Microsoft updates Extras + Info, Display, Device Hub, and Call + SMS Filter with unknown improvements

Extras + Info

Microsoft Mobile (previously the hardware division at Nokia) has released new versions for a number of system apps available for Lumia Windows Phones. Extras + Info and Call + SMS Filter are joined by Display and Device Hub, each receiving a new version with unknown changes due to the lack of up-to-date changelogs.

The Extras + Info store listing (now on version states that more minor improvements have been implemented, but this changelog has been present for some time. Still, we'll put this latest version down to yet more bug fixing taking place. Check out the screenshots below for a before and after look at affected features:

Nokia Extras + Info

We can see the removal of Feedback to Nokia and the addition of SpamFilter. As for Call + SMS Filter, again we're not too sure what has been included in this update. The changelog is for an older release, but we'd imagine the same fits for what's added in the latest version, which is currently on As well as these two system apps, both Device Hub and Display have also been bumped to a new version, again with unknown changes (versions and respectively).

Let us know in the comments should you notice anything we've missed! It's worth noting that we were required to reboot our Lumia 1520 testing these updates for access to Extras + Info to be granted (the menu entry in the settings list didn't respond to taps). This could be a glitch with our device, but be sure to give the Windows Phone a reboot if not all is well.

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Microsoft updates Extras + Info, Display, Device Hub, and Call + SMS Filter with unknown improvements



(off topic ) Can someone help me plzzzzzzzzzz ? M not getting the Device hub update still on my nokia lumia 1320 (India- WP8) it says no update to previous version :( it that update available on 1320 too ?

(off topic ) Can someone help me plzzzzzzzzzz ? M not getting the Device hub update still on my nokia lumia 1320 (India- WP8) it says no update to previous version :( it that update available on 1320 too ??

In the store screen shots of the display app , it shows that you can can adjust the brightness level, so i think that this update is to make the phone ready for cyan

We noted that on the previous update, so our best bet is all these (and subsequent) updates will be prepping for Cyan and/or fixing things along the way. :-) Exciting times ahead!

I guess too.

I did not get the brightness profile option that looks like helps to adjust the level of preset brightnesses.

Does anyone has the same issue?

new in this version : improved usability, brightness profile for all lumia devices

as stated in the app store

Goddammit. It should be mandatory for App Updates to have Changelogs. Even from Microsoft

Anyone got the device hub app disappeared from the list? I can see the app as "installed" but there is no app and I can't remove it! Help, I used to find it useful rather often :(

And last used option. Along with a fix for space free utility. In build and Nokia's both report different.

Display changelog states that brightness profiles are now available to all Lumia Devices. I guess even those that have ambient sensor.
EDIT: The sample images inside Display are now different.
What about Devices Hub? How long is that there? I had never seen it before. Only after this update showed up. I'm in Greece. Maybe was it US only and now global?

Still says accessories on l920 and call+filter still doesn't match blocked to names in address book.

One thing I noted with call+filter is that it now shows in the app list when you swipe to the right. Not sure whether it was there before.
EDIT: Sorry. My bad. It was there when it was waiting to get updated. It's not showing now

Yes it got removed from the app list. I unknowingly deleted the live tile from my homescreen.. Now how to pin it again, Microsoft!!! Wtf!

Go to call+SMS filter in your settings, hit Advanced and flip the second switch, this will bring back the live tile to your start screen

That's when the official support for WP 8.1 starts. Nothing official has been said about the actual release.

Agree, I think the reason they can't provide solid date is that they will be asked questions RE Cortana which obviously is still cloudy on when is going to go live where.

Verizon The Nightmare. Maybe ill see Cyan on my 928 in 2015 or later))
Amber- was fast
Black- waited ~4months I think
Cyan - 8months ))

When i got the update i thot this was the Cyan update so i was just wondering if wp8.1 is now available for everyone...but no its still lumia black!

New thing called device hun to connect with ur other devices, new pictures to adjust display. Nothing new found in call+ sms. Sms extras+ info. I guess preparation for cyan update.

Sorry to ruin your day but Extras + info has received updates in the past without FW updates. So probably no Cyan for today.

Or some other crucial update that maybe has yet to appear on phone updates yet. If you think about ms update xbl some updates dont appear till end of day for some time zones

We Need The update to set our phones to 3G Only/4G Only Mode... this is a basic feature and i dont know why we still dont have this .i cant get proper 3g signal in my area as i cant put it to 3g only mode whereas my s3 get's 3g signal all the time as i put it on 3g only mode..

I can set my 'Highest Connection Speed' to 2G, 3G or 4G from the drop down menu in cellular+SIM > SIM Settings. Does it not show for you?

Me too. Actually we don't need brightness profile if you can set automatic brightness. But the update did say "for all lumia"... :/

It's Microsoft's file manager app (WP 8.1 only). And I guess it got updated today, can't confirm as I'm on WP 8.0.

Device hub is all new for me. It first only was named accessories but is now renamed device hub and has a total revamp. Other apps maybe updated to support cyan / 8.1

Using device hub we can find out our recently connected Bluetooth devices by location maps even the car....

Just reboot ur phone , if you are not still receiving updates then just make a soft reset by holding power button & volume down button together, until phone vibrates & restarts..

Wish they didn't remove the preset clicks in the color temperature and saturation sliders. There wasn't many but it made it easy to remember which setting it was set at. A slider without clicks or numbers just sucks. There's a reason why the volume controls are 1-10 and 1-30.

I found that to be a little annoying when they're several beyond updated at once. Now I actually have to _remember_ which ones were getting updated to go check them later since there's no change log. (My life is so hard...)

at extras+info is removed

feedback to nokia

name nokia is replaced with lumia at first use experienc and at spam filter. are some small changes such as rate us is extra now.


As shown in the screenshots, the article is wrong, SpamFilter isn't new, it's just renamed to not include the Nokia brand anymore, what's new is "rate us", which is just a replacement ffor "Feedback to Nokia".

My phone has been flaky since the last update worth frequent locks, random rebooting, heat, and compromised battery. Also the glitch where the glance screen inverts returned. Hopefully some of this will stabilize things a bit.

Glance screen going ass up is caused by remote desktop app, I just hold my handset the other way while in the app...

Call+sms filter is not working on my Lumia 720. Showing
"Something went wrong
That didn't work , thought it's not clear why, try again"

Can anyone help me?

I had the same problem.
It won't resolve by HARD RESET also..
Then I just DOWNGRADED my mobile WP 8.0 using NOKIA RECOVERY TOOL ( P.C. APP )
And after that , once again I update my mobile to W.P 8.1
And now its working Good...

I don't know what's the problem was ..?
Even I've reported it to M.S...


I hope the upcoming HTC have something similar to Call + SMS Filter ... The carrier been spamming me a lot lately.

Ok, so in extras + info I have someting called Contacts initializer. I dont see that in any of the screen shots in this article. Also, in these screen shots there is a Lumia First User Experiance listed, which I dont have. Any thoughts on this?

After it is updated, it doesn't show system apps under the downloaded and history segment of the market. However, it is updated without an error.

Unable to turn on Bluetooth in device hub clear the bug ... I'm using Lumia 520 I'm also restart my mobile still having trouble

After these updates, the accessories app (now device hub) no longer has the Clock/Weather/Calendar app to launch via NFC for my DT-910 charging stand.  Or maybe I just can't find the original app in the list.  Now I just have a list of all apps on my phone that I can set to launch (recommended apps for launching are weather apps).

This is a bummer, I guess maybe this will be more useful in the future, right now I miss the unique clock and weather.

You can download the Nokia Car App as a possible alternative.
I noticed that my CR-201 wireless car charger is no longer listed in the Devices Hub (Accessories).
What's the DT-910 like?

I thought I was crazy when i couldn't find it. Very annoying to lose the clock next to my bed at night. Anyone have any good alternatives?

I sure hope they fix it...  The Car app no longer works either.  Though I use Car Dash now anyways, but still the clock app going away pissed me off.  First Glance on my Icon is gone, and now the clock app!  WTF!

They must add CALL DURATION. One can't not tell how long you have been talking on the phone.

this feature is missing on Windows phone yet all other OS have it.l

I don't get it. Why work on Cyan update when 8.1 is slated for release? I mean when 8.1 is already coming, then why is the Cyan update preceding it? A better thing would have been just work on WP 8.1 and bring it faster!

You're not understanding the difference between updates for your phone hardware (Cyan) and updates to your phone operating system (8.1). They are two separate but intertwined things. For our OS update to work as intended, there needs to be an accompanying hardware (firmware) update. Make sense?

In extras+info there are new titles to some things. In colour profile there are some new photos. Accessories is now device hub. In calls+sms there are slightly new animations.

Call + sms filter is not working for me. It just something happened and then closes. So the ability to block a spammer is not available for me. Dont know what had caused this

Microsoft Hardware sound like an hirroble name, why not Microsoft Lumia sound mutch easier!

Even they got Surface: Tablet from MS , and Lumia: Phone from MS yeah! :)

They really need to bring back the preset notches in the sliders so that if you accidentally hit the color temp or tint sliders you can easily set them back to their default values.

Everytime there's any sort of update to WP someone writes 'Seems Faster' all I can say is.. 'Its all in your head mate'

It's always nice to get updates on these features...and always so annoying to read the reviews on these features. People whining and complaining about all sorts of stuff...some of which is just them being lazy and not wanting to learn how and where to find things on their phones.

I am getting really annoyed by this utter lazyness to include a change log. Screw their update if they are not going to disclose what's in it.