Nokia updates NFC Writer for Windows Phone, fixes option to purchase official tags

Nokia NFC Writer

Nokia has bumped the NFC Writer app for Lumia Windows Phones to version The first change we've noticed is the product link for grabbing more tags off Amazon now works in the UK (we've noticed the app crashed when selecting the link). That said, there have been reports that the app is continuing to cause problems for consumers with crash reports coming in regarding the purchase link. Looks like Nokia has to have a deeper look.

Other than that, we've not noticed anything else new in the app, so be sure to shout out in the comments if you happen to have more details or if you're still struggling with the crashing problem. You can download Nokia NFC Writer from the Windows Phone Store. Note that you'll need a Lumia smartphone to grab it from the Nokia Collection.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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Nokia updates NFC Writer for Windows Phone, fixes option to purchase official tags


I bought some NFC tags to test with, but until MS give us a "trusted tag" option (or take away the confirmation message) and the option to read the tag while the phone is off, it's more of a gimmick than useful.

Saying that I still use a couple of them that are on cradles to launch the news and Xbox music.

I love Nokia so much that I refuse to buy any other device.. But, I think im getting tired of hearing about Nokia... Weird right?.. Well, its just that it depresses, and scares, me that we can't get support from the other's and it hurts- crying now- my- picking up knife-- FEELINGS!!... BOOOHOOO.. Whhhyyyyy?? Whhhhhyyy?? Whyyyyyy?? I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna do it!!!!!! Somebody better get Samsung on the phone RIGHT NOW or im taking these kids, then myself, out!!!!.... Aaaannd Scene!