Nokia squashes more bugs in latest Accessories update

Nokia Accessories

Nokia has pushed an update for its Accessories app. Available exclusively to Lumia Windows Phone hardware, the app enables consumers to take full advantage of connected hardware, be it a wireless charging cradle or speaker. The app will launch through NFC and will offer unique functionality and features depending on what's connected.

We last looked at Accessories when the Finnish manufacturer updated the app with support for the new wireless charger for vehicles. Today we're only looking at bug fixes, so if you've been experiencing issues, this is a welcomed update.

You can check for the Accessories update on the Windows Phone Store (only on Lumia hardware). Thanks, Pyry, for the tip!

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Nokia squashes more bugs in latest Accessories update


Wish they would fix the Bluetooth issues. It never works right when trying to stream music in my car. And it is a Ford with Sync by Microsoft. My GS3 worked perfectly. My Lumia 920 doesn't. Ugh...

I agree 100%. When the "Zune Insider" podcast was around, they spoke of going in and out of their car and music continuing automatically. I have a Ford with Sync and that never happened with the trophy, nor 928.

This is by far my most frustrating issue with WP for me.  I adopted WP in Nov 2010, and have been loyal to MSFT's phone efforts, dating back to at least 2005.  My patience for such a basic feature is running thin.  If Apple and Google can get it figured out, why can't Microsoft?  Just once I'd like to have my phone remember where I left off in an audiobook, or not have to restart my phone because I can't get it to connect to my car radio.
Since 2010, I've purchased a Samsung Focus, Lumia 900 and most recently a 920.  I will not be purchasing another Windows phone until I can verify Microsoft has figured this out.  In my mind they have until the GD3 update to figure this out, or otherwise I'll be researching a switch to another platform.  It's a shame, I have 3 apps I've published in the marketplace, and I'd like to remain invested in the platform.  

I'm in the same boat as you...there are soo many small and simple things that are ignored on the Windows Phone platform that are currently present in other OS', that if Microsoft doesn't get the ball rolling by the GDR3 update...I'm jumping ship to Android. I've been voicing my opinion to Microsoft about this for far too long...and the least they could do is acknowledge the fact that I'm voicing an opinion as a consumer.

Bluetooth doesn't work properly on my Nissan Xtrail, cannot upload any contacts to the car. I can only call the last caller. It is annoying.. Bug fixes should be deployed quicker.. And acknowledged

Does the car dock app add support for setting built-in apps as a shortcut yet?  It's a shame to not be able to set Xbox Music for that.

Is that screen in the article available for non-charging holders? Available as an app or something? It would be nice to have that "car mode" available.

I don't like that you have to accept the agreement each time the app launches from the DT-910.  One agreement should be enough and then it should just launch each time I set it in there, if I choose to have it do that.  Having to touch the bottom of the charging stand with the top of the phone seems to be a little strange.

I hope that they fix the problem that I have with my jbl speaker where it will turn on the speaker but won't pair on the phone. End up having to manually pair it in settings which defeats the purpose of NFC.