Nokia reportedly readying new camera app for their Lumia line called Camera Extension

Lumia 900

Nokia has caught some flack for their less-than-stellar Windows Phone cameras, something which we probably remind people of all too often. Regardless, you have to admire their commitment to offering some of the best OEM apps on Windows Phone.

Word on the street (specifically Hong Kong) is that Nokia will be launching a new app for the Lumia line called Camera Extension which will allow users to have a new panorama feature, smart group capture, burst mode and self timer as new camera functions. These additions look to compliment the photo editing abilities in their Creative Studio app released a few weeks ago.

Camera Extension

The info was even captured on a slide during a Nokia "experience day" for the Lumia 900 and the info was revealed by a Nokia representative ensuring the legitimacy of the claim. No details on when we can expect the release but if we know Nokia, it's probably right around the corner.

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Update: Two more pics have surfaced. One of the Data Counter app and the other of Camera Extension

Camera Extension   Data Counter

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Nokia reportedly readying new camera app for their Lumia line called Camera Extension


I just hope that "extension" means that these features will be integrated in the camera app, rather than having a seperate app like creative studio.

Pluses and minuses for either option.

  • If it's not an app then it requires a firmware update. If that's the case, it could be awhile for all of their phones to get it.
  • If an app I agree it's not as convenient but all their phones get it within days. 


That's not necessarily true. Samsung released their High Fidelity app which integrated into the settings menu to improve their GPS and that did not require a firmware update. I'm sure if it came with a firmware update it would work more smoothly, but I don't think it would have to. But, I could be very wrong.

Not true. HTC has "camera modes" and "attentive phone" as stand alone apps that build the functionality into the OS itself. When you install them it just adds the menu options. If HTC can do it then Nokia can surly make it happen.

What you see as "issues" in our opinion is hardware related (specifically a lower-quality sensor).

While some minor tweaking of the camera app can bring some nice changes, we're not really expecting any significant improvements, so it's probably best to not get your hopes up.

I know it's hardware I'm just sad its not at full potential. :( I hope the tango update followed by the firmware fixes the camera (the audio and the 15 to 25 second auto focus)

15 to 25 second auto focus is not normal... Make sure that your focus mode is set to normal and not to macro. I had a similar problem when I first bought my lumia.

A comparison between the lumia 800 and the N9 will show you how much optimisation Nokia can do software wise (since the N9, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 have the same sensor and optics). http://www.gsmarena.com/piccmp.php3?idType=1&idPhone1=4240&idPhone2=3398... The software on the N9 is as good as can be since it took Nokia forever to get it out, and there isn't much difference between the N9 and the Lumia 800, so I agree with Daniel that the issues are hardware related. 

I was under the impression that the problems for the Lumia range of cameras and their issues compared to the N9 which uses the same optics are down to the Qualcomm SoC. Normally as int he case of the N9 Nokia optimizes it's own sensor to work with the SoC but with the spec restrictions and short lead time for their first Windows Phones they had to go with stock and didn't have this opportunity to make hardware improvements.
The optics are still good of course and I actually think the photos can be impressive given the right lighting conditions. The HTC Titans superficially appear better but they also look to have a huge amount of sharpening applied which is not desirable.

"The HTC Titans superficially appear better but they also look to have a huge amount of sharpening applied which is not desirable"

Sorry, but this is nonsense. There is a world of difference between a BSI sensor and FSI and if you're not even talking about that as a differentiator, I'm not sure what to tell you.

The Titan I, Titan II and Radar all have BSI sensor as does the iPhone 4/4s. It's a huge difference in hardware and is what matters here. 

Just a quick question: is the Lumia 900's camera similar to the 800's? I hate my Lumia 800's camera and I'm beginning to think it's down to the OS because spec-wise it seems good enough...

Yes, the 900's camera is 99% the same as the 800's.

Spec wise it seems good enough? You, my friend, need to learn about the specs ;-)

Check out how well the 16MP camera on the HTC Titan II works. Hint: it's not the MP but the quality of the sensor (BSI vs FSI): http://www.wpcentral.com/playing-htc-titan-iis-16mp-camera-low-light-and-maco-samples

The OS is basically fine, it's the HARDWARE that makes the difference. Nokia chose poor hardware for the camera, imo. On the other hand, it's $100 cheaper than the Titan II.

It's a shame they wont for that sensor when they have lots of award winning sensors on their Symbian phones. Though like you said, i guess they went for the price. Something that looks to be only way to sell WP7 at the moment.
I would still go for 900 myself because of apps, design and screen.

Tho the camera in low light situations leaves pix quality abit tepid. Most other lighting allows good pix. Love my 900. I'll just bring my 14mp canon in low light situations :]

If its an app I hope they combine all their cameraapps. Why have more camera apps from the same developer.
Also they should combine Nokia drive,maps and transport in one app.
Microsoft have 5 og 6 apps with photofun. Combine them to one app. Im drowning in apps.

The sensor is a definite limitation, but the software is really poor. When you are looking at the screen before you take the picture the image is great, but the picture has that weird color caste in the center. Its worse in low light, but its always a nuisance. And that my Friends is a software fix waiting to happen. Lets hope they fix it soon.

Well the old phones were alot thicker and the camera would protrude from behind. The lumia line has a streamlined design.

I'm pleased with the Lumia 900 camera. I'm coming from an HTC Arrive, that camera is just horrible compared to the Lumia 900. While the Lumia 900 isn't the best, it's a step up for me. I'm happy with it. I'm sure Nokia can help make it alittle better with an update

In as much as I agree with Daniel about the choice of sensor making a huge differentiation between the Lumia 900 and TitanII to a certain extent, I still believe that there's more to a camera quality than just the BSI vrs FSI gimmicks. The N9 doesn't have the BSI sensor but its camera is one of the best we have around and even though I agree that Lumia 900 camera is sub par it still take pictures far better than the Htc Radar which apparently spots the BSI. I have both phones and I have taken several sample pictures both on low light and bright lightening situations and the Lumia 900 trounces the Radar in both situations.