Nokia teases 41MP EOS reveal in NYC on July 11th -- We’ll be there!

As E3 winds down, an exciting week is still upon us. Nokia just sent out press invites, including one to your favorite Windows Phone site (that’d be this one, folks) for July 11th at 11am.

The focus of the event (yes, we intended that pun):  If we had to bet our life on it, it would be Nokia’s EOS for AT&T, which is expected to punch with a 41MP camera and the latest iteration of the Windows Phone 8 OS.

Nokia EOS

The theme of the event is “Zoom. Reinvented.”, which hints at the EOS's ability to zoom-by-cropping due to  the plethora of megapixels in the image—this is diametrically opposed to the idea of a physical zoom, where one has a long lens with moving parts akin to where Samsung is going with their upcoming Galaxy S4 Zoom phone.

The thing is, moving delicate parts are a bad idea on mobile devices—they add size and are prone to damage. We think Nokia has gone down the right route, but obviously more will be revealed in less than 30 days.

Other expected features of the EOS aka 'Elvis' on AT&T will be:

  • 41 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • Nokia Pro Camera
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • OLED screen at 768 x 1280
  • WP8 v 8.0.10322.71
  • FM Radio
  • Flip to silence
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Takes 35 MP picture and a 5 MP at the same time. The 5 MP version is meant for quickly sharing on social networks.
  • Comes in yellow
  • No SD card
  • No visible OS changes

With the large amount of photo leaks of the device, all that remains to be understood are the finer details. We can’t wait.


Reader comments

Nokia teases 41MP EOS reveal in NYC on July 11th -- We’ll be there!



a 41 mp camera phone which looks as cool as lumia 920. what are you complaining about? I will buy that stock when you sell.... guessing, you dont have any.

That wasn't sarcasm at all. In fact, he may be right. The Snapdragon can only support 20Mp and XX is 20 in Roman. And no one is concrete on how many MPs the EOS packs, its just wishful thinking.

Naw, I whole heartily believe they used the same sensor as the 808....and about 99% positive that they are using a dedicated GPU for the image processing. It took them 5 years to develop the 808 sensor, it would've taken them a lot longer than 1.5 years to develop a new sensor. Like I said, before the XX in Roman thing has been beat to death. If you don't know, Nokia uses XX's as placeholders on their prototypes so that they cannot show the actual MP to competitors. They did this with the 808 btw.


20mpx could be right.
I think the magnifying glass represents the big diameter of the hump and zoom reinvented means that they use that large diameter for the zoomin. So this wouldn't be pureview 808 pixel binning but maype some mirrors or something (optical).

Anyone else wonder about the Yellow/Black color scheme? In case you don't kow that's the Nikon colors.. Could it be we're going to see Nikon optics here instead of Carl Zeiss?

My wife doesn't know yet.  She is getting a L920 too. lol  Her L900 will be used by me to upgrade to EOS, assuming the EOS turns out to be indeed 41 mp instead of the 20mp as speculated by a separate rumour.  The only positive sign is that Nokia hasn't come out to deny it.  We'll see.

Of course it's 41, the 20 came from someone who didn't understand that XX were placeholders.
Really can't decide on this phone. Initially I was really excited, but the more I think about it, I want something a little smaller after my 920.

This will be my next phone.  I'm big into photography, so if I can get the EOS camera like the original PureView, with low light capabilities of the Lumia 9xx line, I'm all in.  Wallet is open, body is ready.

He didn't: "with low light capabilities of the Lumia 9xx line". :)
Not sure though that it will have OIS. More likely that it won't.

It better be. If not, it will prove that Microsoft can't move fast enough and release new updates at a pace that is necessary to compete these days. Wp8 was announced in October and no big updates released???? Seriously!?

Its taken apple 7 years to put a settings menu into iOS. I think we can wait a month or two for flip to silence.

Not with the current storage issue that's been left out for quite a while. 920 still has enough storage but the 820 has close to nil with apps with 8GB on board, 4-5GB taken by other storage and 2GB by system. That's 1GB left for apps and games.

if the theme "“Zoom. Reinvented.”" really refers to the ability to zoom by cropping, I'd say it's somewhat weird theme since 808 already presented that. Or is everything now new because it's WP this time ?

As far as we know, this is the 808 PureView, with the additions of the 92x series of low-light technology all in one phone to make a purely badass camera phone - this is the phone to put everything that Nokia has together.

Zoom, reinvented" in my opinion is a motto to attack the "galaxy zoom" announced by samsung..... which has 10x optical zoom... i mean it took me a second but i think im right!

I love my 920 that is less than a year old and I have a really nice Canon camera too, but this....thing....is.....really.....hard....to ignore.....must......buy...........

I'm in the same boat (except my really nice camera is a Nikon). I must resist the urge to make an impulse purchase on this since between my 920 and Nikon I don't actually NEED the EOS.

i use a pro camera for serious shooting, a Canon 1D, but i would like to have a telephone with a decent sized sensor like the EOS anyway

If I had a 920, especially considering you are likely still under contract, I don't think there is a huge push to upgrade as really you're just getting a better camera (although the 920 camera is already amazing).  I assume the flip to silence and time on lockscreen, etc will be available for 920 with an OS update soon too.  For others that aren't even on WP8 like me with my Lumia 900, this has a pretty strong pull!  Can't wait to hold one and see how that big camera bump feels (and weighs).

I can live with it just meeting my expectations, exceeding might be hard since at least mine are really high.

It may not - someone with good knowledge usuallly told me that the pictures may not be _quite_ as good as from the 808 but that was of course based on a prototype. Plus, even if they were slightly inferior to the 808, they would still kick butt! :)

Agree with everyone, this is my next Lumia :D I should probably find a spare £550-£600 though as I suspect that will be the SIM-free price in the UK!

Jay do you think this will be an exclusive to US carrier or will be released on European carriers without the need to buy sim free?

Mannn finallyyyyy!! yeayyy! Awesome! Been holding out for this just like many of you guys! 
Please please please make it available super soon after official reveal!

Why? Have i missed something? The SD card on my 820 has been great for storing the pics, got around 25gb in pics :-)

Who the heck holds such amount of personal pics in a phone. Too much to lose if your phone breaks, gets stolen etc. Not to mention what would phones finder say about all those porn photos/videos on your phone!

No OS changes?? This is boring. Microsoft truly is holding back Nokia. Nokia needs new software updates other than camera improvements to compete. Notification center would be nice at least.

If not for the MSFT partnership, there would be no Nokia. Be patient... Updates will be coming. Going to be a busy 2nd half of '13.

Actually, Its the other way. If not for the Nokia partnership, there would be no Windows phone!!

Actually, it is both - it is a good example of a strategic partnership where both parties need and help each other.

Samdung doesn't have the technical knowhow to copy something like PureView. They have all the money in the world, but no class.

They opened a dev center in Finland next to Nokia house so that they can steal it from there. So you should expect it in SG5 along with the eye controlling the camera.. you have to squint to zoom in and open your eyes wide to zooom out.

Hmmm gotta rob a bank fast to buy this phone! Ahaha anyway. Regarding about the screen's resolution about not being a 1080p doesn't matter to me. I mean if u have a 1080p monitor woukd be great having a bigger screen and better viewing experience rather than looking at a 5 inch display with a full hd 1080p.

I switched to AT&T after years of being with sprint and can't help but praise my selection of phones with this network lol. I'm not a big camera guy (owning an htc one is a dead giveaway) but I wanna play with this phone upon release and see the quality for myself.

Ditto...being on ATT definitely has its perks....especially the wide coverage I get here in Texas compared to the other carriers. I feel safe driving to EL Paso from San Antonio!

Well, July is the 7th month and July 11 is the 11th day. Dare I say 71.1 or even 81mp's? Nah, can't be. That would be crazy......right???

If it had more storage I would get it. I fill up my current 920 with only the 8 mp camera. Can't imagine how 32 GB is gonna work with this thing and still put apps on it. Really disappointed now.

Couldn't you just clear your camera roll every month and save images to a PC and/or SkyDrive? Seriously, if you want a reasonably-sized phone with an amazing camera and you hold back for no other reason than it's 32gb storage "limit", I have to question your critical faculties.

Exactly. Some people just don't know how to think outside the box these days..............meanwhile, I'm over here on the Titan with just 16GB of storage space...I think I've done well over the last two years. Go ME!

Plus I would hope you don't have to take 35MP photos.  I can set my 900 to 2, 3, 7, or 8 MP.  Would mind a nice one of the full moon though...

How about you just plug it into you PC once a day and quit your SD card bitching?
People like you would bitch if you were hung with a golden rope.

That's nice. I have 200gb of music but I certainly don't and wouldn't expect to carry it all, or even 1\5th of it on my phone. Good grief. You're an outlier and you proved my point that some people are lazy and simply can't plan ahead.

You won't fit 200 gb worth of music on ANY phone today, whereas my 60 gb fit snuggly on my 808, all the lower tier Lumias and most of Samsungs Galaxies... My point is, I can do it today; why shouldn't I be able to do it tomorrow? It's called a downgrade, and that's never a good selling point for a new product.
I may be an outlier, but I certainly haven't proven any point of yours; there's no way I'll accept not wanting to spend an hour each morning looking into a crystal ball and micromanaging my music as being lazy. That's called having no life.
And again, I would urge you to consider your communication - you really are a terrible boor...

Well then it seems to me that in reality, you need a music player, not a smartphone.
As for my boorishness: I aim not to please.

Ridiculous... Music players became more or less obsolete 5 years ago, when smartphones gained enough memory to handle complete collections. I need what I have today - a smartphone that plays music and takes great pictures. My incentive to replace my 808 with the EOS would be better internet experience, more apps, less weight and better form factor. None of these matter if it means downgrading on the basics. As for aiming not to please... Well, so much for taking you seriously.

You will still be able to do it tomorrow, if you don't exchange your today's phone for an EOS. ;-)
I understand your point, but maybe the EOS is indeed coming in 16GB and 64GB versions as the N9 did.

True, and that's what's gonna happen if they ship it with only 32 gb and no microsd slot, but then I'd have to miss out on the above mentioned upgrades, which would be a real shame.

A 64 gb version will be an acceptable compromise... Just!

I'm still hopeful about extra storage. This amount of MP's and just 32gb of internal memory (Possibly less than 20 after OS Install) is like having a 12 cylinder car with just a 2 gallon tank.

Less than 20 GB? This isn't Android, WP8 on the Lumia 920 takes just 1.9 GB. I'd estimate the EOS to have 25-27 GB free out of the box.

If it's anything like the 808, you will have the option to scale down the resolution of the pics to 2,5, or 8MP....and yes oversampling is a glorious thing to have with these resolutions!

why? have you had issues running anything on any present wp8 device? sure RAM can increase but whats the point of more cores since very few services run in the background anyway.

Galaxy s4 octa core, Htc one quad core, Xperia Z quadcore, Nexus 4 Quadcore. 
see the competition? They all out run lumias because of the processor and ram. 
I know that WP8 is very light and doesnt need many cores but nokia cant just sell phones based on camera. 
We as Wp users know about this, but new naive buyers will see the number of cores and go for these other devices.
seriously i have seen people doing it 

Yeah... You wonder how this goes down behind the scenes. Also gotta think T-Mobile and their pending announcement of 925 just lost a little luster.

Sure, but just a little as this is ultimately apples and oranges. EOS/Elvis is a narrow segment device in the end.

Yep, plus bigger data plans which AT&T would like, right? :) An international variant of this may well have SD card.

Read up on how PureView works on the Nokia 808. It doesn't really save 41 MP images, but 8MP if I'm not wrong. But the image quality is just unmatched.

There were 3,5, and 8 MP modes that utilized the over sampling, which in and of itself was incredible, but there were also 34 and 38MP modes that would use either the full height or full width of the sensor. I have some of the 38MP images from several reviewers and they're nothing less than stunning. No noise, it's a beautiful thing.

curious about the time and date they chose...
11am on the 11th  :)
could this be something about the model number? or something else? :)
we do LIKE rumors dont we:)?
and what do they mean by "reinvented"? same as 808 Pureview or reinvented Pureview?

Of course, they need to try to hit that sweet spot where they maximize revenue and profit. I suspect $450 is a bit too low for that. More likely to be in the $550 range (initially higher). Contract pric $149, max $199 perhaps.

I'm afraid that will never happen...It's been a year since the 808 has been out...AND IT'S $400 dolla!

When the 808 released, the 41MP sensor drove up the cost of the phone...starting out at a retail price of .... wait for it...................................700-750$ USD!

So just going off context clues here....if you are not buying a subsidized phone from a carrier................better start saving, because it ain't gonna be cheap.


Daniel, are you sure this is my favourite Windows Phone site? Because that WP site over their gives me free cookies. Just saying....

My hope is that the camera on this phone is so by far the best camera on a smartphone that it takes the press and consumers by storm. Bring it Nokia, we are all in your corner now please don't underwhelm with this!!

Dude, they can overwhelm, or underwhelm it doesn't matter. As long as it involves Nokia and MS the press will spread as much garbage, innuendo, and FUD as you read on this site's comments (and there's A LOT here!). This is why people have to do their own homework and make their own decisions. if you leave it up to the press/bloggers/media... well, WP wouldn't even exist. 

I disagree, even android fanbois love the 808, this phone has the potential to be a game changer for Nokia and Microsoft

It's a 920 with 20MPx PV camera. It will be expensive.. My guess around $900
No doubt i'll get shot down on this here, but we'll see in a month..

Based on the limited pictures, and info available I kinda think they already have. But that's just my opinion....

It is a huge mistake that Nokia sells EOS as an AT&T exclusive.  This model should be made available everywhere to every carriers in the world.  With the release of L928 on Verizon, Verizon immediately surpasses AT&T in terms of the US marketshare.  It clearly indicates that the AT&T exclusive is a bad deal.  It makes you wonder why Nokia would insist on making the same mistake as they did with L900/L920.  The other mistake is marketing a 16gb L925 on T-Mobile.  It is crazy to see that a vendor wants to limit itself to sell products.  Steve Elop keeps giving us reasons that noboly believes.

It's the carriers demanding exclusivity, especially in the US.  They don't want a model everyone has, they want one only they have and can market as such.  That may change over time as Nokia grows and gets more popular in the US again, but until then they have to make whatever deals will get them sales and like it or not, it's catering to the carriers for now.

Hopefully next generation we will see a single model. Samsung started the same way making dozens of different variants for the gs1 and gs2 for every carrier. Then with the gs3 and new gs4 its now one single model. Soon......

It is sad that AT&T had to get the exclusivity deal.  They don't seem push the L920 nearly as hard as Verizon does.  The L920 sales dropped by a big number to 400k last quarter.  Now again, Nokia let them get the EOS exclusive deal.  It is pitiful.

Where was Verizon and WP7? Lol, for years Verizon has pushed Droid/Android phones on their lineup of phones and that is probably how Android is the dominant platform it is today.  I would think Nokia would be a little cautious after their wimpy fallout with WP7.  ATT had like a 10:1  WP7 ratio (probably even more..) 2 years ago.

This has me really pissed off - I was seriously considering switching from Android to WP, and this phone would do it for me - but the fact that its not on Verizon makes me really upset.  Why dont OEM's realize that they will sell way more handsets if they drop exclusive deals with carriers.  The reason that Samsung took off with it's Galaxy line, is that they released it for all carriers.  The 928 looks great, but it just doesnt give me the itch to go........this EOS however has me wanting me some WP.........but not at the expense of losing my unlimited data plan.

I agree with this on so many levels. Not just because I'm on T-Mo and I'm sick of being done dirty by Nokia, but this device is NOT an every man's device. It's not as bulky and definitive as the Samsung Zoom (definitive meaning that thing IS a camera. The EOS is still as much a phone as the 920) yet and still people will look at it and weigh the options of buying one. Some will want it just to have it, but it's targeted for the select few who really want great pictures above all else. Does the camera justify the added (albeit small) bulk, and the price? To me it does. To photographers it does, or might. But not everyone will want it.
This is not a "flagship" device. This is not the device to break sales records... it will be called that, and when it fails to do great numbers it will be called a "flop". But it is a niche device, tha targets a certain type of consumer. And if they want to get this in as many hands as possible (in the US) they have to stop with the exclusivity. The only way this phone is going to really be a hit is to spread it out. Otherwise this will sit on ATT shelves behind the iphone just like all other Lumia's.
Not spreading fear, just keeping it real.

I'm not too worry about the Nokia EOS sales in US market. It is a subsidized market and most people can afford any top end phone as they choose. It is different that 808 PureView phone has been sold in the mostly unsubsidized market. Only pros would want to invest $700 for a camera phone. I just don't like the AT&T exclusivity deal which leaves the majority of the major carriers customers unexposed. Even Nokia considers the EOS a niche model, I won't be surprised if it turns out to become a popular flagship. It could lead the WP8 phones to make a major crack into the US smartphone market. People appreciate innovation and value.

No way, AT&T exclusivity, they pay extra for it!  what you think, Nokia is going to say 'No Verizon, we don't want to make millions from you'?!  AT&T understands business, how they had iPhone exclusivity for a few years.  They want to provide their customers with the most updated phones!  while Verizon is still behind with the 928 (8 months behind), AT&T jumping on the next one!  AT&T sees the potential in windows phones, tis why they scrapped the iPhone and keeps stocking WPs!  AT&T FTW, they know what they're doing!  

They do?  AT&T is only region that L920 sales dropped appreciably last quarter while the overall Lumia sales hits a new high at 5.6 millions. 

Wait for EOS2 :) I'm still in love with my 920, and that's what I'm planning to do. Now if i'll make it or not.. that's a different story!

I recall several people advising you last week to wait for the EOS, instead of purchasing the Lumia 920; you didn't listen, apparently.  Now you're asking what you should do?
I hope your question is rhetorical.

My bank acount may hate me for it, but damn it I will buy it in yellow as soon as released. Till then let the ramen noodle penny pinching begin

If you are on AT&T already try bithcing and moaning with their online reps to get a discounted early upgrade price. I went down from $350 to $99 for my 920 (had the 900). :)

I hadn't "upgraded" in 6 years till L920 only because at said time I didnt have the money to buy it outright. So doubt Ill get out of it a year early. I'll suck it up and pay full price. 

well its worth a try! "I have been a loyal AT&T customer for years, have a family plan, boo hoo hoo" were some of the lines I used - and make sure to ask to talk to the supervisor too. it's not like they will take your 920 away from you so why not give it a shot?

This device will rock, but a 42mp camera would fill the internal storage quickly... They should've added SD card support...

A 41 picture is captured and then down sampled with pure view algorithms to an 8 or 5 mp highly detailed picture.

vlad0, your pictures always amaze me...

Maybe someday I will upload mine to the cloud.  I have to be careful with mine though as I have book publishing companies that have the rights to some of my photos. 

So I've sat aside $300usd for launch, and i have an upgrade coming.  I hope it's $99 and i can go accessory crazy.