Nokia updates Cinemagraph for Lumia Windows Phones with unknown improvements


Nokia has once again updated its Cinemagraph app for Lumia Windows Phones. The app enables you to record footage with the camera, edit the recording and save the result as an animated, GIF-like clip. Perfect for quickly sharing on social networks.

So, what's new in version We're not entirely sure, though this could be for the Lumia 1320 and 1520. We've had a quick play after updating and can't notice anything that has arrived with the update (the changelog is from an earlier version). Be sure to hit us up in the comments should you find anything new.

You can download cinemagraph from the Nokia Collection of the Windows Phone Store (note that this app is exclusive to Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets).

QR: Cinemagraph


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Nokia updates Cinemagraph for Lumia Windows Phones with unknown improvements


Actually this app is developed by Nokia team not Microsoft. Eventhough there is no change log, it seems faster.

He means that Microsoft demands an update log with each submission to the WP Store from any party, not just Microsoft.

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A while back I noticed a problem when the app would try to force pixels to align, and it always seemed like the part of the image that I painted to move would start drifting off toward the right or left. Im not sure if it's fixed in thsi update, but possibly!

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Thank god, such shit doesn't happen in WP or I'ld be dead already. 
Hehehe. My 720 never crashes on me.

I can't transfer the GIF file to my PC from my Lumia 920 as that isn't exist, since last update. I have to upload the cinemagraph to Nokia's server then open the link to save the GIF... it's so inconvenient .

This is a wonderful app. The animated photos I created with this app always impress my friends and relatives asking me how did you do it..it is cool.. So it is a must need thing on all smarphones while Lumia owners enjoy having it so far. Good Job Nokia. Keep updating and adding new features to it.

Don't know why wpcentral didn't find the changelog.It's clearly stated in the update page of the app.
1.gifs are now hd
2.editing results like color pop are more accurate and dramatic

"So, what's new in version We're not entirely sure"
Do we really need articles like that?

With this update we can find previous cinemagraph that are available on our phone. When i reset my phone most of my cinemagraph were not detected as cinemagraph, only image was shown. Now we have option in about to find cinemagraph on phone. Now all my previous cinemagraph are working :) .