Nokia rumoured to announce two Windows Phone 8 devices on September 5th

 Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices on Sept 5th

The crafty cats over at WPDang are hearing rumours that Nokia could be set to announce their first Windows Phone 8 devices on September 5th. They are suggesting that the new devices may be called the "Lumia 910" and "Lumia 920". As ever, we suggest filing this under *rumour* but WPDang have a good track record on these things.

At the site, they are also hinting that September 5th could be when Microsoft reveal more details about Windows Phone 8. It’s good to keep in mind that the dev event where Windows Phone 8 was initially launched did not go into specifics of end user features or UX changes. There is still much to come.

Interestingly, WPDang are unable to confirm any hint of Nokia Pureview technology being available in either of these two Lumias. If the failure to confirm a presence of Pureview on the two initial devices means the phones will be launching without that technology then that’s going to raise a few eyebrows. Nokia is betting big on imaging technology being a major differentiator in its smartphones.

The recent acquisition of the specialist imaging software company Scalado and its heavy investment in Pureview suggest that Nokia is serious about its future imaging plans. Were they not to leverage these technologies into their first generation Windows Phone 8 handsets they would be missing a huge opportunity.

We are always keen to hear your take, so please feel free to air your thoughts in the comments.

Source: WPDang


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Nokia rumoured to announce two Windows Phone 8 devices on September 5th


I know this wouldn't have made financial sense due to timing and such, but how I wish that Nokia brought out the N9 design and PureView for the WP8 launch. It's a shame that those innovations have been tarred by bad first impressions, and the N9 design wasn't paired with equally incredible software / internals (Windows Phone is good but not incredible).

I don't think he was trying to insight an argument, but just being truthful. I purchased my HTC HD7 on day one and still use it, but I know for a fact that the OS has less features and apps than Android and iOS. Sure it has a more fluid and fast UI, but when it comes down to it, Windows Phone 7.x is missing alot in compairison to the competition.

lol. I defend you and all you do is spell check. I guess I shouldn't expect anything more than this from the internet.

I also have an hd7 (typing from it now), and I agree that the UI is way faster than anything else I've seen. There are flaws in both hardware and software. I came from blackberry and the lack of a microsd slot is strange to me, but 16gb has been enough thus far. Not being able to send sound/video messages natively through mms is another weird decision. Despite all of that, I will never use anything but a WP now. I will run this phone into the ground and then buy another WP. Now, from the rumors I read (think it was from WPC) that 910 may be on tmobile. I would love to get my hands on a tmo lumia. The display 900 I played with in best buy felt like a solidly built phone and seemed much nicer than my hd7.

I happen to agree with some of what you’re saying. My initial reaction to Nokia coming on board with Windows Phone was that of excitement. That was down to the potential of finally seeing some great optics, optics to best whatever the iPhone had.

The first generation Lumia phones have camera quality, which I find to be fairly middling. I would have loved to see them do something better than the iPhone 4S. Nokia needs to re-establish its lead in optics once more. If they come to market with WP8 devices and still the camera lags behind iPhone then it will be a sorry day indeed.

Indicators are good however that Nokia do wish very much to get back on top with camera technology. RB

Nokia has been leading the camera side on phones since the days of N93. Though just not in Window Phone.

The camera in Lumias is shit, even after all those software updates. My old HTC Mozart with no Carl Zeiss optics takes better pictures than my new Lumia 800 with it's lack of proper sensors.

manually adjust the settings on your lumia. it can take great pictures, but the auto settings arent great.

I can't wait to see what wp8 has to offer.  That will determine if I upgrade to the iPhone 5 or a wp8 device in nov.

Same. WP8's feature list will determine wether my next phone is the next Google Nexus device or a WP8 device.
A huge factor for me will be how well it can integrate Skype. If I can get away with just paying $30/mo for mobile internet and the tiny tiny amound that Skype charges and have my Skype calls seamlessly integrated into my phone then I'll buy a WP8 outright and never look back.

Ditto. I'm so on the fence about an iPhone 5 or WP8. I've NEVER owned anything apple, but after my recent disappointment with my so-so 900 & finally getting sick of being last (or never) to get cool or needed apps, I'm thinking of jumping ship. We'll see how things play out.

If there are only two, then I am not going to have any hope for a Q4 US release, and expect Q1 2013. There's no way that all of the US carriers would accept the same phones as the rest of the world, no matter how silly that is.

Lots have accepted the iphone(ATT, Sprint, Verizon). So, why couldn't that same protocol be implemented with a WP device? Its better to have the same device on multiple carriers than on one or two and continue to lose market share or spread it across multiple carrier and increase your chances of gaining market share

910 or 920!?  The new denomination should definitely distinguish the current generation with the new. I think that 1900 would be the more correct. And the next 2xxx, and go on...

I agree that Nokia MUST launch a PureView Lumia on one of their WP handsets. Its their crown jewel now, and I suspect they'll need it to compete against the inevitable SGS3 re-hash for WP.

I disagree.  While I would like for Nokia to release a WP device with Pureview, I don't think that Nokia needs to implement Pureview in their device to compete with, or best, a SGS3 rehash for WP.
All Nokia needs really needs to do is ensure that their specs and performance are on par with, or better than, the competition, and ensure that the next line of devices have better camera performance than what some feel the Lumia 900 lacks.  And as long as they continue with their aesthetic prowess, they are going to have the winner.
Pureview and the exclusive apps would simply be icing on the cake!

Why? Why can't they launch the phone with somthing different?
Imo all the comments from Nokia have implied long enough that theyc an't bring PW to Lumia's in near future. WP and especially Nokia needing to pair with Qualcomm on SoC might make it impossible.

I hope so too, otherwise I will have to live with my decision to upgrade early despite reading several articles letting me know that 1st & 2nd Gen WP devices would not get the Apollo update

This news is exciting. But sadly enough, this epic excitement matches that of the Superman:Man of Steel that doesn't release until next summer! Everyone wants it now but has to wait. I'm so tempted to get on with my life(and I enjoy the rumors and tips) until its closer to the release date but I always feel like I'll miss something. Darn you Microsoft.lol

U might as well say bye competition cuz new wp8 specs with Nokia drive ,Nokia hardware, Nokia apps, Nokia pureview technology priceless can't beat it can u imagine how fast it would be with dual core now on single we blow away every body just imagine the speeds its insane

I think...the Nokia lumia 920 is going to be a Pureview version of the Nokia lumia 910

I just can't see Nokia revealing new Lumia devices in early September, when WP8 won't be released (based on historical releases) until late October/early November. 
They may demo WP8 on a Lumia 900, introduce some new Asha devices, talk to their 'Where' initiative, new market penetration, but revealing new Lumia's that far in advance of release goes against Stephen Elop's goal of 'shortening' the length of time from reveal to market.
Even an early release of WP8 devices by Nokia (a Nokia exclusive launch), doesn't seem prudent either - no matter how huge a fan I am of WP (and Nokia), the new iPhone is simply going to dominate smartphone sales when it is released.  Any WP or Android device launches will look terrible, even if sales are decent.

I can see it! Haven't you heard that the iPhone 5 is being released in Sept? If they want to have a chance at gaining new customers, both Nokia and MS better introduce or release images of a super looking new WP8 devices to entice as many people as they can to hold out for a new WP8 over the i5. The design has to exceed the L900 to compete with the i5 leaked images

You mean the sharp edged and square box, probably silver, maybe a larger screen with fragile glass and slimmer. Its going to be like a knife with high res glossiness. Nokia can't be dictated by what Apple does. As long as the phone is released before Christmas and the biggest shopping period of the year and has competing specs and a killer promotion spree behind then they will be fine. Lots of people are getting tiles for Christmas and Nokia can just ride that wave that starts October 26th.

Im not worried about the shape of the iPhone, my point is that while you and I might not care about the iPhone and will wait for Gen 3 WP devices, consumers who make up the majority of the cell market will jump on the iPhone bandwagon unless they see something more apealing prior to the release of the iPhone 5. Many of who lock themselves into a 2-3yr agreement. And therefore will not be able to upgrade to a WP if it peaks their interest.

Thinking how Nokia actually moved Nokia World that is it's largest event in a year month earlier, i'm 100% sure they will announce Window 8 Phones there.
it's just about what and when will they be released. WPdang mentions that Nokia World will serve as a launch platform for WP8 and Nokia will release WP8 device first.

Well if you think about the other rumor we are hearing Nokia has windows phone 8 exclusively for like a month or two it kinda make sense maybe they're getting wp8 earlier because im sure they've been working with Microsoft to make wp8 run great on there new hardware.

Ill probably hold off if no Pureview tech.  :(  I sure hope they have a phone with the pureview tech sometime before end of year..

I think they should release a pureview phone too but i don't see it happening they said it would take a little longer to develop so maybe the second batch of phones will get it. Pureview Isn't just some stupid gimmick either its a strong advantage they hold against the competition.

I think the 2 phones will launch with the new camera add-ons like panorama, multi-shot, best shot, etc but no pureview.  That would be a shame.  To you more technology aware; Is pureview a software addition or physical part of the Nokia?  Maybe both?  Cause if the physical parts are there on these new phones maybe Pureview can be pushed out later from Nokia with an update. 

Microsoft needs a flagship device that really raises the bar considerably. Something you save your money to get because it is the shit. A Nokia Surface phone. Quad core, pureview camera, NFC, removable storage, HD screen, wireless HDMI....the whole nine yards. As they say, build it and they will come.

What this guy said.
I picked up the Lumia 900 when it came out and before the month was out I ended up returning it.  I just felt that the hardware quality wasn't on par with what I'd expect from a top tier phone.  Basically if this was going to replace my iPhone 4 (not S) it better well... be better.  The camera was horrible in my opinion... I shouldn't have to fiddle with the phones settings everytime I take a quick pic.  All I want is a decent camera, taking decent pics, not a high end pro camera like Cannon, etc.  Also some other little nagging issues like a hissing sound when any audio was played, loose camera button on the side, etc.  Just to many issues that just kept tugging at my decision to keep or let go.  Looking back with W8 now coming out it seems like I may have made the better decision.
Sadly I miss the platform though.  I am actually excited about WP8.  I enjoyed the Windows experience while brief with all this coming from a diehard apple user both phone and computer.  This next phone from Nokia has got to not only match other phones in it's class, but blow the socks off the competition.