are exclusive only because Nokia pays for them. And why not? They are trying to increase their sales with exclusive apps. And Nokia already provides their own apps to other WP devices like Nokia Drive. Nobody expects Nokia to pay developers thousands of dollars only to have it available to everyone. Business is business.

That actually makes zero sense. If they pay developers thousands of dollars, why not have the full (and still small) WP7 community buying it, instead of just those with Lumias? If 'business is business', you'd want as many people as possible buying the game with your name plastered all over it.  What would make more sense are exclusive pieces to a game - like Angry Birds having extra levels, or Risk could have additional play modes.
Exclusives are designed to get people to move to a specific phone or platform.  No one is moving to Lumia just so they can buy Risk for $2.99.  Now they might move for something more substantial like Nokia Music or some of Nokia's other built-in apps or abilities, but not for a game, or even 3 or 4 exclusive games, esp not when they'll be available within 3 months time.  Not to mention you STILL have to pay for the exclusive game even while owning a Lumia.
I have no problem with Nokia doing whatever they want with their money, even if I think it's dumb, but pretending it makes business sense is simply incorrect.  In 3 months there will be newer games that everyone is playing, and the 70% of the WP market you dismissed will no longer want your game.
HTC is releasing their phones to as many carriers as possible, while Nokia is limiting the 920 to AT&T for a 'limited time'.  Again, this is so people will switch, except that it negates the millions that CAN'T switch due to existing contracts, family plans, etc.  HTC understands this.  Nokia does not.  Would I have bought a 920 on T-Mobile?  Without hesitation.  Will I wait 6 months for the 920 instead of getting the 8x?  Hardly. 
Exclusivity is an important tool for companies to get people to switch, however when you play it incorrectly, you simply lose market share, as Nokia is doing, first with the 920, and now with exclusive paid apps.

Has HTC released any of their exclusive apps for all WP OEMs? 
Has Samsung done so? 
Don't tell me that you didn't know that HTC and Samsung also have exclusive apps. 

Living outside of U.S and moving to lumia. Those carrier things are not available in my country and i'm not paying to Htc for limited support thing.

For those without Nokia phones, fret not, it's EA titles. You'll spend $X for a game that has bugs which are not addressed in the subsequent updates, those will be for adding the ability to buy add-ons to your broken game. For the cost of 3 times the original purchase you'll still have a broken game but lots of extra levels and unlocks to be on and in when the game STILL crashes or glitches.

Oh wait, that is BF3. The last EA title I will ever buy.

Why is there no A-sync for Risk?  I hope they update it at some point with A-sync so you can find poeple online to play as well.

connect 4 has an achievement for playing 1000 total games. FAIL. Maybe for $0.99 I would get it, but come on....20 hours to complete the game and it's connect 4. $2.99????

Everyone is so excited to get the 920 that getting 2 lame ass games as exclusives has everyone all amped up.  Including me haha.

I have no problem with oem having their personal apps. Just not 3rd party apps. I know this has Nokia fan boys creaming their pants but this hurts W8 as a whole. W8 is under 4%. Everybody likes different phones or options. Some top phones are only available on certain carriers and might not have signal in your area. When people go into a store and like a W8 phone that fits what they want but they can't get certain apps there's a good chance they'll go Android or IOS.

Exactly. Some people might not want Nokia, and then find out that's the only WP with certain apps or games they want so the just go with Android or ios. I'm getting an 8X, assuming it goes to Verizon, and really don't care about the 920 or where it goes. And I blame Nokia and its fans for me not wanting one. Just sick of hearing how much "better" it is than other phones.

I am having the same problem. I have a new shiny 920 and am in Toronto. I cannot find the risk or the connect 4 app? is anyone else know the problem?

Same issue. It's really annoying. Not that i boudht it just because of Risk, but was really looking forward to play it...