Nokia ring tone contest winner announced

We previously covered the contest Nokia was holding for an updated version of their well known ring tone. It has been altered in the past, but the winning tune for this competition has taken the ring tone, added some dub and a bit of step (gettin' down with the kids), and produced a constructed-reality-alternating mix, which is guaranteed to either blow your ears off should your headphones be on with the volume up, or freak out nearby passengers on public transport.

Valerio Alessandro Sizzi, an Italian DJ, is the brains and creativity behind the new tone that is sure to send him straight through the popularity chambers. This 24-second version of the iconic ringtone will be loaded onto 100 million handsets, which will be shipped globally. Valerio has earned $10,000 in prize money, has beat 6,200 other entries and won the minds of the seven judges.

The panel of judges included Kai Bronner, one of the founders of Audio Branding Academy; Julian Treasure, known for his TED talks and author of "Sound Business"; and Mark Dewings, head of Brand & Marketing Communications at SoundCloud. Nokia’s own SVP of Design, Marko Ahtisaari, was also on the jury.

"I never expected my version to be so popular and to be highly rated by Nokia, but hey! Nice surprise. I made a dubstep version of the Nokia Tune because the style has become massively popular during the last two years. I just thought that a sparkling, cool version of the Nokia Tune would attract young customers."

Dubstep has become so popular? Right. Last time I looked, Lady Gaga was topping charts. Check out the new Nokia ringtone. What do you think? Mum mum mum mah.

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Nokia ring tone contest winner announced


This is rather awful. But dubstep is quite popular at the moment - especially in **** pop environment...P.S. Lady GaGa did not have #1 in UK for quite a while now.

OMG, That really sucked. Dub step's the worst thing to ever happen to music since Beiber.But nothing can beat Beiber.

Ain't that the truth. Never heard of it until today and, given what this ringtone sounds like, I'll be avoiding it at all costs.That ringtone is a whole pile of suck fail.

LMAO,im fromt he UK and i LOVE THIS RINGTONE!!! Its soo good! So modern and alerting! :P I dont get all the hate, its a little random, but i like it!

OMG, what were they thinking? Nobody would use this as a ringtone... If Nokia can be so astray with ringtones, I hope the phones are better...

Seriously? That's what Nokia chose? Holy #$%^ that's awful! I mean for a ringtone especially... what are they trying to grab the hipster crowd?

@Saljen...Naw, Nokia didn't choose this - there was a committee of music industry folks that chose it. What's even more interesting is that entry winners were selected based on the number of votes that it received (voted on by 'the people'), and apparently, this tone had a lot of votes else it wouldn't have made it to the finals! I'm just hoping that Nokia loads this only on their new Symbian devices :)

This tune has the 3 highest number of "votes" at 1394. The highest and clear winner as far as votes went came in with 13,233 votes. And that is just the ranking among the winners. One of the finalists had 39,494 votes. The "music industry" nitwits picked this.

Yep, they picked it! But my wish remains: that this 'ringtone' is loaded only on the Symbian devices! Nokia WP devices deserve better than this.

I actually kinda like it, wish it was a bit longer though.What is bothering me though is the paltry prize money...If my maths is correct he is only getting $0.0001 per phone it's loaded onto.

Glad I will be able to change it if this becomes the default ringtone. Come on Nokia?The contest was cool, but not the outcome.

Oh no no no...i don't think so. It gets better later, but the first 2-3 seconds are just terrible. You know which Nokia Tune was great ? The one in the youtube's video announcing the contest - when the "2011" phone started ringing...i would really like to have that one as a ringtone.Anyway - the voting should be public, i mean for the people to decide, because the jury may have liked this one - but as it turns out, almost nobody likes it here, at the user's side.

Sounds like someone downloaded five terrible ringtones to five handsets, then set them off, one after the other.

I don't want this ringtone - however I do want the drugs the Judges were using!God help anyone who's phone sets off this sonic-bomb in a meeting or movie theater.Atrocious!

hmm.. well it seems i'm very much so in the minority on this one, but honestly, i love it!it still has that classic nokia vibe to it, but now with some womp wommpp wommmppp on top (what could possibly go wrong?)!...with that said though, yeah it does feel a bit much for a ringtone. then again, i've definitely heard people with some pretty awful pop songs as rings, so who knows.. i typically prefer simpler instrumental-type rings, but i'll give this one a try for sure (maybe just on the weekends though).

Ahh, thanks, didn't see that. OK, of course I know that one... been used in so many movies and tv shows...

I don't know why people are acting all butthurt about it. Most of us wanted custom ringtones because we have different flavors that please us. This may not please you, but I'm sure it'll please others. I think it may have been fine without that little vocal or whatever that thing was in the beginning.Of course, I won't be using it because of the plethora of other things that would fit me better, but, still, I won't **** on this kid's parade, so congrats to him.

This is why I'm generally against creative contests. This really sucks, especially as a ringtone. It's not iconic at all.

Horrible in my opinion. Wouldn't stop me from buying a Nokia phone if they have one in the US with enough memory. Did anyone else have it automatically open with Quicktime? Hmmm...Apple? Really?

it was stupid idea to make such a contest to begin with. it takes much more to make adequate ringtone than even usual music making skills (which most of common home-based "musicians" lack). you need to be talented sound designer to make a good ringtone, that will sound appropriate and may attract attention, but not in a bad way, not by being annoying. and trust me, it's too easy to make it annoying.Microsoft's sound designer that made ringtones for WP7 does have some talent and did a plenty of good ringtones for different tastes. Nokia should have just asked him to do the new Nokia tune.

I really hope that someone at Nokia puts down a foot and says no to this. This is NOT something that they want associated with their corporate name. I understand and agree with updating the ringtone, but I heard very little of the base Nokia tone and this was just bad on sooooo many levels.

Pardon my ignorance, but what the F is dubstep?And while I realize there are probably worse sounding ringtones out there, they're usually tones downloaded/created by the individual user. If Nokia actually makes this the default ringtone (OMG, what if they put it in commercials!!), they're going to look like they're catering to the younger crowd. That's going to turn off the business folks.

I VERY seriously doubt anyone would be "turned off" from buying a Nokia handset because of a ringtone that ships with it. Nokia is BY FAR the most well known brand when it comes to mobiles.

All you people moaning and complaining about it, acting like it is so easy to produce, lets hear your ringtones?Don't get me wrong; I'm not much of a dubstep fan, but I think he did a pretty good job.

Also, I hope that isn't the default ring tone. Make it an option. I highly doubt it will get used that much. Dub has a LOT of deep low end sudden bass drops... or something. On a phone this translates to, well, nothing haha.I was as Kennedy Space Center for the final shuttle launch and captured the audio on my WP7. During playback you hear virtually nothing but a few of the poppy crackly sounds. When you put it on a system with a sub you can hear AND feel it.My point is, deep bassy sounds on a phone are useless. :)

If that was leading into an actual song? Not bad.As an actual ringtone packaged with my phone?DO NOT WANT!

As far as dubstep tunes go... thats absolutely terrible, considering its meant to be used as someones ringtone makes it even worse.Pretty dissapointing nokia... and im a dubstep fan.

This has to be a joke. This was the winner? What did it compete against, fingernails on a blackboard in HD?

Love it. I'm not a big fan of dubstep or electronic music in general, but dubstep is a very interesting, and fascinating style of music. Anyway, change is good, and this is definitively a change from the old tune.

really? you call that a ringtone?! I think the people who picked this are clueless.I would never use anything like this as my ringtone (and I'm sure I'm not alone).