Nokia Trailers app now available for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia Trailers

Hot on the tail of the Dark Knight Rises app for Lumia phones comes Nokia Trailers. The app pulls no punches as it is what it sounds like--an app for viewing all the latest trailers and teaser clips from the latest Hollywood movies.

Nokia Trailers

The app though goes beyond just streaming by allowing you to also download the trailer for offline viewing. In addition you get a cool Live Tile to alert you when new trailers are added to the system so you can keep up on all the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Other features include:

  • Watch list - Set reminders for movies you want to see
  • Share your favorite trailers with friends
  • Locate local theaters nearby 

We'll be honest, we've been looking for such an app for a long time on Windows Phones and this fits the bill nicely. We're big movie fans around here so being able to stream and watch the latest trailers with no garish ads, having reminders for movies and being able to share on our social networks are all pretty cool features. Nice job, Nokia.

Pick up Nokia Trailers here in the Nokia Collection Marketplace. Thank, mrfu55y, for the link

Update: You can see the "shared" link which shows off the Nokia Trailers app.

QR: Nokia Trailers


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Nokia Trailers app now available for Lumia Windows Phones


Samsung where the heck are our nifty apps, your gonna let Nokia show you up like you was a punk start up mobile company like Hauwei or ZTE? Just kidding... Now I REALLY want a black Lumia 900.

Seriously. What do you mean you've been looking for an app like this for a while. Im all about flixter. Haven't found one that runs better. Super fast load times, up to date. That's all you need.

Flixster is a joke. I doesn't let you access your account and write reviews or like/dislike, which is what flixster is about. And 70% of the trailers dont work.

Dunno what to tell ya mission, trailers work perfect for me. That's all I use it for anyway. I don't care what random people on the internet think about a movie.

That's nice to hear this app runs well though. If it ever becomes a non Nokia app I'll try it out.

I switched to this right away. No ads, super smooth, that live title function and just generally better working and easier app.
Probably one of the best Nokia apps on WP after City Lens, Nokia Music and Nokia Drive, Maps.

Basically all of us non Nokia phone owners are being shut out! We can't get updates, and our devices are supported for certain apps. How is Nokia helping the entire WP ecosystem again? I can't upgrade until May of 2013,, this puts a sour taste in my mouth.

Thats true! Although I do think MS should try to keep a level UE. I like to think of the WP ecosystem as a whole. This is what was supposed to separate WP from the competition. When you are as big a WP fan as I am you want all bases covered, and I am concerned about every aspect of the platforms quality. I didn't mean this puts a sour taste in my mouth about Nokia, rather the whole situation I don't like. IMO MS started the whole WP thing so I always find deficiencies to root there. We dont blame MS enough for not using its power! There is just no excuse! WP will not do well with only Nokia' support, and I would expect MS to realize this, and make some serious move!

HTC has plenty of great apps in fact they still have one app that other OEMS don't and I won't even consider another OEM until it is and that's sound enhancer.

how is this nokias fault? They ate doing something for their products. Every other OEM could do the same.

Whoever said that it's Nokias fault? Who said Nokia is not doing a great job? I can say that Motorola is doing a great job, and they are, but that's not fixing my disappearing keyboard,, is it? Motorola is doing a great job for itself! When I see a device come out one week, and get a update the next, and nobody wants to take the responsibility to fix hundreds of thousands of faulty WP devices that aren't Lumias, thats my definition of being left out in the cold. Actually, out of the entire WP "machine" Nokia seems to be the only one who really has the energy, passion, and brains to pull this thing off. But, it can't all be left up to Nokia. That's never going to work. We should expect no less from MS, at&t, and the others.

You intimated its Nokia's fault when you asked, "How is Nokia helping the WP ecosystem again?" You then followed up by blaming Microsoft. The only entities you didn't point a finger at are HTC and Samsung, interestingly the ones who really deserves your ire. I'm a twice over Samsung WP phone user, and I'm still excited to see Nokia throwing their weight behind the platform. As a WinPhone fan, I'm already convinced that my next phone, w/o any qualification, will be a Nokia. Thumbs up to both Microsoft and Nokia for doing something to spark life into the platform.

So true. I've had a Samsung Focuse since Nov 2010 and I've have't seen one new App released from them since launch. Samsung earned 4.7 Billion last year and they can hire a few devs to create apps or do a little advertising for wp7? On the other hand Nokia has relesase so many new apps it begs to question. What are the other OEM's waiting for?
I just got my lumia 900 about five days now and going forword Nokia will be the brand that get's my support and hard earned cash because they get it.

Never said its Nokias fault. In fact I blamed EVERYBODY else. Quit telling me what I said after I clarified myself. Thats stupid...Lol!

You forgot LG on your list, despite as an Optimus 7 user, I receive several update for LG apps at the bigining of this year.

Not enought to compare to the WP leader, Nokia !

The Nokia apps I'm all for, HTC and Samsung should just do the same. Where I have an issue is with mainstream 3rd party apps that shouldn't be exclusive to anyone. And I say that as a Lumia owner.

Overall I agree, however if Nokia is spending money and effort to bring titles and such to the platform, then a little timed exclusivity is a perk they deserve IMO.

I'm not talking about a update to WP8. Very many of us have not gotten the keyboard fix yet
This is ridiculous.

No, that is purely MS fault for being gutless turds and back-flipping on the decision to have updates come from them and not the carriers. That's put us on the same path as Android which is not what we were all hoping for. Apps that are not device-specific should strengthen the whole WP7 ecosystem - even if it's charged for other mobile owners. MS can't even keep exclusives on WP7, so why lock out a huge portion of your own ecosystem?

And besides the iPhone tell me what other brand or phone everyone gets updates the same time

Yeah, both are good at their main function. As for watching trailers, this Nokia app seems really the top.

I can't get to either the Batman app, or this one. Guess it's not available in the marketplace yet. And yes, I have a Lumia 900.

I am not able to get this app   clicking the link takes to mktplce  and app not found! Both   from here & WMPoweruser sites

I've got this app on my Nokia N8, its written in QT on the N8. I'll have to install this on my 800 and see which is best.

Yep, I've got this on my N8 as well, but I never used it.  Guess it's time for me to check it out to see what it's about.  One thing is probably safe to say is, is that it is not as visually appealing as the WP version :)

it's good on the N8, I've just tried it on my Lumia, it's Metro styled, dark themed. The version on the N8, is in QT, very slick, cover flow style.

Samsung and HTC rely on Android for the bulk of their sales, so - unsurprisingly - that is where the majority of their attention and focus is heading. Nokia on the other hand, WP7 is their last chance in the smartphone market, and they need to blow as much air into it as possible... That is just how things are, but it might be different with Windows 8/RT and WP8...who knows.

Yeah, but MSN Movies is not widely available (US only probably) whilst Nokia Trailers does work in central Europe.

That's surprising, the iPhone trailers app has 2 trailers, a clip, a featurette, and 3 other short clips for Prometheus (I can't wait for 6/8).

I'm glad I jump ship from Samsung to Nokia. All the other OEM's are not pulling their own weight with this fantastic platform. I can't wait to get a Nokia windows 8 tablet. Btw this app is fantastic.

Agreed. I very reluctantly left HTC for a Lumia 900, and man am I glad I did! The support is amazing! Count me in as a loyal Nokia customer! Will definitely wait for their W8 tablets!

Ya their tablest are goign to be crazy. I can't wait to get one. Hopefully they have some nice colours choices and use the same materilas they used on the lumia 900.

My next phone (waiting for Windows Phone 8) will be Nokia for sure. I currently have a Samsung WP7 phone and I really have enough of these cheap looking Chinese phones.

I am getting a Nokia on October 12th, when I am up for an upgrade. If HTC and Samsung want to stay relevant on Windows Phone, they need to put in as much effort as Nokia has been.

Why anyone would buy a non-Nokia WP7 phone is beyond me. Love my Lumia although I feel Nokia is fragmenting the platform one exclusive app at a time.

Because I am with TMobile and my only option for Nokia is a Fisher-Price phone that max's out at 8GB. If Nokia wants to make their own apps fine. But, every app should be available to every phone. Nokia wants to charge us? Fine. But locking portions of the marketplace off from some people because they are stuck with a certain provider is complete BS.

So, Nokia is to blame because you're "stuck" with a provider. In the same sentence you say its phones are toys. Good luck with that rhetoric.

Those new apps form Nokia are sick. Fluid, Slick, Beautiful. A perfect example how to app metro style. Incredible job. I would urge Nokia to develop apps, slowly, for every possible purpose, covering even well developed areas (to-do lists, weather apps, stopwatch/timer etc). I would definitely opt for a Nokia WP7 if it provided wide app functionality Nokia style. To be honest I'm already convinced.

Aren't Nokia apps free? I feel your pain jailb, no disrespect. But I think it's all business, blackberry did the same to me w OS6, OS7 comes no upgrade for new adopters, happened again w Motorola, bought droid 3 Nov 2011 and guess what not even a year old and no ICS upgrade for me :(

Yes all the apps are free, even Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Music (Nokia's version of Pandora... it just doesn't have any ads as Nokia pays it all).

There are alot. Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Transits, Nokia Music, Nokia Reading, Nokia Creative Studio, Nokia SmartStart, Nokia Camera Extension, Nokia Trailers, Nokia City Lens, Nokia Play To, and Nokia Data Counter.

Speaking of Nokia, does anyone remember the Ngage QD? Hey Nokia I dare you to try this idea again but this time with 'Mikey-$oft' helping out with some Xbox Live love... Just a thought.

It looks great, but I've already experienced a major omission. There is no Prometheus trailer. That's a pretty big film to leave out.

hello, can i ask ?
where i can find downloaded trailers? i plugged my nokia lumia 920 to PC, and not found where the file.
help me,