Nokia updates Video Trimmer and Video Upload apps in anticipation of new Lumias

Nokia has been busy pushing out small and subtle updates for their core Lumia apps on Windows Phone. While these have not brought any new features, they all tend to say “support for more devices” under their changelogs.

Next week, Nokia is expected to announce a few new Lumias at their Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi. Coincidence? Not at all. Some of those devices should feature a 1080P display, and while current apps will technically run fine at that resolution, developers are encouraged to rethink some scaling and graphics for their apps to make them look the best.

Clearly Nokia has a leg up here, which is why we’re seeing this updates go through. This morning, Nokia has bumped two apps for that new hardware, and they include:

Obviously, we don’t see anything in the way of new features, though perhaps you may find something. So if you really feel compelled to have the latest and greatest for these apps, click the above links to get them now.

Meanwhile, we’re prepping our team for the long flight to Abu Dhabi for live coverage of Nokia’s announcements.

Thanks, David B., for the tip

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Nokia updates Video Trimmer and Video Upload apps in anticipation of new Lumias


Sorry dude.  You could try selling the 900 and then getting a used or decent priced Lumia.  You can get a 620 for a little over 200.

There were a couple 620s on eBay for around $190 last time I looked which is a solid deal. Even the 625 is tempting at $270. Really like the look of it, though I do worry about the display.

What about it? Sell the damn thing already or get over it. It was months before WP 8 that we knew it wouldn't be able to run on the 900.

If you live neer a Micrisift Store they are selling the 1020 for free on contract. I got one in Salem, NH on Monday and my coworker got one last night.

Seriously?? I'm guessing this is in store only because it shows as $199 online. Im only about a 20 minute drive from the nearest Microsoft store though.

Excited for Lumia 525.
Lumia 520 is really doing great and still selling well. If they price 525 as competitively as 520 with front cam and flash, it can be another bestseller for Nokia and WP.

Front camera and a screen at least on the level of the 620. I can do without the camera honestly but would love a better screen. Its the only complaint I had, and the one from my wife as well.

Quick question Dan as you're rubbing elbows with the rest of the mobile nation. Is any other phone manufacturer (ie: Samsung, apple...) aggressively pushing out updates to their line of phones like Nokia is? We live in a bubble so your insight is appreciated.

Well I know that google is able to update their own apps within android independent of the OS updates that often get delayed by carriers. So any google-made apps could be (and are) updated as often as they want, just like Nokia with their own apps.

That would be more of an eco app update. We all get those, but what about Samsung specific or Motorola or HTC apps?

I want something more thant 928 on Verizon. I want the 1020. how long is AT&T's exclusive on this i wonder? i hate them but MS seems to be in bed with them like they were with intel in the late 90's

Seriously doubt the 1020 will be anywhere other than at&t in the states, similar to the 920. The 929 sounds promising though, and maybe with the rumored processor the camera will work a bit smoother. I really like the 928, think it looks great in white.

I'd love Nokia to update the video trimmer to allow me to put two or more clips together. Are there any good apps that do that?

Hey Microsoft just gave us all dev access to GDR3 update, and they're busy as hell pushing out the Win8.1 update...

Would love to see the option to rotate the video, my proximity sensor is fucked up so even if I hold the phone in portrait while recording it will show landscape when viewing.

More devices doesn't mean new devices only.
Older devices got the app after the update. Before it was available only for Lumia 920, 925, 1020. I am talking about Video Trimmer.