Nokia updates PhotoBeamer with higher image resolution support


Nokia has pushed through an update for its magical image transfer app, PhotoBeamer. The Windows Phone app enables you to fire across images from a smartphone to a web browser, using the PhotoBeamer website. The best part about the service is that its all done wirelessly through WiFi or a mobile network - no need to plug your phone in to pull that single image to show others on a larger screen.

Utilising QR codes, PhotoBeamer opens up a connection with Nokia's website that "beams" photos displayed on the Windows Phone to the chosen device. According to the app store listing, version not only includes support for higher image resolutions, but also packs numerous bug fixes and improvements to the experience.

It's well worth checking out if you haven't already done so. You can download PhotoBeamer from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone store. Thanks, Skynetz, for the heads up!

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Nokia updates PhotoBeamer with higher image resolution support


It supports all kind of browsers - I haven't yet seen a browser that does not work with photobeamer. Well, of course the browser has to be able to show pictures.

Not really.  I am not on WP7, but if you bought the Lumia 900 last year and you are on a two year contract, you will be on WP7 until 2014.  That is, unless you want to break your contract or pay full price for a phone.

Good point! Then the 520 can be their backup phone when they upgrade to something even better.

This really is an impressive app. There is room for improvment (like the ability to pan a panarama or pinch to zoom), but that may be more of a technology/bandwith limitation. I mean the photos are getting sent across the wire, it's not a real RDP session.

I'm not 100% sure of this, but I read somewhere the phone uploads the photos to a Nokia server and then the server downloads the image from Nokia's server to the intended computer. It is not wi fi from the phone to the computer. Today I took a picture and then photobeamed it to the host computer and it took some time to display the picture. It loads a fuzzy picture and then fills in the fuzzyness to create a full picture. I know it also works even on a Linux computer pointed to photobeamer.com. Now I wonder what it would take to beam the entire contents of the Win 8 phone to the host computer just like Apple iOS can do with an Apple TV and an iPhone 4S or better?

Here's where I get excited: almost done with my HTC Trophy, Lumia 928 comes today! No more 'Nokia only,' 'WP8 only' envy.

OMG❕ When I finally got my hands on my 920 it was like experiencing WP for the first time all over again... It was a "dual shot" getting a Nokia device, and all it has to offer, and WP8 all at the same time.. A welcome bit overwhelming it was... You sir are about to have a very good day.. But, you're probably not gonna get anything else done.. LOL❕

Title edit may be needed. Awesome "suPPPort" from Nokia... jejeje.

Really though, I love all the updates that have been coming out, not just from Nokia but many developers seem to have started updating their applications lately. Great news.

Take a picture and use it to share. On your friends phone/computer go to www.photobeamer.com and there will be a QR code on their screen. This app will ask you to scan that QR code and once you do, their screen will display the picture.

I have actually used this app over Skype. My girlfriend works in the Philippines  as a English teacher and I had her go to the Photobeamer site and show me the code and I could scan and share with her the pictures on my phone.

they should also have a mode like TeamViewer where you read a code to someone over the phone instead of scanning a barcode.

Did just testet it. Works perfect.
Your friend open photobeamer.com on his computer.
He take a screenshot of his screen with his photobeamer QR code.
He mail/skype the screen shot to you.
you open your's Lumia photobeamer
Select picture
And now scan your's friends picture of his photobeamer QR code.
Show yours pictures on friends screen.
:-)  :-)

Wow never thought of that. Cool! I wonder if they keep the jpg or whatever you can just use that from now on. So the friend just opens photobeamer.com and when you know she's on the site you can just scan the same jpg? I suppose that is for a individual only since the QR code resembles the IP? Not sure. But alot of potential.

On my Nokia 620 Windows Phone, Photobeamer only recognises 3 folders: Sample Pictures; Camera Roll, and; Saved Pictures.  So the additional folders I have created and filled with photographs using my laptop aren't recognised, nor the Skydrive folders. 
That is very poor as it is these additional photographs taken with a proper camera elsewhere that I want to see on my phone and to be able to show on a larger screen from time to time with Photobeamer.
Why the restrictions on accessing folders?
While I am making comments, why are photographs displayed on the Windows phone using "date created"? I assume that's how they are displayed. On my PC or laptop, I rename the photgraphs so that I can see them in a certain order.  When I create a new folder on the phone and transfer them, chaos!  The order is all over the place.