Red Lumia 928

Nokia US accidently reveals candy red Verizon Lumia 928 in new photo

Last week, Windows Phone Central reported on firmware being visible on Nokia’s servers for the Lumia 928 disclosing a “red” edition with a new product code: RM-860 VAR VRZ RED (059R227). At the time, the speculation seems to point to an obvious conclusion: Verizon and Nokia were gearing up for a red Lumia 928 to help refresh the line.

Now, an image posted by Nokia US on their Facebook page appears to reveal the glossy, candy-red device for the first time. The image posted was not meant to highlight a red Lumia 928, but instead bolster the chemical testing process Nokia uses to ensure that the polycarbonate they use holds up under duress.

Earlier: NaviFirm reveals new firmware for a red Lumia 928

While eight phone shells are revealed, the red one clearly matches the Lumia 928 design to the tee (you can even see a white one next to it). It is however missing the speaker grill and '4G LTE' logo on the back, hinting that this is an early prototype and not production line level quite yet. 

We have to admit, that bright glossy red looks great on the device and we hope that this means the red edition is around the corner.

Officially speaking, Nokia and Verizon have not announced a red variant of the Lumia 928, but hope springs eternal.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, Anthony V., for the tip


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Nokia US accidently reveals candy red Verizon Lumia 928 in new photo


Me too! Toast notification ended with candy.. as the last word so thought candy ...crush for Windows Phone 8 - would be the remaining headlines. Talk about anti-climax.

Now that's what I'm talking about❗.. But, where's the yellow, and cyan, versions❔Also, this is why I always wait for what I really want, and rarely ever settle.........

Verizon is conservative with their colors. Look at all their other phones. Most of them are "normal" colored cell phones.
Forgot to say: I doubt they'll ever add color to their phones.

And, as color quickly is becoming very popular,, Verizon will have to jump on board with more color choices..

Kill. If I can get it for a penny I might pull the trigger. Then in a year and a half when Blue is stable I will be in a good position.

Looks very sharp.

Sure, they wanted to go "business-appropriate" and not "flashy," but they still should've launched the phone with some colour options... Red certainly makes the somewhat basic design much better looking.

I just looked it up and I guess you're technically right in the same way that "literally" is now considered correctly used for emphasis on something figuratively true, but I stand by how it's the adverb form of "accidental" and should be "accidentally."

Still doesn't excuse the use of the word "boaster". "Bolster", perhaps?

I hate to point this stuff out, but there are far too many spelling and grammatical errors on this site. Doesn't keep me from loving it though. ;)


Accident is the noun. Accidental is the adjective. Add the suffix -ly to form the adverb accidentally. While I realize that you're never wrong in your own mind, Cambridge begs to differ.

On the day that Vodafone sold Verizon. The colour red may not be associated with the Verizon company anymore. I hate glossy phones anyways. Too slippery.

Verizon's logo has always been red and black though, had nothing to do with Vodafone. Red has always been associated with them, blue for AT&T (though that's been de-emphasized), Magenta for T-Mobile and Yellow for Sprint.

Matte red would be pretty sexy. I really like the matte black 928. Glossy white looks great but it's kind of a smudge magnet.

Really? The Lumia 925 has a matte white back and I find that to be a finger print magnet and slippery even the aluminum. I'd like to try a glossy Lumia.

What if at&t drops this bomb. Tomorrow releases gdr2 and launch data sense on their network? You'd think they would want to become "good guy at&t" instead of "douchebag at&t"

Too bad it will likely receive the same support as the red 825, ignored and all accessories will cover that beautiful red color with either black or white.

True. I really forgot that there was a red 822... Waste of commercial money. Plus it actually looked good.

It seems to be selling pretty well. 347 ratings on the Verizon site, not too bad. Heck, I have one and love it hehe.

the red 928 is really cool but, what i'm interested in is the black polycarbonate casing to the left next to the white 928 case
looks like a 620 but has a hole for flash and metal inserts on it.

Forget the red 928... What is an 810 doing there? I'm gonna cast doubt on that leak being anything recent. Unless of course Nokia is working on a new version of the 810...

I forgot to mention this, but the red Lumia back case in the photo actually does have the "4g lte" logo on the back along with the speaker. Its just really hard to see unless you zoom in closer on the photo.

Daniel, would you say that's a Lumia 810 shell next to it? Surprising they're still testing it given that it's been EOLd.

Yeah, pretty annoying actually. I don't see the point of adding a new color months after release. I doubt a brand new color is enough to get a smartphone buyer to make up their mind about a phone..