Nokia too confirms Angry Birds Space coming for Windows Phone

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As to squelch the disappointment (mostly of the tech media who care about such things), Rovio, makers of the popular Angry Birds series announced that they had no plans for the latest installment, Angry Birds Space, for Windows Phone. Later that day, the CEO of Rovio backtracked and said no, they were working on it.

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Now even Nokia is getting in on the news by confirming that yes, the latest craze for outer orbit bird craziness is coming to Windows Phone. On their Facebook page this morning, Nokia simply note: "Finnish gaming company Rovio is working on getting its new Angry Birds Space game to Windows Phone platform too". 

So you can rejoice or shrug in indifference at this point, we'll wait.

Our feeling on this is that Rovio probably did not have plans to bring this to our beloved OS, but due to the public pressure (read: tech media flipping out), the company quickly changed gears once Microsoft probably stepped in (and maybe even Nokia). The fact that there's no release date in site tells us that this has probably barely begun to be developed, so while we can look forward to the title, we're not expecting it anytime soon.

Source: Nokia Facebook; via Plaffo


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Nokia too confirms Angry Birds Space coming for Windows Phone


Hell yeah we need this game its serious believe it or not its the biggest mobile game in history soon to be expected to have over 2 BILLION users in the near future

It's also possible it will be a Nokia exclusive, which helps explain the original contradictory info from Rovio.

It's possible, Nokia HQ and Rovio HQ are 100 meters apart.
Thinking Nokia got Angry Birds even on Maemo 5. Rovio has also made totally unique game for Nokia, Bounce evolution (not Angry Birds game).

Microsoft has Halo, PGR, Gears and people are flipping out over this. Microsoft still hasn't twigged, take your destiny into your own hands rather than begging for scraps from the likes of rovio who obviously dont care.

Its good to have this game on our platform just for the sakes of having such a high profile game. I personally can't stand this game

"the company quickly changed gears once Microsoft probably stepped in (and maybe even Nokia)."
So, did Microsoft step in?  It reads that Microsoft did step in with the use of the word 'once' but then the quote says 'probably'.
I don't think Microsoft or Nokia stepped in, but if Microsoft or Nokia makes it official by stating that they did, then so be it.  Sad if they did though, because they shouldn't have to arrange to have Rovio on board with Windows Phone at this stage given that WP is more established and has more users than it did when AB first launched on the platform.

Well before Rovio said it was coming to WP, the marketing boss said that WP did not bring much on the table compared to other platforms.
WP just still needs way more phones out there. Hopefully next year we will be in that position.
SYmbian is still outselling WP big time.

I disagree. I don't want them to make those games for WP just cause they can. I would prefer if those games stayed away from the mobile touch screen space. MS should focus on making exclusive games that are built from the ground up for the touch screen experience, sort of like Tentacles is right now for the platform

Its more than likely that Nokia and Microsoft stepped in. Also, the tech media flipping out and the increasing number of Nokia WP users probably also swayed them. 

Windows Phone is critical for Nokia's success, and whether we like it or not, apps/games such as Angry Birds, Draw Something, Instagram, etc are absolutely vital for WP's success.  Samsung/HTC might be indifferent (given that Android is well supported), Nokia isn't.

From the start I bet Nokia was leveraging its hand to get the entire Angry Birds portfolio to Windows Phone (or at least Nokia WP).  It is a selling point, and for many people, a core experience you just cannot ignore.  Goes without saying, Apollo will need to boast games comparable/superior to the Infinity Blade series, exclusives based on Halo, Forza, Fable, etc are a must.

Now whether Angry Birds Space (and other iterations, e.g. Rio, Seasons, etc) is going to be a Nokia exclusive on Windows Phone, that'll be interesting.

Well said. I'm thankful Microsoft has Nokia to push for a better app experience on Windows Phone instead of just trying to make it themselves.

I can live without the space game. Have so many others to keep me occupied. I haven't finished the Angry Bird I have now. One reason AB is so popular is marketing of course. I believe the average user don't even take the time to see what good games are out there for their platform. I introduced a friend to Burn the Rope and likes it better than AB.

Of course it doesn't have to be one or the other. One could like different types of games. And for the most part, the people I know who play Angry Birds also play Burn the Rope, Cut the Rope and a host of other games. 

I'll download the trial and play it for about 5 minutes if it's there. No biggie if it never makes it to WP.

I for one never saw what the big brouhaha was over the initial announcement. From what I remember, it never said it would never arrive on WP. Just that it wouldn't arrive on WP on March 22nd. Implying to me that there was a version for WP in the works and would be arriving later

Sorry, way off topic here, but, Daniel, I really enjoy your writing & interaction here. Just wanted to say thanks for what you do & how you do it!

Also glad to see rovio reverse this mistake. Whether we like/play this game or not, the truth is it matters if we get it. To the general publics perception, i.e. $$$, it matters. To a lesser extent, even when we get it.

I'm sure we'll only have to push for certain apps for a short time until our platform gains popularity and is taken seriously by developers.

This kinds of angry birds game are popular among younger children, and I also like this games very much.