Nokia Singapore announces the Lumia 1020, due October 5 with free camera grip

It looks like those in Singapore are due to get the Nokia Lumia 1020. The phone was just announced for the region by Nokia with a due date October 5th. The 41 MP camera phone will be available at Nokia Stores and Nokia Solutions Partners, and comes bundled free with the Nokia Camera Grip.

All three carriers, including Singtel, Starhub and M1 will also be selling the Lumia 1020, which should fetch S$999.  For distribution, that’s a fairly big win for Nokia as they have seemingly been able to coerce multiple carriers in each country to grab the highly rated smartphone for their customers (well, except in the US where AT&T has an exclusive). It certainly gives customers an advantage as it means people won’t feel the pressure to switch operators to get their favorite phone.

Reader of our site zhenghao attended the launch event and snapped some photos, which can be seen here on his Flickr page.

Singapore has been doing well this year with Nokia Windows Phones, as they have recently nabbed the Lumia 625 and Lumia 925. Picking up the Lumia 1020 will only accelerate Windows Phone growth in the region.

Source: Nokia Singapore (Facebook); Thanks, zhenghao, for the images and tip


Reader comments

Nokia Singapore announces the Lumia 1020, due October 5 with free camera grip


Yeah... 'free'. In Malaysia the phone already available through un-official retailer for MYR2200 w/o the camera grip while with 'free' camera grip bundled (from official outlet) the price is MYR2500. Quite conveniently the difference of MYR300 is the price of the grip when sold separately.

Caused quite an uproar over at soyacincau, which is known for Android bias. A number of them were even calling Nokia arrogant similar to the period when they were dominant in Symbian.
Those people are really hypocrites because when the Note 3 was released with its RRP of RM 2399 with no bundled accessories (not even a measly SD card), no one batted an eyelid. When Nokia released its 1020 together with the camera grip at RM 2499, they went batshit crazy. Pardon my french.

I'm just curious how late will Lumia 1520 arrive in Singapore. 1020 takes at least 2 months more to reach Singapore than China and US. What about 1520? I just wish it will be available in Singapore before next Chinese New Year (if US is getting it in November)

From what I've heard from their staffs, the reason for the delay was because of how important the 1020 launch is and there's no room for errors. There's things like carriers involved, how it'll be marketed, etc..
Its probably not a supply issue on their end. I hope.
If you look at the Lumia 625, it came to Singapore just weeks after its announced. I suppose the 1520 will arrive on early 2014 instead of the holiday season due to the fact that its a high end device.