Nokia takes another subtle jab at Samsung Mobile

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As things are heating up on this Labor Day weekend, Nokia appears to be still having some fun with Samsung—or at least that is one interpretation of the oddly placed image above.

Appearing on Nokia’s Facebook page, the photo shows two toy dump trucks—one offloading coins, the other carrying away a Lumia—with the caption ‘Which do you prefer?’.

So why is it funny? It appears to be an inside tech joke that made the rounds last week regarding the Apple v Samsung trial.

As we all remember, Samsung was orderd to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages by the court for patent infringements. Though it will be some time before that payment actually happens (pending appeals and all), a Mexican parody website ran the story that Samsung had already paid Apple the large sum…in nickels.

The story alleged that 30 trucks filled with 5 cent coins actually showed up to Cupertino and wanted to make payment on behalf of Samsung. The story spread to numerous sites, including Mobile Entertainment and it became a running joke.

Of course the incident never happened (surely there would be photos) but that evidently hasn’t stopped Nokia from having fun with it either, hence the above image offering the choice between paying Apple in fines or just getting a Lumia. (Although they seem to have used dimes instead).

Funny? Mean? Playful? We’ll leave that to you but we have to admit, we rather like when these tech companies have some fun at each other’s expense—we are after all talking about cell phones.

This would the second time this week Nokia has taken a potshot at Samsung, raising the stakes for next week's event.

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Nokia takes another subtle jab at Samsung Mobile


Nokia are getting very cocky and their new range of phones had better back it up otherwise they will be laughed out of the game.

None of the leaked images look particularly impressive form my point of view.

Well, at the very least Nokia are expected to show off more than one Windows Phone 8 device, which for me is already a step ahead of Samsung (surely Nokia will get more carrier presence with various device ranges?).

But yeah, in the end it remains to be seen if their 'flagship' is all that. I wouldn't base too much on renders/leaked photos versus what we see on Wed. Devil is in the details.

Lol!  Just the opposite viewpoint for me - I like the images that I've seen thus far from Nokia, and I really like the attitude and sense of humor that Nokia now has.
The boring, stodgy (and likewise attitude) days of Symbian are finally over!

This. Fact is for Nokia, and WP for that matter, to turn things around, they need to pick a fight. And win it. So yeah the phones better live up, but that being said I thought it was funny.

They don't have much to lose and apparently they have something that's pretty darn good to back it up.  I think it's hilarious.

I think its a little more lighthearted than cocky. Its a friendly jibe rather than, say, apple's Microsoft software is for nerd adverts.

Well, that's a separate question not really related to this, but if I had to answer--Nokia has more long term potential to bring back higher rate of return if successful.

Meanwhile, if I were an investor in Samsung, I may be ticked that they have to pay $1B in fines and are looking to have 8 devices banned, not to mention the PR blackeye from all of this...

For me the Nokia phones are the best looking devices, coupled with the different colours being teased, Pureview camera and several phone sizes it makes Nokia the go to manufactuer.

Especially after that "Smartphone Beta Test Is Over" campaign...then releasing a phone with tons of at launch issues and was really just a warmup for their WP8 phones - in essence, a beta test.

I completely agree with this statement. Based on the few leaks we've had so far, I am not impressed with Nokia. They better have something awesome to show off next week, or my money is going to Samsung/HTC.

They've never been "laughed out of the game" before. They've been in it for longer than samsung. They'll be fine. 

I prefer the biggest screen. If Nokia can produce a 4.8 or larger on T-Mobile I'd prefer a Nokia. If not Samsung all the way. Let's see what you got Nokia.

A big screen doesn't make a phone better.  It's supposed to be mobile. Sick of phone screens getting bigger and bigger

Nokia better bring it since they are doing all this smack talking. That Samsung phone looks great.

Yes Samsung looks great but so do all the other phone that will be comin out... If you don't think HTC will be coming out with a nice looking phone or ZTE..It is not like Samsung has been putting out better looking phones in the past better than anyone else...I am quite sure Nokia phones will look just as nice. It all comes down what the phone can do and performance.

Where has Nokia already brung it??? I haven't seen anything yet that can compete with the one phone Samsung revealed. ( I bet Samsung will get it on all carriers like the GSIII)

While your looking at design asthetics, with no updates or exclusive apps, I'll have a descent looking device with great support and exclusive apps all the while you're complaining the Carrier isn't delivering when the whole time the manufacturer didn't release the firmware update (sammy/htc). When Nokia says they along with ATT will be delivering an update in 3 weeks, its delivered!!

These pump me up because I can't imagine they would be running this much smack if they didn't believe they had a game changer.

Actually, Nokia has basically usurped all of the WP marketshare from both Samsung and HTC, so they are more than entitled to continue with these jabs.
And with the all of the buzz surrounding the new Lumia's (I'm only reminded that Samsung revealed the ATIS-S when someone brings it up!!), I think Nokia will continue to dominate with regards to the WP marketshare.

Why is everybody getting so offended by this? They're not cocky, they're just playing around. Learn how to take a almost funny joke.

What I like about it is gives Nokia personality.

Samsung and HTC are like blank faces in suits--kind of boring, interchangeable, no style.

(That's not a criticism of their products, just company presentation. Nokia just comes off as more, fun?)

Totally agree. 
Plus, Samsung knocked Nokia off of the perch as the leader in world wide phone sales; so Nokia can, at least, be a little cocky about being the leader in WP sales despite Samsung's earlier success with their Focus line.
They're just having a little fun :)

You got that right, kinda like the Non-advertisement their previous wp7 devices didn't get :-D

I don't think people are offended. I think people are just confused. Nokia is talking big but all the leaks suggest a inferior phone compared to the Samsung. It's kinda funny. Like a little pretty poodle snapping at a pit bull.

But some of the leaks looks REALLY fake. If you can't which is fake, which is not, there's a problem with you. lol Not aiming at you btw.

If I had a dollar or euro for every time someone made the comment "competition is good,it benefits the consumer".... Well u know the rest.... When u don't have something unique to say, just copy and paste my quote...... FYI. I don't have a patent on it so I won't sue.

The word is spelled "subtle" not "sutble".

As for Nokia they shouldn't be waving swords at companies that can easily buy them but perhaps that's the intent.

Imagine if Samsung was allowed to custom skin WP and get rid of the silly tiles. Yeah, I own a WP Lumia 900 and I said "Silly Tiles".

WP has strong potential but we need sexy tiles!!!!


Don't touch the metro tiles!!! Absolutely not!!! Metro tiles is what gives WP a lot of class, distinction, and uniqueness!!! And it helps too that it's live and informative!!!

Going Nokia. If I start to hate myself and decide I want a brushed aluminum look made out of plastic that bends, I will definitely go with Samsung.

I think it's just them creating interest to the platform. Samsung benefits also cause folks are gonna check both phones out regardless. Its fun, that's all, and we're all keeping tuned in so I guess it's working

I agree, Nokia is demanding and drawing attention to Windows Phone 8 and it will benefit all manufacters especially if other companys phones are on par with what Nokia has to offer. Nokia is like the big brother, once Nokia draws enough interest in the platform people will begin to look at other options as well benefitting everyone on board in the WP8 family.

Honestly, I'm loving Nokia's attitude! Of course im with T-Mo so Samsung has my vote so far, but seriously it's so nice to see so much WP8 news lately. I still have my HTC HD7, and I'm never switching to another OS. Competition in the marketplace is always a good thing imo, and its good to see some major players dropping some nice phones!

I totally agree, we were always the underdogs. Feels good to have all the limelight on WP for a change. Its a very exciting time for WP fans and a great time to bring some more iPhone and android refugees on board, lol.

Let them try! Nokia has the patents to defend themselves and with Microsoft backing them with their own cross-licensing agreements, Apple wouldn't stand a chance if they tried.

How? Apple is allready paying nokia 10-20$ per iPhone sold because of Nokia patents. Nokia has the largest patent portfolio in the industry.

Hopefully all these leaks and what have been shown and will be shown will overshadow the same lame Apple iPhone. We all know every media outlet, tech to CNN, will super glorify it. So spread the WP good news!!!!

So here's the thing...

Nokia has to show confidence in their product and their offerings and their ability to sell. This is a great strategy to keep up the hype and interest in the company and shareholders and customers and products alike.

If you hate them, you're still talking about them. If you love them, you're bragging about them. Either way, this is generating buzz, and LOTS of it!

This is gonna pay off big time for Nokia.

I love these.
They appear competetive, but in good spirit and playful.
Nokia has stated several times that it's in their best interest for other OEMs to also succeed in WP. It grows the whole ecosystem.
I think this is Nokia's way of saying, "Come on Samsung. Come compete here on WP!!"

I hope microsoft has given the only major backer of its wp a leg up and allowed them to produce a tablet with the same feel as the wp, to be priced cheap enough for the mighty apple to lose it's dominance.

Its not my style, but I understand that Nokia with WP is going to have to do something dramatic to get buyer's attention. The public at large is just not interested in WP and thus Nokia. Play it subtle and go the way of blackberry. They have to do something to shake up the status quo.

Made my day. Its not as if Samsung didn't see this coming. If my friend was playing with fire and it burned a billion dollars of his stuff I'd NEVER let him hear the end of it.

I like those jabs - they're fun and lighthearted. Much more fun than those annoying patent quarrels anyway. :-)

That story may be fake, but if I was Samsung - that's how I would certainly do it. Maybe even make it pennies instead of nickels.

This is funny though. Samsung does have generic hardware and design. Nokia has better signal reception, call quality, build quality, Pureview camera and Rich Audio recording, and screen with Clearblack for best viewing outdoor. Indeed they might have much better phones than the Samsung ATIV S that they will show.

I came to the sudden realizzation that Nokia is clearly engaging in some ninja advertising right now. THE tech story of the past week is Samsung vs Apple and the big court proceedings. Nokia jumps in and starts a little rivalry with Samsung, and suddenly we are talking about Nokia. It's kind of brilliant, I think.
Now, less, let's hope Nokia can match their hubris, but based on Nokia's recent designs, I think they can.

They are just trying to get Samsung more serious about Windows Phone. Trying to rile up a little inside competition. Competition benefits the platform and the end user.

If I had been working in Receiving at Apple I would have refused delivery, unless the guys from Samsung did a manual count eight there :-D

Nokia needs to let their phones do the talking. They must forgot how bad they've been struggling. Samsung's new windows phone is impressive; its hard to imagine something better from Nokia

Now if only fox 26 news & 104KRBE would stop talking about apple like their innovative I'd be happy. I'll give them that the iPhone was planned and marketed well, but KRBE talked about the new iPhone 5 being able to do something really cool after the break, and when he came back from break, he said consumers would be able perform cc transaction with their phone instead of using the actual card. I immediately thought Google wallet & the wp8 payment that was demoed earlier this year. But they spoke as if it's never been done until Apple intro's the iPhone 5 later this month.

Samsung is just a big time pirates! No matter they do the android or WP! Better still didn't see the pirate in WP!

They just will screw anything in the path

There are 3 ways that Nokia can fail next Wednesday the 5th of September.
1. Average or below average design for its new Phones - No new design feature(s) that will make it stand out.
2. Make the phones too expensive - High end Phone must be at or below iPhone and SIII prices.
3. Deliver the phones too late - Must be by end October.
All will be good if Noia delivers in spades on all these fronts, if not then Nokia will have huge problems.

I think what rubs many the wrong way with these is the fact that the Lumia launch didn't exactly ignite WP like many had predicted (alot of folks on here to be specific). Coupled with the confusing and baffling beta test ads and its almost like more of the same hype and grandstanding that happened with the Lumias. I want to see the goods before you start taking jabs at anyone. Even if the goods are revolutionary to me, but are proven to be absolute winners.

That was the thing about the Apple jabs to Microsoft. Even if you didn't think anything was different about their products, they had the recognition and mind share to go after MS in such a way. Not suggesting Nokia isn't well known. But I don't get the sense to the general public that its on the brain like an Apple or Samsung (at the moment).