Nokia stock is up again and Nokia's CEO is buying

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Nokia's stock is on the rebound

We don’t normally cover too much when it comes to company stock but Nokia was an interesting case only because it dropped so low in the last few months. In fact, it dropped to its lowest price ($1.63) in 15 years and made some investors edgy—after all, if you go too low the company becomes financially meaningless and can get de-listed.

Nokia though was always a mixed bag with analysts noting that Windows Phone 8 could be its savior because the company can be unleashed with limitations on hardware lifted. Combined with the drastic cuts in the company, which unfortunately translates into layoffs, investors are now coming around....

Nokia’s stock has rallied to $2.36 a share today, which is a up nearly 9% from yesterday. We noted the apparent rebound last week when the stock jumped 10% and that trend seems to be continuing.  The stock is doing so well, even Nokia CEO Stephen Elop reportedly just acquired 275,000 shares, bringing total holdings to 425,000, while new Chairman Risto Siilasmaa bought 333,000 shares in the struggling company.

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Nokia's stock has had a great last 10 days

That seems to be good news as it shows even the CEO and Chairman have high hopes and expectations for Windows Phone 8 with their money being put on the table.

It seems that although current Lumia phones won’t be getting Windows Phone 8 the media are already salivating over September when Nokia is expected to unveil their new WP8 hardware and perhaps even a tablet for Windows 8 RT. Such forward-looking momentum is exactly what the company needs as it struggles for a comeback.

Source: WSJ; via Street Insider


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Nokia stock is up again and Nokia's CEO is buying


It's good to see that the CEO and chairman support this company! Nokia will succeed and we will see more awesome designs, apps, and features!

I bought $200 of Nokia last month just un a hunch it could re-bound and hopefully make a  quick double oor mor eon my oney. Looking good so far.

Can anyone post any recommended sites to buy stock for a first time buyer? Want to get in on the Nokia goodness as well!

yeah I was about to pull the trigger on $500 when it was $1.69 a share and something came up unexpected so I couldn't, kicking myself right now.

Good for Nokia.

Just wish that the vultures at the tv news could report this. They were fast to report the stock falling, but now... Nothing. Well my stock is growing at least :-).

I put $3000 in in the last 2 weeks. I'm up $700 now. Just trying to figure out if I want to sell now and buy again if/when it drops.

I just snaged up 1830 Nokia Shares at 2.37 USD too, totalling at around 4700 USD.
Currently have 11,000 shares. :D

We did buys at $4.00-3.50-2.50-Then 3x times the amount we owned at $1.69. for just under 31k in shares. did this for the long term really..

Walk into any large (I use Wells Fargo) bank and tell them you have money to buy stock. They will be happy to help you. They love people with money walking thru the door.

Awesome news. I wish I bought some shares. I was about too but my wife is just too damn scared. I might just go it anyways. I wouldn't mind putting $2000 down

Hopefully the thermonuclear litigation btwn Sammy and Apple will leave consumers desiring a third option. Hey presto! WP8 and Nokia. Seriously Daniel, any thoughts about the benefits to WP from the goings-on in San Jose this month?

I'm hoping Apple hurts Samsungs Android prospects and consumers, OEM's & carriers alike see WP8 as a better and legal alternative.

Well, as a Dutch saying goes; Where two dogs fight over a bone a third will take off with it.. Here's hoping..;)

Thinking I will be buying some more shares as they weeks go on, before WP8 is released. Of course, this is for long term.