Nokia welcomes Samsung back to Windows Phone and hints at something big next week

Nokia Welcomes Back Samsung

Nokia has humorously welcomed Samsung back to Windows Phone, thanks to a photo published to Twitter by Doug Dawson, Media Relations Head for Nokia. In the image, one can see a banner being held that reads "Samsung: Nokia welcomes you back to Windows Phone...". Samsung announced its ATIV S smartphone running Windows Phone 8 yesterday at IFA 2012, in Berlin.

Some have been surprised that Samsung managed to beat Nokia by unveiling the first Apollo Windows Phone, but Dawson offers reassurances that Nokia is going to hit hard next week.

Doug Dawson Tweet

It's certainly an interesting move to visit IFA with such signs and call Samsung's Windows Phone presentation a "warm up" for the real deal. Then again, with what Nokia has produced in the past year for Windows Phone, we're definitely looking forward to what the Finnish manufacturer has in store for consumers.

What's more is Dawson went on to offer Maggie Reardon, reporter at CNET, a camera phone for her upcoming wedding. A wink was added to this tweet which makes us believe there's something big happening.

Are you looking forward to what Nokia is going to unveil to the techsphere? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

Source: Doug Dawson (Twitter), via: My Nokia Blog


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Nokia welcomes Samsung back to Windows Phone and hints at something big next week


"Then again, with what Nokia has produced in the past year for Windows Phone, we're definitely looking forward to what the Finnish manufacturer has in stall for consumers."
Mr. Edmonds dont you mean "In Store" ?

Try saying "in store" and "in stall" with a British accent. To voice recognition software, those would sound very similar. Heck, even to me they sound similar.

You mean an "English" accent. There's no such thing as a "British" accent.
If you're Scottish, Welsh or from Northern Ireland then "in stall" and "in-store" sound totally different.

If Nokia thinks this is warm up.....one wonders what the company has up it's sleeves??
Patience....Patience. :-)

Its good that nokia teases us, i hope they actually deliver.......
As daniel said he thinks its unlikely that  they will release a pureview phone so what will it be ......

I agree, it better be something good, or at least better then the Samsung device.  You poke the dragon, you better be able to slay it.

Daniel is right most of the time but there's way too many hints to there being a pureview phone in their lineup. I think even Daniel will be surprised

I have to agree. I think Daniel is being a bit too conservative. I'm sure there could possibly be something else equally as cool as PureView that Nokia could unveil to justify their "warm-up" comments, but right now PureView makes the most sense.
I guess we'll see soon!

As much as I like Nokia, that's kind of douchey for them to call Samsung's event a warm up, regardless if it is or isn't.

Yeah, and in the US, corporations are people, so from my perspective, it's not that far off from a 'yo mama' joke. 

Its a marketing strategy. The underdog needs to attack the big dog (but back it up by delivering). Its samsungs job to ignore it. You'll never see MS bashing MacOS. Where as apple bashes windows constantly. If Nokia isn't bashing Samsung, then someone at Nokia isn't doing their job. The windows phone challenge should've started from day 1, but the OS wasn't up to the challenge then, but they still should've been on a bashing campaign because MS is the underdog in the mobile markets.

It's not really douchey, it's cheeky and fun. If Samsung showed up at a Nokia event and help up signs that read Beta Test 2.0 it would be equally cheeky and I would love it just the same. Traditional marketing is boring and stale. This is just fun entertainment.
It's all fun and games until someone gets sued. Until then, sit back and enjoy the creativity.

I love the call out competition to be the best WP8 device. It lets other manufacturers know that they need to step their game up in terms of design & specs. More competition means better (premium) devices for consumers to choose from. A win, win situation for all of us.

They are far from shut down. Your comment is far more snarky than Nokia's...but what can you expect from someone hiding behind a keyboard on the interet.

Hey, if one is to go down, do it shooting, shouting and screaming ^^ Sure is fun to see Nokia stepping upp and poking the bear =)

Whatever they unveil, I'm really hoping that it gets released shortly after their event next week. As much as I don't care for Apple, that's the biggest thing that I wish other companies would do like Apple (unless Apple has patented releasing hardware shortly after announcement events).

More dull boring slabs of dayglo plastic that don't function terribly well. I've had nothing but moans about call quality on both the Lumia 800 & 900. The good old Samsung Omnia as well as being the best looking and best built of the original Windows Phone 7 devices also outperformed both Lumias as a phone. I'd be very careful about appearing too smug and cocky if I were Nokia. If Samsung's ATIV S is a good a piece of hardware as the Galaxy S3 I'd take one over a Nokia any day.

I think Nokia is more taking a stab at Samsung not really focusing on Windows phone because they have been all about android.  Well, that and Samsung has yet to give WP the hardware they give android and wasn't the last Samsung WP the Focus S? Hence the welcome back to WP comment.  Nokia should want Samsung to put out quality WP's because consumers take notice when they release their phones, Galaxy.  The more attention Samsung provides WP the better for WP as a whole.  Bringing more customers to WP will help Nokia in the long run so they need Samsung to put out great phones.  At least, that is how I see it.

Samsung's latest wp7 device was the Focus 2 and man I hated that phone, I finally got AT&T to give me a Lumia 900 after having 3 focus 2's over heat on me. Trust me I didn't treat my phones with malice either... Samsung has left a bitter taste with me for devices on WP.

Dull boring slabs, most people think the Lumias are fantastic designs. Plus only heard of poor call quality not experienced it. Most people rate them as good call quality. Another good thing about Nokia, Apple paid them, not the other way round.

An opinion that is not shared by most Lumia owners. Right now as I'm writing on my Lumia 900 and I can attest to it being one of the best cell phones I have owned, and I have had many. You don't win several major awards for design being a boring slab. Hope you had fun with your rant.

GO NOKIA!!! I think it's great when the little guy takes on the big guys. As a few others have stated, it would be tasteless if Samsung or Apple were "picking on" Nokia, but now that Nokia has dished out some hits, I hope they really "bring it!"

Samsung already sold me on there new phone lets see what Nokia can do next week because I wasn't impressed with the lumia 900 already having a focus s.

-1.  I don't want to carry around a huge screen in my pocket. If Nokia strays beyond the 4.3 inch screen in the Lumia line, I won't be purchasing any of their WP8 devices.

I thought this was pretty funny...samsung has a really nice device and one I feel they will finally push to the masses so Nokia is smart for going on the offense...im excited to see what's in store, and let us not forget HTC...its gonna be a great holiday season!!!

Did Nokia have to shutdown for half a day, so that their remaining 13 employees could go carry welcome back signs? Where's Elop?

I am sure samsung's device will be good quality, but those are standard specs for the past year or two. 
Hopefully Nokia comes out big with Pureview!

Looking forward to Nokia's new devices, but Samsung coming back to WP (especially in light of their Android/Apple troubles) could be very good for the platform as a whole. The more manufacturers that get behind WP the more momentum can be built. 

New to this site coming from iMore.  I can honestly say I'm looking forward to the next Lumia.  I went into the Microsoft store and fell in love with 900.  What sucks is that I'm on Sprint and I'm afraid I'll never have an up to date device since they don't want to carry WP for now. 

Besides the high-end Lumias, I wish Nokia releases a low-end WP8 device like the Lumia 610 for emerging markets like India.. If they can price it at ₹10,000-12,000 (~$200), they can make a fortune out of it atleast in India.

Welcome back? That is in poor taste, but also inaccurate. Nokia's most recent WP was the Lumia 610 and Samsung's was the Focus 2. I dare say that Samsung wins that one.

Hardly. Samsung still doesnt support WP. Look at the apps and drive that Nokia brings. Cant say i ever saw an advertisement for my Focus S when i had it. Reworking anjd android leftover design vs what Nokia brought arent even on the same level. I never got an update for my FOcus S but have got several for my Lumia.

That's fine that you prefer Nokia over Samsung. I do, too, but welcome back implies that they left. That would be accurate for LG and Sprint, but certainly not Samsung who have three current WPs.

Nokia makes the best Windows phones hands down so good for them. Samsung makes plastic toys that feel like burner phones. My toothbrush is made of better material than the S3 backplate.

If Nokia takes as long to release their next phone after announcing it as they did with the 900, it will be a bad move. I was hyped about the 900, and after a couple of months, I couldn't be bothered. I was even going to break my contract with TMobile. Meh.

Competition with in the WP eco system is good for all of us I personally don't have a problem with what NOKIA is doing at least they are making noise for WP can't say the same for any of the other oem,s. I can't wait to see the rest of the offerings from the rest of the manufacturers because I'm pocketing one of them come release day.

You're the only dud in here, can't you tell???? If windows phone 8 OS announcement was a dud, why are you in a the WP area of WPCentral's site? Shows how much you know; The WP8 is news worthy, as stated above, if it were a dud you wouldn't be keeping up with it!

Now ... I am so excited that I seriously wish I could just fast forward time by changing the date and time on my Lumia to 4 September (and wait a day)

Yeah, lets take the gloves off and smear the opponent. Oh wait that sounds like the elections campaign trail. I like Nokia with a knockout in the 5th.

Nokia Welcomes you back to windows phone, Samsung.
Translation: Congrats on finally getting out of bed with Android for the moment.

I just hope the images of some rumored phones I've seen for Nokia lately are fake. I really hope Nokia does well!!