Nokia updates Glance screen, removes mention of Notifications

Last week Nokia moved Glance out into the open in Settings, which we covered in detail. The update was to make discoverability of Nokia’s many custom settings that much easier but alas, there was a prescient sign of things to come with the change: a new toggle for Notifications on Glance.

We speculated at the time Nokia was going to be adding Notifications to the Glance screen, enabling email and SMS visual alerts. Not a day later did we see the GDR3 and Nokia Bittersweet shimmer leak in our forums confirming our assumption.

A future update will enable notifications on Glance

We guess all of the attention spooked Nokia a bit as we’re getting flooded with tips that Glance received another update today and it now removes that Notification option. No doubt that’s because the feature isn’t quite ready yet and Nokia wants to avoid confusion. There’s no word on when the real feature is coming nor if it is dependent on GDR3/Bittersweet shimmer.

Unfortunately since Glance now has its own Store link, we have yet to procure the new URL. Then again, since you’re actually losing a non-functioning feature, we don’t see the rush to update either. We’ll update those post when get a link, but for now consider this an FYI post.

Thanks, David B., and everyone else for the tips!


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Nokia updates Glance screen, removes mention of Notifications


if they drop the ball on gdr3 I will be pissed that seems to have all the updates I have been waiting for since I got my first wp7.  I did call customer care about gdr2 they were confused.  I even said come on kenya gets it before you do what are you guys doing?

Actually I was talking to someone that while GDR2 was in works to be released that GDR3 was announced. That would surely tempt someone to rather spend time and resources on GDR3 esp if updates like before are cumulative. But that's thinking out loud and giving some slack to att, but they better get gdr3 out on time in that case.

GDR3 has been known about for a LONG time. They didn't change any plans because if it. It may be that's what they're waiting for, but it was no surprise.

Doesn't at&t have six months to release an update if a 2nd update was released by MSFT?

MSFT should use this as a way to force carriers to release updates. Major update then Tiny update.

help? The Nokia page says the GDR2 update for my 520 is avaible, but the phone says it can't "search" for updates now, what should i do?

Try using the Nokia software updat for retail. It will wipe your data but if its available like you say you can update your handset.

MSFT needs to redo the settings screen with at least another pivot. The list is WAY too long to find what you are looking for.

Ya Notification and Calender on/off gone (of course it was not functioning). But whats the update for is a big question... seems to me that its only to remove the non functioning option, no change log as usual....anyway cant complain, either way its the same

Doesn't the terms glance and toggle imply moving from one screen to another? If so, could this mean Microsoft will give users the gesturing screen some want for notification they've been calling for and therefore asked Nokia to remove the setting because its giving users insite into things that are coming?

i am probably in the great minority here, but am i the only one who really doesn't "get" or care about the glance screen feature, just out of curiosity?

Yes. Also it is super useful when notifications are enabled. You don't have to walk up to your phone everytime u want to check when at home. Also u can avoid carrying the phone across the hall.

You are missing the point. Not everytime a phone is available at an arms length away. Esp at home or you put it for charge. You don't have to fiddle with the phone too everytime.

@mce076Same here. I was highly dissapointed when I tried it for the first time. At this point its useless. It feels unfinished but I have faith in Nokia and I know they will add more functionality in time.

I turned both glance and double-tap off in favor of more battery life. Although,... I should experiment to see how much battery those features use in my normal use of the phone.

I just like being able to pull my phone out of my pocket and see the time without pressing a button or touching the screen. I find that extremely handy.

Its the stupid release of the L925 on ATT, but only if you dig hard on ATT's website that you'll find its available. Sad way to tease people.

Still mentions "notifications" for me.

"At-a-glance clock and notifications appear when tour phone switches to standby."

The screenshot under 'Night mode' says 'Blue', so I guess we'll be able to change the night mode colours at some point in the near future!

I love how you keep giving us all these awesome info, yet it feels like your toying with us since we all know att hasn't released GDR2.

At&t really sucks. Right now they are busy promoting and setting new prices for release of iPhone garbage. They completely forgot about the lumia920.

The notifications are already appearing I just noticed -full text on my 810, no need to wait 'til GDR3 

I updated my Glance today and the description and verbiage at the top when its opened both mention notifications.

I was excited to see the new update of "GLANCE", but excitement faded quickly when there were no changes.
I hope this fixes up soon.