Nokia seeding Lumia 900s to devs, giving them away in job recruitment drive

Lumia 900

It's no mystery that the Nokia Lumia 900 is close to being released here in the U.S. Our latest info was (and still is) March 18th where the flagship device is expected to sell for $99 on contract.

We reported a few days ago that AT&T was gearing up for release with a "Coming soon" on their site. Many of you speculated in comments that this was probably related to the "new" iPad release but alas, AT&T has a new iPad page up and that "Coming soon" one is still there (it's the 2nd slide). Check and mate.

What's more, we have word from at least one developer that Nokia has already delivered some Lumia 900s to devs including the one that we spoke with. We're not sure what a dev (or Windows Phone site, ahem) has to do to get one of those 900s but evidently they are going out.

Finally, as reported on The Nokia Blog, Nokia is holding a job recruitment day in San Diego on March 15th for over 100 new positions at their offices located there. The all-day event will be peppered with, you guessed it, Lumia 900 giveaways every 30 minutes via a raffle.

All of that is telling us that the Lumia 900 is right around the corner. Will it be the 18th? We sure think so and hopefully something "official" will come forth soon.

Update: And like clockwork, we have word from BGR that the Lumia 900 on AT&T is delayed to Aprill 22nd. Sad Panda.


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Nokia seeding Lumia 900s to devs, giving them away in job recruitment drive


Eagerly awaiting to get one as soon as possible! Are you aware of any "event/s" in NYC on the 18th at AT&T stores across the area? Any flagship stores in particular...

I have also registered for the job event in San Diego. Will seriously consider working for Nokia if the right opportunity is there. It's not an all-day event though. Runs from 5 to 8.

I've registered too. I love SD !!
Update: So I've just booked flight/hotel/car for next week.. I'm actually looking forward to checking this out.. who knows, maybe I'm a good fit for what they're looking to do down there?  if anyone else is going maybe we can meet up for drinks afterwards somewhere
Are the others who are going SD/SoCal  based? 

Hi. I'm currently based in the Bay Area, but I'm very much open to relocate to SoCal if the right opportunity came up. 

Did the developers who received the 900's get contacted by Nokia, or did it just show up on their doorstep?  How do they decide which developers get one? I'm dying to get one!

At this point it looks like the only way anyone will get one of these phones is by apping with Nokia as a new hire.