Nokia teases us with Microsoft Monday event [Updated]


What's Nokia teasing for this Monday?

Update -- And we hate to the bearer of bad news but we've heard from a very trusted source that this has nothing to do with Microsoft's announcement come Monday. So what is it? We're told that the area code for Hawaii--808--is the key here. Specifically a new 41MP camera phone called the 808 Pureview--you may have heard of it---that impending announcement is exciting but not for Windows Phone users. Sorry.

Looks like Nokia is itching to tell us something and that something is for this Monday, June 18th. The same Monday that Microsoft is set to announce something as well. Related? Probably.

Nokia doesn't say much on the matter but they did post the above image of the Hawaii islands and what look to be zoom features. If we had to bet, they're hinting strongly at some 3D mapping feature coming to Bing Maps.

Could it also be part of a hardware RT tablet? Maybe. There is currently a lot of speculation whirling around the idea that Microsoft is unveiling their own tablet hardware possibly made by Nokia this Monday but we may need to tone it down and settle for some Microsoft-Nokia mapping collaboration instead.

We revealed that in Windows Phone 8, Nokia Maps will be powering Bing with 3D mapping that is hardware accelerated. This could be a prelude to that as it seems to be intimately related.

Only 72 more hours, give or take, before we find out. Have a theory about the above image? Sound off in comments!

Source: Nokia US Facebook; Thanks, Jack F., for the tip!


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Nokia teases us with Microsoft Monday event [Updated]


Non of those make any sense.
Windows Phone event is later on the week. Nokia is going to announce it's Windows Phone devices in Nokia World in September.

Event will be about maps, clearly. Can't say this has anything to do with tablet hardware looking at the picture. 
Probably announcement of the new maps Nokia will be providing on Windows RT devices and features like already mentioned 3D maps that they have been working for couple of years now and is alive on their http://maps.nokia.com site.

That's my bet too.

The Nokia 3D maps won't be isolated to Windows Phone but will be across MS products. It just happens to be a part of WP8 too.

But I really think this is a MS-Nokia mapping announcement not tablet.

Why would MS invite the world to a mapping announcement? That sounds like the most anticlimatic thing to create a huge buzz around. It's not like they haven't already told us that Bing maps will be using Nokia's mapping technology. Maybe this Nokia announcement is about maps but the Microsoft one sure as hell won't be about mapping alone.

Damn bastards, I'm angry to know what's up!. This "teasing-us" thingys kills my nervous system.
p.s. Grrr mutha fvckas

If Nokia was to announce tablet, that teaser would be black with that date or some small design element showing shadow/small part of Nokia tablet. Maps would be part of the event, but it would not be the teaser.

I really do think it will be a Nokia tablet, master year in October, Nokia stated that they will have a windows tablet ready in June 2012. Only makes sense. I really hope so!

Just a correction that it was said by one Nokia's regional boss in France, never anything even remotely official. 

Maybe Honolulu is the codename of their tablet... wasn't one of the phones "searay" or something like that?  Maybe they like tropical things/places and the tablet's codename is Honolulu??  I really hope it's not an announcement about maps integration... we have kind of know that was happening some time soon anyway...

Honestly, that's not too bad of a guess. Nokia has always had habit of naming it's internal hardware projects from nature, like all Maemo devices where named by winds.
Though why add those UI elements on the teaser?

In the invite MS sent out, didn't they say "you won't want to miss this!" or something to that effect? If this is the same event, and it is to announce 3d maps, don't you think the press will crucify this? The last thing Nokia/MS needs is more bad press re: their mobile effort, and I'm sure they know this.

It HAS to be more than mapping...

Well it could be that the events are separate. Microsoft might do big unveiling of Windows 8 RT with some hardware partner and Nokia will have ready some press releases and videos for the new mapping on W8 RT provided by them.
Nokia just still not announcing it's RT tablet and waiting till their big Nokia World event. Doesn't make much sense to me at least to announce any hardware this early. 

After all the wild speculation brought on by this sudden, big, mysterious revelation - especially the ideas related to Hulu or an MS tablet(!) - mapping would probably feel a big anticlimax, no matter how slick. Here's hoping Monday ends up being a big day for MS, not a big disappointment for us 'fans'. Ah well, just a couple days to wait - let's see what you've got up your sleeve MS!

Now this is getting interesting. Maybe we will see more pictures/features being added?
Who knows, we might actually see Nokia's "Lumia tablet" next week!

Well, it can't be JUST about mapping because on their Nokia US facebook page, they posted another teaser pic that has something to do with music.

^^This!  Chris Weber stated that they were bringing the Nokia 808 to the U.S. 
Also, someone mentioned that the new image (that they posted) is a 808 drum machine.   So, I don't think that this will have anything to do with Microsoft, even though it is on the same day.
Symbian+Pureview fans in the U.S. (if there are any) will be happy; WP/Windows 8 fans, will have to wait awhile for a Nokia WP/Windows announcement.

I think both events have nothing to do with each other. I mean MS fucked already HTC up with telling them that they don't like them to be in the Win8 tablet business so I'm pretty sure MS would also piss Nokia.

Nokia already has Nokia Music much around everywhere else than USA.
So it could be about announcing Nokia Music for USA as these pictures are coming from Nokia USA Facebook site, something Nokia's North America boss was talking to be on it's way, but then USA, like all the rest of Lumia countries already have Nokia Maps. 

If using Nokia Maps and set it to satellite view to Hawaii, it looks almost exactly the same as the pic. Just sayin fwiw.

If you notice the tablets are windows tablets and not iPads so there is a big tie in with Win-rt tablets and Xbox videos, movies and music.

From watching that video I think the verizon announcement has something to do with the new speeds for the fIOS service... they are duobleing the speeds of all the plans or something like that... it must be happening on Monday.

It may be about the speed increases and also maybe about updates to the FiOS tv app on xbox or that there is going to be a FiOS app for WP7 finally. When I first got my WP in 2010 I asked the FiOS TV product manger if there would be an app and he said No. I asked him again a couple of weeks ago since WP7 marketshare is rising and he said he is unsure.
fyi: The FiOS TV product mananger used to use this twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/FiOSTV
he has recently given the account to another person on the FiOS TV team so any answers wont be from the product manger anymore.

They killed zune a long time ago, Microsoft just has to update everything to wipe the Zune name from existence which will happen this fall.

The mixer that Nokia posted on their page is the TR-808 and the Area Code on the map is 808... this is for the pure view coming to the US for sure... I dont think this has anything to do with the MS event...

Nokia tell them be quiet be happy Microsoft has helped you. It's going to announce the windows 8 tablets. Yup can't wait to get it. Been using windows 8 preview.

Hello everyone,
This might not be related, but I just received a push notification on my HP Touchpad about having the option to use Nokia Maps as my default Maps App.  I accepted it, and I must say it looks rather nice.

Ok I know what it is. It's the new tv commercial Microsoft will launch which will use Steven Wozniak who has purchased the nokia lumia 900 hahahhaha will not that be cool to see. Don't think apple fanboys will like that. But who cares just show it haahhaha

Wait a minute...72 comments (so far) and nobody's guessed the obvious? Lumia 808 on AT&T launching with WP8!

Nokia maps 3D has been down on their website for some time now. Maybe they will relaunch it together with Bing in some way.

Maybe its going to be the formal announcement that Microsoft is going to buy out Nokia! I think it is inevitable, so sooner rather than later?