Nokia rumored to be working on dual-SIM Windows Phone


There are some of us who require a mobile phone with multiple SIMs, whether this be due to having two numbers or be frequently traveling abroad with a local SIM on-hand to avoid extreme contract fees. Nokia has dual-SIM hardware available within its Asha line of low-end smartphones, but we're yet to see a Windows Phone support this feature.

That's about to change, account to a new tweet by leakster @evleaks with the codename "Moneypenny" being thrown into the mix. We previously looked at Moneypenny when both itself and "Goldfinger" were unveiled, the former reported to introduce Jedi hand gesture support.

Rum: 9

We've given this a 9 on the Rum'o'meter simply because we can definitely see this happening in the low to mid range of Nokia's Windows Phone family. That and @evleaks is generally accurate when it comes to leaked hardware. 

Evleaks Dual SIM Nokia Tweet

Dual-SIM devices are huge in emerging markets like India and not so much in the US or Western Europe, so this will probably fall into the Lumia 5xx or 6xx range. As always with rumours, we recommend you take this with a grain of salt. Would you be interested in picking one up, depending on specifications and pricing?

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)


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Nokia rumored to be working on dual-SIM Windows Phone


It's not the 525 and 625 has already launched. So how can it fall in the 5xx or 6xx range? That should break the naming pattern in that case. Maybe 725.

But 530 supposedly is not meant for WP 8, isn't it so? Just like all the *10s were for WP7 and all *20s for WP8...

It says 'Blue-powered' aka WP8.1 so yes it will be the next gen line of model numbers I would think.

*10s tend to be T-Mobile branded devices from what I can tell.  At least that was the case with the 710 and 810.  Doesn't help you also have other numbers for other carriers.  Hopefully Nokia can do away with it soon. 

I'm with you man. Until recently I had a 920 (for about a year) and wanted to wait with my next phone until Nokia announces a dual SIM Lumia but so far there was none and still isn't. Sadly my 920 got stolen and now I was forced to get a new one way sooner than I hoped; I now have a 1020 and it looks like any dual SIM Lumia will come way to late since I Plan on keeping this one for at least 2 years.

Both MS and Nokia need to really focus on pushing and advertizing this one, This might just be the next 520! This can lead to a massive influx to WP users

Waiting for my dream device. The next 820. 5inch, snapdragon 800. 13mpx camera. 1 or 2 gb ram, 16gb storage. And of course with 8.1 :) hope it happens!

This won't get taken by many carriers especially not US and Europe. It'll have an obscure availability. Lumia 528 or 628, is my bet on a name...

Nokia still working on new models? I thought these were the last products from the Finnish giant!

Just to clarify, there's no "autonomous Nokia under Microsoft". Nokia will remain an independent company with as much connection to Microsoft as to Samsung or any other company who wishes to license their patents, but won't be on the phone business anymore (at least until 2016).
Microsoft will enter the phone business (like they did on the tablet business) using the people they bought from Nokia.
The deal, basically, is Microsoft buying the people from Nokia (and the infrastructures they use too since it's cheaper than to build new ones) while Nokia leaves the phone manufacturing business for the time being.

The deal isn't closed yet so I don't see why they should stop. The deal is only supposed to close in Q1 of 2014, which means Nokia can still present one last generation of Nokia-branded Windows Phones before going out of business.

Based on your own postings, Nokia is NOT "going out of business". It will change but will certainly NOT be going out of business!

As of now, Nokia and Microsoft are still two seperate companies. Only after all approvals from regulatory bodies, they will start functioning as one.

Till that happens, Nokia has to continue the work they were doing earlier. Any other step will be seen as a step taken for making the acquisition easy and is illegal from a regulatory point of view

if it comes, i am definitely buying it... its about time. MS and Nokia concentrated too much on the US that countries like India with huge consumer base gets neglected in their needs coz here most of the phone makers (esp android) use dual sim. i was contemplating on buying Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos but if nokia make this phone happen early im definitely going for it

From what I read, this ISN'T Moneypenny but a variant of the codename Moneypenny model. Which means Nokia would be reportedly working on 3 devices: the dual-sim, Moneypenny and Goldfinger. Which would account for, lets call them, the Nokia Lumia 930, 830 and 630.

I personally don't need dual-sim anymore, but my sister, who sports 3 different European carrier sim-card sure would. Though she's using a non-WP Nokia for one, her dual-sim phone is a crappy Samsung.
If this is one still released by Nokia, maybe I'll convince her to get it.

So can someone explain to me why dual sim is so popular in emerging markets like India where the lowest cost devices rule?  I'm not trying to be an ass, I really just want to know.  I guess I don't understand why people would be paying for two lines on one phone when for the most part, don't want to pay more than US$200 for a phone in the first place.  I mean, I can understand the businessman/woman who travels constantly, but dual sim seems really popular with the general population in India too.


Can someone explain why?  Totally clueless here.

I'm not from India but IF it works like it does in Europe, there are two things one must keep in mind:
1 - people DON'T buy phones with contracts. So they're not obliged to a certain mobile plan and can chose whatever they like, meaning, many of them have free calls and sms between the name carrier network;
2 - because people don't use contracts, it's easier and way way cheaper to have a second sim with a cheap plan to connect with your friends who are on that carrier.

So you buy phones on a PAYG routine and then go around carriers and get from them the services you want at the price most convenient to you. Since there's no fee to enter a carrier, it's sometimes cheaper to have two sim-cards from different carriers than to pay for calls and sms between them.

Well,we have a no contract culture in India so whether its a 50$ phone or a 800$ phone we have to pay everything. So all of them are factory unlocked. Carriers aren't as evil as they are in the states sometimes a call just costs a penny. Having different carriers lets users have different plans for different purposes. So its usually PAYG.

I know that when I'm visiting the Philippines I sometimes carry SIM cards from two major carriers there. Depending on the city I'm in, one carriers signal may be much stronger than another.

The reason the dual SIM is important in most emerging markets has to do with the Pre-Paid / Post Paid concept. Most emerging markets favor the pre-paid model and due to this fact you might get a better deal one day on carrier "A" and later in the month a better deal for minutes on carrier "B".

Lets use Digi-Cell and Top Up as the two carriers for the example. If you pay $10 for 1000 minutes on October 10 with Digi-Cell and you find a deal for $9 for 1000 minutes from Top Up on Nov 18, it makes sense to buy both and when you run out of minuted you just change cards. Most markets like this the prices change rapidly and what you get for the money also changes.

i'm one of the target for dual sim phone..
I had two phone line, 1 for data (free from my company) , 1 for voice (personal)..

so it much cheaper, safer and more convenient for me if I carry one phone only, not two like now..

ps: sorry for my broken English

In countries like India, all phones are sold unlocked. We then buy sim-cards from carriers based on our requirements and the carrier's offering. There are no monthly rentals and you pay only for what you use. Sometimes it could be that call and text are cheaper on a particular carrier, where are data is cheaper/better on other. in such scenarios it makes sense to have a dual-sim phone.

Not sure if I'd use it, but I'd rather it be in a high end phone.  What's the point of a dual sim low end phone... just buy two low end phones :P

Yes, 520s are so cheap -- just duct tape 2 together. Or someone could come out with a shell that joins 2 520s together.

I would really like this. AT&T/Rogers are expensive and nearly non-functional for cross border trips :-(

Would like dual sim, top of the range phone. Local sim for travelling plus home sim for bank to call me to say my credit card is cancelled or to ask if foreign transactions are fraudulent.

In Brazil, Samsung Galaxy's are popular with Dual-SIM.

The Dual-SIM support is the final frontier to the ultimate success of Windows Phone here in Brazil.

I currently have a 920 with another year left on the contract but would sell the phone and buy another tomorrow if there was a dual sim high end option, something like the 1020. Makes perfect sense, one sim for work and one for personal use. I know lots of people with two phones in the UK.

Two sim cards would allow me to have my company and my private number on one phone... But it would also mean that I would go from 2 Lumias to just one... Nah, I'm not so interested in a dual sim phone after all :)

I wish all phones were dual sim, or at least have options for the flagships. Just to have the option of keeping your original SIM when travelling to receive calls from home, but still be able to insert a local SIM for cheaper calls and data while you are there. Can also help if you have a work phone number that you want to run but not have to carry a 2nd phone, I'm sure a lot more people would like having it available, not just developing countries.

I don't get what's the fun keeping 2 SIMs as if 1 SIM card/phone number is not good enough. But still I agree that its good for MS/NOKIA they're giving what people want in developing markets like india/China.

In countries like India, all phones are sold unlocked. We then buy sim-cards from carriers based on our requirements and the carrier's offering. There are no monthly rentals and you pay only for what you use. Sometimes it could be that call and text are cheaper on a particular carrier, where are data is cheaper/better on other. in such scenarios it makes sense to have a dual-sim phone.

I travel a lot and carry 2 phones, sometimes 3. So even though I live in the US I would love to have a dual sim phone. But mos Americans don't travel abroad enough to warrant a dual sim phone.