Nokia updates Counters and drops the price on 100th Day of School

Nokia's 100th Day of School and Counters

Two updates from Nokia hit the Windows Phone Store recently. One adds Live Tile support and the other drops the price.

Nokia Counters is a popular Windows Phone 7.x app that helps you keep track of your calls, data usage and messaging. The version update adds Live Tile support. The Live Tile will display a graph on your Counters you have set limits on.

The 100th Day of School is an interactive educational app featuring the Sesame Street character Elmo. While the app itself hasn't been updated, the price has. The 100th Day of School is now free and if you're looking for a great educational app that will keep your youngsters entertained, it's a steal of a deal.

While we'd like to see a Windows Phone 8 version, Nokia Counters is a free app that is only available for Nokia Windows Phone 7.x devices and you can find it here from the Nokia Collection.

QR: Nokia Counters

The 100th Day of School is a free app for both Nokia Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices. You can find the 100th Day of School app here in the Nokia Collection.

QR: 100th Day of School

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Nokia updates Counters and drops the price on 100th Day of School


To track data etc on wp8 Try the 'call credit' app. I use this on Lumia 920 on Orange uk (EE). I think it was free. You can see data usage, calls usage , spend, how long till next lot, a nice graph to see how much and how much you can use per day. Although it takes a while for usage to show up, few hours, you can at least be aware of how much you have used. Would like data sense though to tell which apps are the data eaters, however you can work thus out with a bit of trial and error.
Anyway give it a go and feedback if works on your networks.

thanks for sharing, i was going crazy on how to check my data usage... counters isnt available for WP8 and Data sense hasn't even been released in any operator other than Verizon in USA.

No need on ee, just bookmark the ee data page and it shows you how much data used and left along with days until it is reset.

I was doing the bookmark thing too when I first got the phone. I seemed to be burning data until I changed a few settings. The app I mentioned is quite handy that, in addition to the bookmarked page, it tells you how much data you have left per day day for the rest of the month. Plus, if you like this sort of thing, a graph! Yes wet your pants time, a graph!
What would be useful though is an app that tells you which apps are using how much data.

I've got a 920 on EE in UK but call credit won't recognise the account. Any ideas? I'm using the ee plan site username and password

I'm sorry, but do you have any proof on that?  And please dont link to me the article with AT&T saying they are considering Data Sense because "considering" doesn't mean squat to me.

Well, Counters was developed for 7.5 since Data Sense would not be available to 7.5/7.8 devices - as with many of their apps to fill in the gaps. From my POV, it seems pointless for Counters to be on WP8 devices when there will be Data Sense.
Nonetheless, Nokia may surprise and make the app available for their WP8 devices despite the redundancy (Data Sense).

Yes, I used on my 900 and it worked great and I'm missing it on my 920. Actually I would love to see them consolidate the functionality into Nokia Xpress. Come on Nokia, this cannot be too hard to do.

FYI about Counters - update deleted my already used minutes etc. so you may want to postpone installing it if you are in the middle of month. But it also added Roaming capability to watch over your usage when abroad. I think that's a nice touch worth mentioning

I wish Nokia would release Data Sense for WP8. There's World beyond the USA!
We don't even have f**king Verizon in Europe, why should we be prevented from having an App that was announced as a core feature of WP8 just because it's in an "exclusivity" period in a USA Operator? Did Verizon payed for the development of the App? No? Then f**cking release it to the rest of the World!

This is just infuriating and another stupid action by the idiots at Microsoft who allowed this.

Hey, Verizon is set to take over the world soon...no one really cares about the "old world" anyway! =P
Jk, don't ban hammer me...yes, I agree that the deep red pockets of the FiOS monster must get holes...BIG ones! =/

Lol this update just nuked my current stats for counters. Good job my monthly bill date is the 12th. That was a bit sloppy of Nokia...

My Lumia 920 came with a contact called View Data Usage. Just dial *3282# (aka *DATA#) and get a text message stating your data usage for the month. I thought I read somewhere that it works with more than just AT&T.